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Jailcell Recipes + Decline Dublin 1992


Apr 4 1992

Decline, Jailcell Recipes, Unsound


I persuaded Robbie and Barnstormers to host a Saturday afternoon show with No Age restrictions. They were hesitant as they were situated in a commercial street with many shops open for business. Because of the success of Spermbirds they agred to go with an afternoon gig. However the carpet showrooms next door weren’t too pleased. The noise was affecting customers judgement and we had to keep levels down ridiculously low until 5.30. A hard thing to do as the gig started at 3.

This was our third time to put a gig on for Jailcell Recipes and our our third time to lose money on the band. The Belfast Gig Collective were big fans so whenever they asked if “Jailcells” could play we had no option but to say yes. This gig was Barnstormers first and last Saturday afternoon affair. The owners decided it wasn’t worth disturbing the neighbouring businesses. We still couldn’t find an affordable venue to put gigs on that wasn’t a pub. So, for now, people would have to make do with false ids.

I had gone to school with the “bouncer” in Barnstormers and, thankfully, he turned very few people away. It wasn’t the ideal solution so, with Warzone collective in mind, we decided to start actively looking for our own place. We scoured Dublin for premises suitable to house a vegetarian café that could double up as a venue. We set up a co-operative and applied for as many grants as we could.

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This weeks news September 14

This weeks news September 14

Now that was a good week for gigs – Jello with Guantanamo School of Medicine on a bill with Sissy and Paranoid Visions last Wednesday in the Button Factory. And then two days later the Ex in Whelans. Something else. Spolied for choice again this week with Danko Jones, Sissy + Exploding Eyes, Sleaford Mods, XSLF + Hooligan and Disguise all on over the next 7 days

Some good music being released too
UK diy trio Grubs have just released ‘It Must Be Grubs’, a short-spanning but instantly charming first work. Spanning eleven tracks, ‘It Must Be Grubs’ blitzes through ramshackle, energised garage rock without ever looking back. Like hitching on a bike, riding downhill and realising the brakes don’t work, it’s a chaotic journey into the unknown, more rough-edged and free-spirited with every song. ‘Windwaker’ shakes off mid-week blues, while ‘Good Timez’ ends things on an all-smiles moment of rejoice.
There’s always a happy ending with this record. The band consists of Joanna Gruesome members Owen Williams and Roxy Brennan (also in Two White Cranes and Towel) and former
DIY scribe / champion of fashion Jake May. ‘It Must Be Grubs’ officially out came out on Friday 11th September on Reeks of Effort.

One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to is turned out a punk . It features a conversatio with someone sho was influneced by punk rock and is a great document of our movement. One of the more interesting ones is a conversation with Danko Jones. Whilst the music of Danko Jones was too steeped in metal for my ears I never realised how much Danko identified with punk and hardcore. They are in Whelans on September 18

With the September 18 release of their forthcoming second LP Sun Coming Down fast approaching, Ought have now shared a full stream of their new album one week prior to release. Including the smouldering yet introspective fan-favourite “Beautiful Blue Sky” and thrilling album-opener “Men For Miles”, these are two gems in this album of many…
OUGHT’S NEW ALBUM SUN COMING DOWN out now on Constellation Sun Coming Down maintains the band’s tight, twitchy and economical sound, with the unfussy, understated rhythm section of drummer
Tim Keen and bassist Ben Stidworthy anchoring Tim Darcy’s electric guitar and Matt May’s fuzzed-out keys (sounding, as often as not, like a second guitar). Ought pursue an artistically apposite austerity in committing these new songs to tape, referencing the arid and unvarnished production of no-wave and early indie rock while balancing carved-out angularity against an evolving comfort with textural coalescences and measured pacing. It makes for an album that’s consistently, insistently propulsive but also feels unhurried and pleasantly unhyped. Songs like ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’ (already a fan favourite from live shows) and ‘Never Better’ unfold with gradual and deliberate ebb and flow, where scratchy guitars play like dappled shards of light on gently roiling waves of bass and organ; ‘The Combo’ and ‘Celebration’ keep things crisp and concise. Darcy’s voice and lyrics continue to distinguish and define the personality of the band: his blend of ironic detachment, declarative insistence, fragmentary stammering poetics, and the occasional direct aside to the listener, finds various ways to weave within or drive through the mixes. Sun Coming Down confirms the distinctive vitality and purposive naturalism of this band; Ought resists facile primitivism and
overhyped dynamics in equal measure, keeping things hermetic but never airless, ascetic but never dispassionate, literate but never prolix. The band’s steady and subtle charms don’t make them the cool kids or the iconoclastic freaks – just a satisfyingly unrefined and substantive rock band that eschews indulgence or aesthetic bandwagoneering to seek a humble, thoughtful corner from which to articulate a position within and contribute meaningfully to a 40-year continuum of indie, punk and DIY tradition.

