Antagonizers ATL – Hold Your Ground

Antagonisers ATL
Hold Your Ground EP

antagonizers atl

This is Singalong street punk rock from Atlanta, USA. Antagonizers Atl sing about fighting for what you believe in, whereas for gold blade it is the power of rock and roll these punksters want you to believe in something, whatever that is.. Maybe it’s living in the city which they are happy to do, or maybe it’s standing up to bullying and fighting back.

It’s hate city rock and roll after all
Niall hope


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2 responses to “Antagonizers ATL – Hold Your Ground

  1. Anonymous

    Cool. Who’s gold blade and ny?

  2. Niallhope

    Goldblade are an English Punk band who have an album called Do You BElieve in the power of Rock’n’Roll, NY is a typo – now cleaned up

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