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New video from Gangs

GANGS has released the video for their newest single, the title track from their debut EP, Back To School . The EP is available now from Reekus Records, The video was directed by Gansee Films and the track was produced by Brian Foley of The Blades. Watch it here:



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Hope Show 77 – the lowdown

Hope Show 77 the lowdown

As usual a mix of old, new noise and pop tonight

1. winnebago deal – Maximum Overdrive
2. The offenders – Impact
3. Excel – Split Image
4. Dope Body – Repo Man
5. Perma War – Czlowiek
6. TV Smith – I Delete
7. Martha – Lost Without You
8. Anchor Bends – Still Casting Shadows
9. Two Pin Din & GW SOK – What Is Your Name
10. Goober Patrol – One More Time
11. Skizzwhores – Home Away From Home
12. Ace Bushy Striptease – Minor Toe Operation –
13. Le Butcherettes – Moment of Guilt (Henry Rollins)
14. Last Ex – Neils Theme
15. Weakerthans – Utilities
16. Protomartyr – Pagans
17. Purple 7 – No Fun

I reacquainted with Winnebago Deal last year when Dry Heave brought out a record. I had missed them first time around and their Plata O Plomo album completely passed me by in 2003. Thankfully there are some good charity shops in Dublin and I scored a winner recently picking up this album (and the levellers on the same day)

The Offenders have seen a renewed lease of life too. The are from Texas and had sad news when their guitarist, Tony Offender, passed away. Southern Lord have released their original music and hopefully a new audience will become aware of their hardcore sound.

Southern Lord have also released Excel , still skate punk with a slightly more metallic sound. Some great releases on that label.

Dope Body have been going since 2008 but I have just been introduced to them by their new album, Lifer, out on Drag City records.

Perma War are a punk band from Poland. Not too unlike Dezerter who are playing Dublin at Hallloween but they can make some racket.

TV smith can make all the racket he wants. The new album is out now and is great. Acoutsic mainly with some backing instruments for added effect. He just writes great songs and has been doing so since 1977.

Being vegan I always find it heartening to coma across bands that have members with a smilar diet. it’s a certain bond we hold together, our secret handshake if you will. Of course it helps if the band play good music and Martha certainly do. Very much diy, very pop folk and well deserving of your time.

Speaking of DIY (and when I talk about music, diy isn’t far away) Anchor Bends may be spread over 2 countries with Ireland and the Atlantic Ocean between them but they show that they can somehow make that work

Having a band that mixes people who were once in the ex, nomeansno and dog faced hermans is almost like me being asked to put together a supergroup. They did it without my prompting and have released a double 7″ . What is Your Name deals with the demoralisation of someone seeking to gain entry into a country, be it the land of their birth or not.

Ace bushy striptease are no longer a band. Maybe it had something to do with doigy interent searches but they do leave behind some fine diy recordings from Birmingham, UK.

Goober Patrol have no such songs but the Norwich bands album on Fat Wreck is one of the may good releases on that label

Skizzwhores are a punk band from Iowa in the US.; Their exploding ovaries album is worth your attention in much the same way as Sissy from Dublin demand notice.

Le Butcherettes are the first band from Mexico I have played and play Garage Punk. They believe in performance and have got Henry Rollins to do some spoken word on their new record

I move onto a Canadian Double Bill with Last Ex and Weakerthans. Last Ex are from Montreal and are on Constellation Records . It takes 27 hours to drive from the home of Last Ex to the Weakerthans in Winnipeg. Their indie rock sound is a lot different to their fellow stateband of Propogandhi but it’s no less intelligent.

I hopped on over the border to Detroit for the post punk sounds of Protomartyr, their new album is put now on Hardly Art

i had just about time to finish with Purple 7 . Sure you can’t beat a bit of diy pop eh


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Bald Cactus zine *31

Bald Cactus *31

bald cactus
2 issues ahead of Lights go out in numerical terms and on the go sine 1988. I remember writing to Andy as he started the zine back then. I always waited with baited breath to read about Hunt Saboteurs trips or to read about some uk hardcore band and what they had to say on their Britain of the day.

