Podcast of the week – Turned out a punk

I first discovered Turned Out A Punk when I went to Blackpool for Rebellion festival last August. It is put together by Damian Abraham, singer from Canadia punk band Fucked Up. At the start of every episode Abraham encourages everyone to go create their own culture stating that if he can do it then anyone can. The idea behind each podcast is that Damian has a guest on and kicks off the conversation with “How did you get into punk?”.

As someone who brought out a zine asking contributors the sole question of “What does punkrock mean to you” I am always intrigued by the answer to that question. I have been listening to and talking about punk bands for over 30 years and attempting to document it through fanzines, radio shows and blogs. When Abraham talks to people from bands like Propogandghi, NoFx, Against Me, Protomartyr, Converge or comedians Chris Gethard and Fred Armisen or people from record labels like Matador or Beggars Banquet. Each episode is full of tales of how people got turned onto punk rock and for many it continues the story.

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