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Mystic Inane – EP’s of M/I

It’s very rare that a record label gets a description incorrect of one of its bands.  They know them best, theiy know their secret likes and all that goes into the wiritng of their songs.  So when their record label, lavidaesunmus, describe Mystic Inane as “Freaked out FLIPPER meets RUDIMENTARY PENI acid punk from New Orleans who channels the weird vibes of earlier SACCHARINE TRUST and battles them against modern distorted hardcore creating a hybrid soundtrack to a bad trip.” there is no point in me arguing for something else.

It drifts along at a fuzzed out speed as indeed is as confusing as it is exciting




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Our punk commuity rocks


Two weeks ago as I was travelling to Blackpool for Rebellion festival I read the sad story of Lawrence Graham Leigh.  Lawrence is battling cancer and required stg£16,000 to go towards treatment.  I’ve never met Lawrence but feel like I know him well.  That’s because when I was involved in putting on bands in Dublin he was putting those same bands on in London.  He had a record label, Fluffy Bunny and by all accounts seemed to be one of the good guys.  Of course he was, he’s one of our good guys.


Well a quick fortnight later and the target has been reached.  stg£16,000 and counting raised, not just by the punks but certainly pushed by many who Lawrence helped through the years.  Of course he deserves every penny but it is great to see that his treatment can go ahead.

As for cancer…………………… We will just have to keep fighting eh?




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Label of the week – Make That a take

The tale of Make that a take records is very interesting. If they want to see a band play, they put on their own gigs, if they want a film about it they make their own film. If they want a festival with many of their favourite bands they make their own fest and finally if they want to see a record from these bands they make their own records. Completely DIY and fully deserving of our support

If you havent’t heard anything from the likes of Kaddish, Stonethrower, Billy Liar or Maxwell’s Dead then use the opportunity over the next few days to download them for free and think about contributing to this great label.



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My New Favourite Band…why did no one tell me that some of That Petrol Emotion had made an incredible album???

It’s a Guitar Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand

Everlasting Yeah: ‘Anima Rising’

Sometimes these days new bands just pass me by. I don’t keep up to date, and maybe that suits me fine. But, almost by chance, (and what a fine thing chance is), I happened across new music from some of the fantastically creative people who were behind one of the greatest of rock bands, That Petrol Emotion. They are called Everlasting Yeah, and the name captures the music perfectly.

The album is called ‘Anima Rising’ and unlike the fomula of putting your ‘best song’ (read single or desperate attempt to get on the radio) first, the songs build and in my humble opinion just get better and better. The final two songs are my absolute favourite of the bunch.
The Grind is a song of union and communion for the jilted generation. It is a blistering piece of pop rocket craft that reminds me of Fugazi; that makes me think of the first time I unlocked the tiny (yet huge) intricate tiny dynamite of Sonic Youth or nights when Das Damen, Scream, Mudhoney, Arc Welder, My Bloody Valentine, the Pop Group or Stano filled my ears and mind and heart with wonder.

The Grind doesn’t so much punch the clock at over twelve minutes; it dismantles that clock, fills the rigid digits with neon electric static then twists its hands off, sends them spinning, and you have no choice but to enjoy being immersed in the swirling swimming joy.

This is rhythmic, pulsing, guitar-tension. Because this entry is about a favourite band, it seems appropriate that that title of one of favourite songs from That Petrol Emotion is the best description of what these songs sound like to me……this is pure pop with ADANDON. And that is important…because pop music should be about ADANDON it should be made with that same ADANDON….freed from commercial constraints, daring, bold and inspiring.

This is a great leap forward from The Petrols, and yet it has a foot (and why do I suspect that the foot is sporting a powder blue Converse All-Star, battered and worn and glorious?) in the brilliant sheen of their bright pop world.

What a fantastic piece of work.
What a thrill to listen to it.
What a joy to urge you to do the same.

There is something magnificent about listening to people from sunny climes making radiantly bright pop music. Something of the sunshine, open skies and freedom seems to infect the music. Think of the Beach Boys at their best, or Kyuss playing metal hymns to the scorching sands of the North American desert.
Yet there is even something even more wonderful about listening to people from rainy places who write music that seems to command the sun to visit.
This is not Joy Division…this is Bliss Multiplication

Michael Mary Murphy

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Maid of Ace S/t

Maid of ace s/t

Shamefully I have to say I was sceptical when I saw maid of ace for the first time. How can a band be this good and I have heard nothing of them? Not only was I unaware of their existence but the fact that the four siblings from Essex hadn’t a history of punk that I could rattle knowingly about was somehow an impediment.

Thankfully that prejudice dissipated by the second time I saw them. If I listened to much metal growing up I would know a bit more about Girlschool as it would seem that would beta good reference point here. 4 women thrashing out songs that sound like they are stuck to a gutter. The songs however are trying their best to scrape themselves off that metal pipe and make their way into your soul. It’s dirty, it’s heavy and at times fast.

