Winnebago Deal – Bail Out

Winnebago deal

Bail out.

7 Insert (Gatefold) [GD17V4]

3/4 of this ep has songs under 2 minutes. Blink and you might miss them but thankfully your aural senses will still be fresh and subsequently refreshed if you turn up the volume here. Recorded 7 years ago but sounds like it could have been yesterday . I missed Winnebago deal when they first did the rounds. The Internet tells me I’ve missed three albums and these 4 songs are making me hunt the rest down

If you told me this was on sst id say dead right. It has that sound. Guitar low in the mix horse vocals screamed at you. There’s such energy here. Short sharp blasts. A special for record store day and boy am I glad.
dryheave records

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