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Fanzine Of The Week – Eaten Alive

I picked up 2 copies of this at Rebellion

It is a hark back to the cut and paste zines from the 80’s with staples down the side, the interviews are pretty sparse but he can only print what the band reply I suppose

Issue 34 has interviews with Anti-Establishment,Angelic Upstarts,RED ALERT and East Town Pirates!

Issue 35 has interviews with The Warriors, Hospital Food, The Defects and Disorder


Eaten Alive fanzine

152 Heath End Road





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Eaten Alive Fanzine *30

Eaten alive fanzine

#30 celebrates derricks 50th birthday as he goes through the myriad of punk gigs he has attended. It’s a shame that women seem to bear the brunt of his jokes at times as otherwise this would be a fine read. They do however so it is not.

Sporadic interviews with anti social, 3 stone monkey and James Stevenson alongside some reviews and misplaced misogyny
10 Ballantine road, Radford, Coventry, CV6 3AP, UK

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