Antic Hay, Bloody Jellies, Flying Kidney Dublin 1989

October 23 1989

Antic Hay, Bloody Jellies, Flying Kidney (Headcore didn’t travel over)

The Grattan

Gaynor from Preston was organising a tour for Dutch band Antic Hay and she asked if they could add Ireland to it. They were on the same label as Vernon Walters and
Gaynor had some good taste in music so I said fine, without hearing the band. The Grattan was a small venue that was cheap to rent. It held up to 150 people but didn’t
look deserted if there was 30 there. It was perfect for local bands starting out and for touring bands that might not attract a big crowd. As Not Our World were
regular guests there, the manager Peter Quigley was quite receptive to any ‘Hope’ gigs we wanted to put on. So we booked the Grattan and tried to encourage people to
come along. Luckily it wasn’t deserted although only 27 people turned up on the night. Antic Hay surprised me. I personally didn’t like them; they reminded me of U2.
Most of the 27 people at the gig were more impressed by Flying Kidney who also played. The Flying Kidney were pre-occupied with quirkiness. Their music challenged the
listener and people in Dublin at that time weren’t willing to be challenged


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2 responses to “Antic Hay, Bloody Jellies, Flying Kidney Dublin 1989

  1. I was at this gig , I remember it well because i went despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling too good , as it turned out I had a seriously bad viral infection which floored me for weeks afterwards.flying kidney were the highlight I couldn’t quite get my head round them but loved the music cos it was different to a lot of the bands around at the time , who turned up drunk to play their 3 chord thrash ( not that there’s anything wrong wiv that )
    If I recall correctly they had odd song titles which bore no relation to the tunes (I’m sure they did an instrumental called “the penis” )
    Tell that to kids these days etc …

    • Only just discovered your blog Btw , loving these old gig reviews ,my memory of the grattan was that it was a great little venue , broken pint glasses everywhere and that tiny little bar cheap to rent so there were half decent gigs almost weekly.
      There was a couple of punk/ crustie types who would sometimes volunteer to collect empty glasses in the hope of getting a free drink.
      I Spent a lot of time in the grattan and the fox & pheasant accross the road.

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