If You Don’t KNow Me, don’t judge me by Dan Shanahan

If you don’t now me, don’t judge me
Dan Shanahan
Transworld Ireland Books
I can’t believe this book was released half a decade ago. It doesn’t make sense to me,it only seems like yesterday since Dan was playing hurling for Waterford and scoring goals for fun. But it wasn’t yesterday, however sporting world keeps revolving.

Non fiction books are my preferred genre, however auto biographies can be difficult. I try not to judge the writer but even though Dan pleads for me not to do so it is difficult. After all he is talking to me for 270 pages.

Throughout it all we get an idea that Dan Shanahan trains hard, plays hard and parties hard. And that’s really it. he is human, like us all, and deep down we all feel our beliefs are correct. For anyone interested in sport we think we have the answers, I’m sure now that Dan is part of a management team his next chapter is more difficult. This is a good read that gives some insight into the sacrifices made for inter county sports people. With the lack of a fairy tale ending it is less alluring but if you want a story of a successful hurler whose county never quite got the success it wanted then this is for you



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