Pissed Jeans – Shallow

Track by track review for Pissed Jeans remastered Shallow LP, out October 7 on Sub Pop


I’m sick – Garage and in your face describing the virus in his body – maybe Garage No Age playing in the club style of Butthole Surfers
Boring Girls – Jesus and Mary Chain but with more direct vocals avoiding being lost in the fuzzbox
Ugly Twin (I’ve Got) – Garage Fuzz
Ashamed of my Cum – is this why punk rock exists? Awful lyrics but sure it’s all about shock eh?
Closet Marine – I pledge to Uncle sam, ashamed at who I am. Riff a rama
I broke My Own Heart – A riff, over a bounding drum beat with some almost spoken word. Black Flag trying to jam slowly
Little Sorrell – Black Flag ode to Stonewall Jacksons horse.
Wachovia – crescendo of guitar cymbals aplenty. Noise city but Amebix are sceaming at me here, Largactyl, remember that?


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