The Vaselines – V for Vaselines

The Vaselines
V for Vaselines
Rosary Music


A track by track guide to the new Vaselines Sing along pop album

High Tide Low Tide – Very Scotish pop feel, BMX Bandits esque, ba pa pa pa pa ba pa pa pa pa like a pop Ramones
The Lonely LP – Almost Heavenly esque
Inky Lies – Belle And Sebastian cool
Crazy Lady – chuggy pop from C86
Single Spies – pretty pop, like current contemporaies Allo Darlin
One Lost Year – more rock riff, Ramones esque
Earth Is Speeding – pop rock
False heaven – heavenly once more
Number One Crush – sing along Bmxx Bandits cover the Ramones, being with you crushes my IQ
Last Half Hour – slower louder sound, maybe Velvets. “Switch on switch off, dim the lights low”


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