Forthcoming Gigs

danko Jones + The Amorettes – Whelans – September 18

Sissy + Exploding Eyes + Shrug Life – Sweeneys – September 19

Sleaford Mods – Hangar – September 19

XSLF + Hooligan – Fibber Magees – September 19

La Misma + Disguise + Overbite + Surge – Tenterhooks – September 20

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Whelans – September 26

The Winter Passing + Chewing on tinfoil + Kates party + Driveaway – Grand Social September 26

Wheatus – Whelans – September 28

B Dolan – Wormkans Club – September 29

We Shall Overcome – Dublin – October 2-4

Hard Working Class Heroes – Dublin – October 2+3

Juan Wauters + No Monster Club – Whelans – October 4

The Lemonheads – Academy – October 5

Hey Rosetta – Workmans Club – October 9

Giveamanakick – Whelans – October 10

Nothing Clean – Tenterhooks – October 10

Cockney Rejects – Grand Social – October 10

Inner Terrestials + Dubtones + Suckin Diesel + Jobseekers + Kluster-Fux – Fibber Magees – October 16

English Dogs – Fibber Magees – October 23


Litovsk – Dublin – October 25

US Girls – Whelans – October 25

Liturgy – Whelans – October 26

Dragster + Angry Itch + Stop start Again + Black Pitts + Jobseekers – Fibbers – October 30

Deer hunter button factory – November 1

Slaves – The Academy – November 5

Girl Band – Button Factory – November 7

Stiff Little Fingers – The Academy – November 13

Coitus + Paranoid Visions + Coldwar + Liberty – Fibbers – November 14

Mercury Rev – Button Factory November 22

Chelsea Wolfe – Button Factory November 25

Peter Hook and the Light – The Academy – November 27

OM – Button Factory – November 28

Therapy – Button Factory December 11

The Selecter – The Academy – December 11

Bad Manners – The Academy – december 28

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Jello Biafra and John Lydon…the punk jesters.

The punk jesters

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine came to Dublin this week and they entertained a large and receptive crowd in the Button Factory. When I say ‘they came to Dublin’ I actually mean that some promoter brought them over and make it happen….in this case, as Jello acknowledged from the stage, the promoter was one Timmo, or Paul Timmony. Jello explained to the crowd that Timmo was the only person who ever promoted shows for him in Dublin.

In which case, Dublin has a lot to thank Timmo for, Jello Biafra is one of the most articulate, thought-provoking and interesting characters from the early US punk/hardcore movement. Yet with the Dead Kennedys he always seemed to stand apart from that movement…if he was one of its leaders, he was also one of its innovators and most unorthodox figures. Maybe people like that are what stopped punk becoming so (or more) formulaic and standardised, even when commercial forces seemed to drag it in the direction of a generic identikit market segment.

So we have a lot to be grateful for to promoters like Timmo and acts like Jello B.

Seeing Jello with, what was a really cracking band, in Dublin, also brought home how funny he is. Onstage, he was almost a cartoon character, which rather than make his words feel like gimmicks, or his points silly, actually made his message sink deeper. He runaround actions drew me in, made me pay close attention…and made me smile. He would probably have been an excellent stage actor..although probably one who would not be constrained by a script. I can imagine: “To be or not to be…..hey, why don’t we think about that for a moment!”

So he is a Merry Prankster, making serious points and making us laugh by ridiculing situations and power. What an intriguing way to Fight The Power. Maybe laughter is the best medicine.

Mirroring this idea..punk frontmen as Merry Pranksters, this week Neil McCormick (former Hot Press writer/artist) printed a really good article/overview of one John Lydon, whose excellent PiL have released a new album.

