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Label of the week – Make That a take

The tale of Make that a take records is very interesting. If they want to see a band play, they put on their own gigs, if they want a film about it they make their own film. If they want a festival with many of their favourite bands they make their own fest and finally if they want to see a record from these bands they make their own records. Completely DIY and fully deserving of our support

If you havent’t heard anything from the likes of Kaddish, Stonethrower, Billy Liar or Maxwell’s Dead then use the opportunity over the next few days to download them for free and think about contributing to this great label.



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La Chance – Old Haunts EP

LA Chance
Old Haunts
Scars Of Youth


“Can we break out of this
endless streams of bills and stress
I know I’ve got this in me
I feel it bursting out of my chest”

Scream LA Chance, well not exactly scream but in that lo-fi sing along punk sound. They may be from Scotland, but it is that Gainesville sing along clever sound bursting through. 5 people singing at any one time which is the terrace chant that works for me. Lyrically they are spot on. Instead of singing about absent frineds LaChance have singled out friends before we lose them. There is a poignancy to it all but how often do we say “I should have said that while they were here”. Castle Rock Cobras does just that by Calling out a toast before the end. It’s not all doom and gloom as inspiration does break through from these Dundee punks. “No matter what the cost, it’s better to have tried and lost” could come from this bike is a pipe bomb.

There’s been times over the past few days when the realities of life away from this keyboard have confronted me but I take strength from LaChance’s words advice and “Set fire to each new day, no matter what your head says, cos bright hearts burn out slow”.

Plenty of lo-fi treble doesn’t make a rebel but it is just as rebellious for us all to help each other out and LaChance does just that with this “Old haunts” ep

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