The ramones never feature far from any discussion on punk rock and maid of ace have scuzzed up that influence, I’m sure there are influences a plenty here as the 11 songs dip into various punk genres down through the years but always end up coming back to that dirtier punk rock and roll sound. It can’t get away from it. With song titles like sick of you, spittin blood, cannibal and dirty girl you get a good feeling where maid of ace are coming from. With a dirty fuzzed up guitar sound on top of snarling vocals to accompany such titles you may get anoucture of these four siblings.

Bone Deth is the highlight for me. When Aison proclaims “when boredom and poverty has taken its toll, losing all control to this rock’n’roll, we’re goin’ down” as the rest of the family scream “Bone Deth” I do wonder what Christmas dinner must be like in their home.

The album finished with the old “we’ve got a fuzzbox and we are gonna use it” song, ‘Rules and regulations’ the fuzz is still there but the pop sparkle has been replaced by grime and maid of ace are made to keep it that way


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Hope Show 79 – the lowdown

hope show 79 the lowdown

1. Damien Dempsey – Sing All Your Cares away
2. Jeff Rosenstock – Nausea
3. Tv Smith – London Hum
4. Martha – Sycamore
5. Protomartyr – Pagans
6. Uniforms – Father’s Day
7. Happy Accidents – Small Talk
8. HDQ – Down But not Out
9. Chewing On Tinfoil – An Emigrants Wake
10. Last Ex – Hotel Blues
11. Family Planning – Sauce Famine
12. Run THe Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part 1
13. Women’s Christmas – Pissing In The Trees
14. Action Beat – Heap of Clay
15. Bo Ningen – Slider
16. Duncan Redmonds – Don’t Leave The Planet without me
17. Operation Ivy – Knowledge
18. Fifteen – FBI
19. Chewing On Tinfoil – Just like Me

It’s been an exciting week. After 100,000 people marched through the streets of Dublin last month in opposition to the Govt bringing in water charges after 6 years of the politics of austerity this has been a topic in the canteeens, workplaces, cafes and pubs around the country. Social media is rife with people talking about this being the protest of the streets. Ordinary communities through the whole of Ireland are uniting in opposition to what they feel as not only an unjust tax but a step to privatisation. This could well be the straw that breaks the peoples backs. There is some amount of anger out there and it is starting to show.

All over Ireland there was smalller demonstration today, from Letterkenny to Bandon and all counties in between people took to the streets to say enough is enough. Over 150,0000 people took to the streets today. Nearly 300,000 legs – a lot of legs.

Some tinkering is being planned and the establishment are hoping this will be enough to split the resistance. next large protest is December 10 in Dublin when people will march to the Dail, our parliament. What happens in between should be interesting.

Damien Dempsey sang at a rally outside Dublins GPO, the symbolic home to the Easter Rising of 1916. “Where our where is our James Connolly” Damo sang, We don’t know but the feeling is he would not be leading Irelands largest union in its current format.

jeff Rosenstock was in Bomb the Music Industry and if he was in Ireland I have no doubt Jeff would have been leading the sing along today, as would Tv Smith. TV Smith’s new album is out now and he has been serenading us for well over 30 years now, trying to bring us on that path to a better future

Martha are more recent additions in the attempt to get us to live our life a better way, a way where community is key be that in punk rock, diy or where we live.

Protomartyr are from Detroit but could easily be from the North of England back in the late 70’s, getting ready to support the miners.

Uniforms are from, what is fast becoming, the punk rock heartland of Dundee and Make that a take records. Check out the great scene and the upcoming book yer own fest that I wish I was going along to.

Happy Accidents is the band name of choice for quite a few punk type bands. This one are the Southampton version, They’ve a new album of pop punk out now.

HDQ have been going on and off for decades. Dickie Hammond, the guitarist, hadn’t been well recently but news of his demise have been well of the mark and it is heartening to hear they are embarking on some gigs in the near future.

Chewing on Tinfoil up next but I only caught 35 seconds, a little sampler if you will

A quick change in pace as Constellation records in Montreal are always home to interesting releases. Last Ex are no different, amazing how a label consistently find goods bands.

Back to Ireland with Family Planning from Dublin and Womens Christmas from Limerick but sandwiched between them are us hip hop outfit Run the jewels.

Action Beat are a multinational, English based with a Dutch singer, not just any old singer mind you, GW SOK who is prolific with his recording output at the moment. THis is one of three new records he features on.

Bo Ningen’s new album is called three (as in III) but the connection between them and the ex-ex front man ends there. Although mayeb we could find one, after all anyone in the music business is only really two degrees of sepration away.