I haven’t heard it yet, but the interview reminded me why I look forward to buying it. Lydon achieved the unthinkable when he formed, and maintained, PiL and became an even more fascinating front-man that he had been with the Sex Pistols. And that is not to deny what a thrilling and innovative frontman he was with them!

Funnily enough, for such a lightening rod of controversy, for such an engaging and vibrant front-man, he also professes to be a very shy individual.

In the interview, he spoke about how humour was a great weapon….and clearly in his hands, just as with Jello, it is a wonderful tool/skill to make your point, to be heard, and to be sensational!

To me, Jello and Lydon are valuable contributors to our culture, and also possess sharp minds and know how to cut through a cluttered media landscape.

Long may they entertain us.

Wild hearted outsider

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Hidden City – Adventures and Explorations in Dublin by Karl Whitney

Hidden City – Adventures and Explorations in Dublin by Bus, Train and Tram: In the Sewers and Underground Rivers; Along the edges and behind the hoardings

Karl Whitney
Penguin Books

No this makes for an interesting tale or two. Dublin behind the scenes. Karl has put together a tourist book with a twist, Dublin beyond it’s cathedrals and parks.

As someone born on the northside of Dublin to parents both born on the same northside of children from that northside I feel a strong affinity to the Capital City. My Dublin however is not St Stephens Green or open bus tours, it’s St Annes Park and the grey streets of Donnycarney where I grew up. My first real venture to the Southside of the City was as a teenager with my first paid employment, cleaning a garden of a rich person that knew someone who knew someone. The far side of the River Liffey was alien to me, a world apart.

Hidden City takes us to places many tour guides don’t. Places like the grey streets of tallaght or walkinstown and the underground tunnels in the liberties or sewage pipes underground. Read between the lines here and your mind can conjure up so many images of Dublin, or so many books that could make good stories.

If you are at all interested in this Nation’s Capital then make this your tour guide. For me, as a native, there is something missing – maybe it’s just because I live in this hidden world that it doesn’t seem all that interesting.


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Hope Show 37 – The lowdown

Hope SHow 37 the Lowdown
Pre-All Ireland Football final nerves

1. Brier – Fields of Athenry
2. Luke Kelly – Dublin IN The Rare Oul Times
3. Jinx Lennon – Big Protest Day
4. The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Ghosts of Cable Street
5. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
6. Minor Threat – Salad Days
7. Great Western Squares – Ace Of Spades
8. Chumbawamba – Bankrobber
9. Tommy McCook – Heatwave
10. Operation Ivy – Take Warning
11. Snuff – Do Nothing
12. The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
13. Damien Dempsey – Patience

It’s the night before the all-ireland football final, i have to mention it. Football plays a huge part in my life. On New years Day this year my dad, my 2 sons and I went to see Dublin play in their annual blue stars game. We have been at every one since and tomorrow is the last of the season.

I’m so emotional I could play Aslan. There has been some grerat times along the way but none of them avoided the reality that the system stinks. It didn’t take away the hurt of what is happening but it helped bring a smile to our face.

Jinx Lennon has some great protest songs, he has been kicking against the pricks for a number of years now.

I played the roughneck riot 2 weeks ago and said they remind me of the men they couldn’t hang. Well I’ve finally got one of their songs in digitla format. Punk it up and you’ve got the roughneck riot (well not really but they are two great intellignet bands). Wonder if they would get caught up with a football game??

I wouldn’t say the Beastie Boys would, but I’m happy damnit. Sabotage makes me even happier. So do Minor Threat, indulge me will you.

Great Western Square is a lovely place in Phibsoboro’ Dublin, maybe that place will be hopping tomorrow night. For now I will play a song from the band of the same name. Their cover of Motorheads Minor Threat

I can’t play Joe Strummer or the Clash every show so I’ve gone a step away, a small one in Chumbawambas cover of the classic bankrobber.

I was at a game earlier today and man it was warm. End of September and all anyone wanted to do was get water into them when the game brokedown. Will it be that warm in Croke Park?

Take Warning say Operation Ivey, but who shall heed that?

Do Nothing say Snuff, but who and why

The Damned are Neat Neat Neat but is there a reason

And finally Damo, he’s Northsides favourite son. It was either him or Aslan!!!!!!

Up the Dubs

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