The recycled paper from Bob print was a staple of zines back then and Bald Cactus not only flew the flag but would have held it in the Olympic procession of fanzine producers.

I am delighted it is still going. Still A5, still uncompromising even if the music is covered is slightly more mellow. Good interviews with HDQ, Epic Problem, Jaded Eyes and Police Bastard. A poignant one from 1991 with Cringer is also included.

I love Bald Cactus, Andy is having a chat with the reader as he writes it and you get a good insight into his lifestyle without it being a per-zine. In his own words, “music should equal passion/empowerment/excitment/inspiration…otherwise what is the point” Indeed.

stg£1 plus post from baldcactus@gmail. com email andy and ask about postage costs


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Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine

Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine


Split zines are not a new phenomena but in its 28 previous issues Lights Go Out had alwqays been on its own. That changed for the 29th episode and Gadgie was the partner of choice. Not only would both editors settle for a split effort they would theme it. The topic of choice? “Star Wars”. And that’s where I fall down. I have seen all those Star Wars movies (I have three kids and they like watching films) but I have to admit they mean little to me. The novelty opf a theme will work well if you like the topic, however if you are like me the questions about Darth Vadar and Jabah the hut leave me cold.

On the lights go out side we get interviews with Officer Down, idle class, nerfherder, fistikuffs, angry lennox, guerilla monsoon and fights and fires. We also get to read some columns and a bizarre piece on punk wars which Jello Biafra just about beats Debbie Harry to. If I had an inclination towards Star Wars I’d love it, as things stand I want to find out more about the bands and that means Mr T has done his job as editor.

The Gadgie side is harder for me. A story of his growing obsession into the Lucas film is fine and dandy but I want the music and the politics. Thanksfully we have a few pages music related. Marv Gadgie gives some insight into recent releaseres (also known as reviews). stg£1 for 36 A5 pages

for more info on postage etc


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Hope Show 76 – the lowdown

Here’s the lowdown on tonights show

1. Newtown Neurotics – Does Anyone Know Where The March Is
2. TV Smith – I Delete
3. The No Marks – About Tomorrow
4. Blood Robots – the valley
5. Comrades – Tompkins Lullaby
6. Excel – Insecurity
7. Epic Problem – Sink
8. Company L – Policing The Police
9. Hands Up Who Wants To Die – Now Beacon, Now Sea
10. Ill Kategorija – Na Ulci
11. Repetitor – Steta
12. Boys – Turn The TV Off
13. Sissy – Sail and Rail
14. Sleaford Mods – Jobseeker
15. Saturdays Kids – Black Pocket
16. Onsind – Mildred
17. Stay Clean Jolene – Miles Apart –


I always think of the Newtown Neurotics when it’s time to march in Dublin. I have spent a lot of time on marches with very few people waiting to get to the end as people get on with their, usually, Saturday afternoon shopping. Last Saturday was different in Dublin. Over 100,000 people took to the streets to say NO MORE. Of course it will be hard to gt those in power to listen but the packed busses, trains and luas on the way to the city centre should send a message. This was no ordinary protest. No banners of political partiers leading the way.

TV SMith has a new album out. His first record was out way before the Neurotics released that classic song ans TV is still belting them out.

The No Marks are a four piece punk band from the UK. They have a great new album out

Blood Robots dont sound like the sum of the bands their members have been in. UK crusty hardcore favourites like Ebola or health Hazard had their foundations in Blood Robot. Finally gettng to see the light of day is this album collection of their recordings

Comrades are from New York playing music like they mean it. I have just come across them and need tho share their story

Another new record from an old band out is Excel. originally brought together after listening to a lot of 70’s punk in Venice California in 1983 they released three albums. SOuthern Lord have added them to their increasing roster of early 80’s hardcore bands and are passing them on to the world now

I love Epic Problem , I wasn’t trying to do a mash up with Company L but it seemed like that for a while,. if a song screams angry words that you can sing aliong to with freshness and abandon then you;’ve got me. That’s what Epic problem have

Company L have Mike Scott on vocals. mike does his own stuff but is also in Done Lying Down. Company L were briefly on the UK hardcore scene in 2009

Hands Up Who Wants To Die are from Dublin and have a new record out, they were trying to interrupt Company L and were successful for a while. technical problems were all the rage on the show tonight.

