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Slum Turkeys tour 1991


Oct 19 1991 Slum Turkeys, In Motion – Charlie’s (Muff Dive couldn’t make it)
Oct 22 1991 Slum Turkeys Trinity College
Oct 24 1991 Slum Turkeys, Mexican Pets Barnstormers


Paul Morley sang in Slum Turkeys and also put on gigs in his hometown, Manchester. When John Robb told him about Ireland he was straight on the phone to me. We are  still friends to this day and now share tales of parenting rather than punk rock. For this trip though, Paul left his child for a few days to come over to Ireland and  play. Struck by his enthusiasm I tried to get Slum Turkeys as many gigs as possible. I really like their music and felt that if they were from the US they would have received a lot more recognition. Slum Turkeys along with compatriots Nerve Rack and Crane were marvelous bands but completely underrated.

We managed to get gigs in Cork, Belfast, Derry and Arklow sandwiched in between two Dublin gigs and a lunchtime jaunt in Trinity College. The band loved being busy and wanted to just play and play. After the tour I was struck by how appreciative the band were. A lot of bands didn’t express how they felt about being over in Ireland. Slum Turkeys were completely different. They appreciated that someone put the effort in to get them to come and play. That attitude was reciprocated, as I was more than happy to do anything (within reason) for the band. Some people in bands may find it hard to articulate their feelings. I appreciate that.

I have always appreciated Slum Turkeys keeping in touch since those gigs and still being happy to get to Ireland.

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Inside Out, In Motion, Mexican Pets – Dublin 1991


June 22 1991

Inside Out, In Motion, Mexican Pets

Charlies Bar

Ian from Meantime Records was organising a tour for American band Inside Out. They were an all-female band and they seemed interesting so it was great to be able to say they could play in Dublin. In June 1991 it was rare to have women in bands in Dublin. If Inside Out could be used as an influence for more women to get involved  then great. Doing the main organising of ‘Hope’ gigs at this stage were 4 people – 2 men + 2 women. Quite a few women went to the gigs but it seemed they played a less active role (if doing more than listening makes one more active of course).

Unfortunately, this is something that hasn’t changed too much. Mexican Pets had a woman who played guitar and wrote songs, so hopefully Jill proved influential for others. A question often asked has been why women aren’t more involved in music. Normally I pay no attention to the gender balance of a band but faced with an all-women line up it gets me thinking as to why more men are involved. I really don’t know and I hope that we never discriminated at our gigs for whatever reason

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Splintered, Paranoid Visions, The Grown Ups Dublin 1991


Feb 2 1991

Splintered, Paranoid Visions, The Grown Ups

Charlies Bar

The Attic’s management were tiring of the afternoon gigs with No Age Restrictions and a new, slightly bigger venue called Charlie’s approached ‘Hope’. They said they would go with Saturday afternoon gigs and would agree to let in Under 18s. Charlie’s Bar on Aungier Street was to be home to many gigs for the next 9 months. Saturday afternoon seemed a better time for a gig. People go into town anyway on a Saturday. More and more people had been in contact about coming over so we tried to go with a regular No Age Restrictions event every fortnight in Charlie’s – Perfect!

Richo from Grim Humour fanzine was in a band called Splintered and they wanted to visit Ireland. We agreed a suitable date and got a (a fee-paying) gig in Trinity. The Splintered gig was my introduction to a hair crimpers. The first thing Richo requested when he got to my house (after a long carferry journey) was “where’s the socket for my hair crimpers”? My guitar tuner went missing after this gig. The fact that it had been a recent Christmas present made it worse. To my knowledge this was the only time something vanished at a Hope gig.

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State of Fear, Cheapskate, Puget Sound Dublin 1997


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Sink, Stigmatamartyr, AIM – Dublin 1991


Sept 28 1991

Sink, Stigmatamartyr, AIM

Charlie’s Bar

Sink came over to Ireland for a week’s holiday and stayed in (what my brother kindly called) Gracepark Dump (i.e. my bedsit). They were refreshing.

They took their music from country, hardcore and pop, which made a change. Considering that they featured a member of the band The Stupids, who were a full-on fast hardcore band, it was a  challenge to the crowd.

The Charlie’s gig had a good attendance and Sink were one of the most appreciative of bands. They played Bolton Street, Cork, Belfast and Charlie’s as well as a lot of football in the park near my house. I often look back over the times we put on gigs and people ask which are my favourites.  Ones that really stand out are those that had nice people.  Sink were on of the nicest bands, pleasant and easy to deal with.  It was a pleasure to see them and a pleasure to make their acquaintance


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