Take Duncan Redmonds, drummer in Snuff. So many bands have come from that era that Duncan’s presence is never too far away. This track features Dickie Hammond from aforementioned HDQ (and Leatherface, and Angelic Upstarts) amongst others.

No doubt Snuff and Operation Ivy shared some sort of space and fifteen spawned from Op Ivy, see there’s a game in this connections business.

I finish off with my second attempt at Chewing On Tinfoil. Just Like Me, there were over 150,000 people on the streets today.

Think about that


That’s a lot of human hearts. Double that for legs.

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Sissy – Sissy ep

Sissy EP
self released

Great to hear bands like this coming together in Dublin. it’s lo-fi and full of attitude. This is not the type of band we are used to seeing form on tis fair isle.

Sail and Rail – a tale of travel, the way we used to do it in the old day but this is with a twist. It’s not a story of our holidays but of unfortunate girls and women who have had to leave this country to deal with unwanted pregnancy. Single chord strummed and takes us on a trip with enya bizarrely enough. unfortunately the story is true of so many people who left this country to escape religious persecution.

Song by song – a synopsis

No mickey on the mouse – no mickey on the mouse sung time and again and it is not an ode to Disney in this garage tune

Nothing – rock low fi with women singing, the slits with a more tuneful feel. Desirable women, it’s mysteria lane to riot grrl. Where the women of the middle glass are at home on diet pills and whatever drugs they can consume before their husbands come home to colour in the day, NOT.

So what – post punk, maybe the pop group or atv playing songs from the riot grrl era


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Mr Business Man It’s Not Our World


The first band I ever played in was called Vicarious Living.  named after a line in a flux of Pink Indians song our reason behind it was that it “pertained to a different way of living”.  That was 1983 and I played in 4 or 5 bands over the next 6 years.  The last of these were called Not Our World or N.O.W. for short.


We played a lot of gigs around Dublin and beyond but always on this island.  There were plans tom play further afield and even bring out a record but circumstances dictated otherwise.  We did manage to get a lot of gigs in Dublin, playing in venues now long gone, like the Attic, Fox and pheasant, Trinity JCR and beyond, new inn, and the earl grattan.  At times it felt like we were a resident band in the grattan played there 5 nights one week.

We taped most of our gigs but unlike Fugazi who all had excellent sound desk recording we used whatever tape machines were doing the rounds.  Around that time as part of trainee sound engineers course they would get an overnight session in a recording studio.  We managed to score some time in Temple Lane Studios.  It was our first time in such a place and the experience was pretty forgettable.  We managed to record three songs and when we left we thought they represented our sound.  However whne we got home and the tape was played through our decks the sound was a thinny representation and didn’t really capture us.  So we did nothing with the demo.  Gave it to very few friends and planned to get back into a studio at some stage.   That wasn’t to be and now 25 years later I suppose it is time enough to let the tape be digitised.


Here are the  three songs  We felt we could change our world and subsequently the entire world, it wasn’t to be in the end but our world certainly changed.



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Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine

Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine


Split zines are not a new phenomena but in its 28 previous issues Lights Go Out had alwqays been on its own. That changed for the 29th episode and Gadgie was the partner of choice. Not only would both editors settle for a split effort they would theme it. The topic of choice? “Star Wars”. And that’s where I fall down. I have seen all those Star Wars movies (I have three kids and they like watching films) but I have to admit they mean little to me. The novelty opf a theme will work well if you like the topic, however if you are like me the questions about Darth Vadar and Jabah the hut leave me cold.

On the lights go out side we get interviews with Officer Down, idle class, nerfherder, fistikuffs, angry lennox, guerilla monsoon and fights and fires. We also get to read some columns and a bizarre piece on punk wars which Jello Biafra just about beats Debbie Harry to. If I had an inclination towards Star Wars I’d love it, as things stand I want to find out more about the bands and that means Mr T has done his job as editor.

The Gadgie side is harder for me. A story of his growing obsession into the Lucas film is fine and dandy but I want the music and the politics. Thanksfully we have a few pages music related. Marv Gadgie gives some insight into recent releaseres (also known as reviews). stg£1 for 36 A5 pages

for more info on postage etc


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Kimberley Steaks – Live And Die in West Scotland

Kimberley Steaks
Live and die in West Scotland
Make That A Take Records

The latest collection from Dundee punkers Kimberley Steaks. Very much early East Bay Sound. It couild be Green Day, maybe Crimpshrine, maybe Fuel or Jawbreaker but most definitely their Scotish cousins. 12 songs dealing with loss and despair and a sense of hopelesness that you’d hope they hang out with LaChance to keep some positivity going.

Short punchy songs from the city that Voted yes to Scotland’s independance. The peoples republic of Dundee eh?

Check it out


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