Moving from Dublin to Ljubljana with noise core outfit Ill Kategorija and then on to Serbia for Repetitor. it’s not just the west that can blast our powerful songs

The Boys can bang out a good tune, Duncan Kid Reid who I’ve played in recent shows was in them

Back to Dublin with Sissy who play irreverent in your face confrontational songs. They are angry and have every reason to be.

Sleaford Mods may not be as much angry as apatethic but their irreverance is gaining ground. Look forward to seeing them in Dublin in December

Saturdays Kids have a new record out on Bombed Out Records and have decided to celebrate its release by splitting up. Bad timing on the labels behalf so more reason to support it

ONSIND are new to me but through the wonders of bandcamp I have been introuduce to their lo-fi garage punk warblings and am glad of it

I finish tonights show befallen by technical problems but that’s the hazard of live radio. Stay Clean Jolene brought out the 7″ of the year last year and will have anew album out by 2015. Can’t wait for it. delighted to have a glimpse into it here. Count yourself privileged


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Nomeansno – Dance of the headless bourgeoisie

Dance of the headless bourgeoisie
Wrong Records

The benefits of telling history stories is that events have usually happened and consequences thereof also exist. Of course in many cases we don’t learn and repeate the mistakes and achievements of previous days. IN 1998 Nomeansno released their 12 song double album, thier eight album, and it quickly went out pf print. Now wrong records have decided it is time to re-issue history and make it available once more.

We have a lot to be thankful to Nomeansno for and even though this isn’t their best collection it is still a vital record for your collection.


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Young Attenborough – Isolation

Young Attenborough

“Find your feet
Let the machine sleep
Seek out the beauty in the street”

Is how this album finishes but what words eh? I know it’s not always that easy but what if it was? Do we really new to spend our time slaving away for our next product to buy? We could be seeking out the beauty on our streets. Of course for me a lot if that beauty is in the punk rock community and involves using my resources to support it. But it’s not all about product and commodity. BUT if you are in a position to make some sort of purchase then take a stab at this

I got into music from listening to the records my big brothers returned home in a Saturday afternoon with. That music was the clash, the pistols, Ian dury and elvis costello. I have memories of the ruts and the skids albums coming in and overtaking showaddywaddy on the shelves. Then crass happened and it took a change. Suddenly the chants of anyone can form a band became evident real as band were recording and releasing their own records. These bands were playing their own gigs anywhere they could AND they were trying to change the world.

It was a virus that infected me. I couldn’t get enough and chased down all these independent releases. The partisans lined up alongside political asylum but at some stage i wanted a tune. In sure it was a gradual process but when equally intelligent bands like the redskins, new model army and the three johns were playing a different tune I took that road. C86 came along and the fuzzbox guitar was replaced by a more trebley jangly sound. This was equally infectious and inclusive.

And then I started paying more attention to us hardcore bands as their music became more accessible. Trips to probe reords in Liverpool were essential. As other Irish travellers were picking up toblerones in exchange for their sterling I was looking for big flame and minor threat. My biscuits were half man half gorilla as I mixed these styles.

When we were putting in gigs in Dublin there was a run of shows that featured slum turkeys post hardcore sound and then the manic stop start heading in all imaginable directions racket of Dawson followed by the pure pop of heavenly. In the preceding months Alice donut, circus lupus and lungfish played. All with their feet in different punk rock flavours.

Young Attenborough are a Bit like that. Plenty of different styles, the punk sound complemented by flashes Of wedding present or even thrilled skinny in there.
On this record you get 8 tracks mixing indie low fi and punk rock hardcore And you don’t even have to pay for it if you dont want to. Fantastic


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