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NOFX, GO, Decline – Dublin 1991

Jun 1 1991

NOFX, GO, Decline


Again a case of two tours happening simultaneously and of us not wanting to say no. GO! from New York were an outspoken hardcore band that tackled many issues including homosexuality and discrimination. They wanted to come over with Decline form England. NOFX on the other hand wanted to do a few gigs in Ireland as part of their European tour. The band made a living through their music, which poked fun at everyone. Getting the two bands on the same bill would provide them with an  excellent opportunity to confront each other – a far better forum than discussing it through the letters page of big American fanzines like Maximum Rock’n’Roll. This is something that is very common throughout the whole of the punk/hardcore community. People find it easy to complaining letters pages aboutthe actions of others.

We thought it would be interesting to see what would happen on the day (and make for a pretty good gig) Nothing did happen on the day except the 140 people at the gig seemed to enjoy themselves and NOFX then played in the Fox+Pheasant on the Monday evening. GO! + Decline were only over for 2 days so they missed the Monday gig. The gig on the Monday evening was equally  insane with all 4 bands playing a diverse sound. It was announced on the Saturday afternoon that NOFX would be playing a surprise gig. I think the only surprise for people was that GO! weren’t also playing.


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Jailcell Recipes + Decline Dublin 1992


Apr 4 1992

Decline, Jailcell Recipes, Unsound


I persuaded Robbie and Barnstormers to host a Saturday afternoon show with No Age restrictions. They were hesitant as they were situated in a commercial street with many shops open for business. Because of the success of Spermbirds they agred to go with an afternoon gig. However the carpet showrooms next door weren’t too pleased. The noise was affecting customers judgement and we had to keep levels down ridiculously low until 5.30. A hard thing to do as the gig started at 3.

This was our third time to put a gig on for Jailcell Recipes and our our third time to lose money on the band. The Belfast Gig Collective were big fans so whenever they asked if “Jailcells” could play we had no option but to say yes. This gig was Barnstormers first and last Saturday afternoon affair. The owners decided it wasn’t worth disturbing the neighbouring businesses. We still couldn’t find an affordable venue to put gigs on that wasn’t a pub. So, for now, people would have to make do with false ids.

I had gone to school with the “bouncer” in Barnstormers and, thankfully, he turned very few people away. It wasn’t the ideal solution so, with Warzone collective in mind, we decided to start actively looking for our own place. We scoured Dublin for premises suitable to house a vegetarian café that could double up as a venue. We set up a co-operative and applied for as many grants as we could.

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