Rebellion top 5’s pt 2

Top 5 t-shirts
We did a very scientific search on t-shirts on display – looked at them all and tried to remember which were most popular band by their merch.  And in no particular order we have….

Resistance 77 – wierd that they fell the need to explain their patriotism but even wierder that england seems to be mentioned on all their shirts

Cock Sparrer – perennial Rebellion favourites, there was less on display than previously but still easily into the top 5

UK Subs, evergreen Charlie Harper must have released a tshirt every year the band has been in existence, that alone would guarantee a fair amount but the subs must be up there for the number 1 spot

Restarts – I was surprised at how many shirts siad restarts on them. increasing in number each year

Gimp Fist + SLF – i was tempted to go see them as their was so many oversize adults proclaiming their alleginace to the band. Unfortunaltely I still don’t know what they sound like but strangely feel acquainted witht h band as there was so much, SLF were equal in numbers and the stiff little fingers can make a nice gimp fist!!

niall hope


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