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Sons Of Ishmael, Turtle Assasins, Arnheim – Dublin 1991

SonsOfOctober November 1991Oct 11 1991

Sons Of Ishmael, Turtle Assasins, Arnheim

Fox + Pheasant

Sons Of Ishmael came all the way from Canada for their Irish tour. I was still ill with M.E. and had to take plenty of rest. I missed this gig due to that but met up  with the band earlier in the day and showed them around Dublin.wSince they played I have struck up a friendship with Chris Black from Sons f Ishmael. It is one of a number of friendships that have spawned from being involved with ‘hope’. As an aside, and as an example of how the world is such a small place, a woman wrote to me  after picking up React on a trip to Dublin. We corresponded with each other and when Miriam and I went to Canada we stayed with this woman, our new friend. It turned out that she was seeing Chris Black from Sons Of Ishmael. We talked long about punk rock in Ireland and Chris had many good memories of his European tour. After the  band split he ran Raw Energy Records in Toronto for a while. I believe he hasn’t needed Survivor’s Pie in a few years.Back to the gig, Turtle Assassins came down from  ferry for the night. Tony Doherty had been putting stuff on in that city and when he asked could some friends of his play in Dublin, of course we agreed.

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Slunk Irish tour 1992

Jan 20 1992 Slunk, Tension Barnstormers
Jan 21 1992 Slunk Bolton St.
Jan 24 1992 Slunk, Onion Breath, Arnheim Fox + Pheasant

Slunk wrote to me and asked about coming over. They were really persistent and I admired their ethic. They just wanted to play music and see as many places as possible. A record shop in Arklow, Co Wicklow had been taking copies of React and James, the manager of the shop, said he could get a venue to put on gigs there.
He asked if there were any bands interested in travelling to Arklow. I immediately passed the word on to Slunk and they were very keen. Anhrefn were also coming over to do some gigs in Belfast and Cork (they had made their own contacts since their first trip to Ireland) so they played Arklow on the night as well.

The Dew Drop Inn in Kill were unwillingto do more gigs and the person who was doing all the work there was tiring of it. Hence Arklow became the new Kill. About an hour’s drive from Dublin, it was possible to get bands to play in the city on Saturday afternoon and then, circumstances allowing, head down for another gig that  evening. Unfortunately however, Charlie’s lost interest in afternoon gigs and the manager decided to renovate the bar and to stop gigs for a while.

Slunk also got to play in the Anarchy Night Café with Tension. The people running the club were more than willing to allow a travelling band to play on the night. They paid whatever they could afford at the end to the evening. Slunk’s tour was rounded off by a gig in Bolton Street and trips to Cork and Belfast as well as an appearance at the Fox And Pheasant – 6 gigs in 6 days.

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