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Fanzine Of The Week – Eaten Alive

I picked up 2 copies of this at Rebellion

It is a hark back to the cut and paste zines from the 80’s with staples down the side, the interviews are pretty sparse but he can only print what the band reply I suppose

Issue 34 has interviews with Anti-Establishment,Angelic Upstarts,RED ALERT and East Town Pirates!

Issue 35 has interviews with The Warriors, Hospital Food, The Defects and Disorder


Eaten Alive fanzine

152 Heath End Road





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Fanzine of the Week – Blackpool Rox2

Fanzine of the Week

Blackpool Rox2 Issue 11


Another special brought out for Rebellion and has good interviews with Cock Sparrer, Simon Wells, Ted Dibiase Million Dollar Punk Band, Colleen Caffeine and local Blackpool acts Poly-Esters and Du Pig/  ALongside that there’s extensive reviews from Steve Scanner and bits on being a woman in Saudi Arabia and Andys travel blog from the European Championship.  Andy’ style of writing is quirky and chatty and Blackpool Rox2 is always worth picking up.


16 Windmill Close


Andy does this youtube show every week where he plays a cover version, check it out below

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Zine of the week – riot 77


Riot 77 fanzine

po box 11342

dublin 2


I love reading Riot 77.  Cian does a really great job with his interviews. They are always good conversations with insightful questions. I’m sure he spends a lot of time researching the interviewees.

in this issue we get to read about original Northern Irish punks, the undertones and the outcasts. We also get cheetah chrome from the dead boys and Paulie bearer from New York street punks. Sheer Terror.

Worth it for those alone but we also get some good reviews of of 18 months of gigs since the last issue came out. Gigs from North America and ireland

Andy higgins has an excellent piece on Alex oggs Dead Kennedys book and there’s an extensive review section.  Can isn’t trying to be your mate with this zine but for anyone with a passing interest in the history of the punk scene this really is a must read



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Zine of the Week – Parish Punk

parish punkThe Parish Punk freesheet

It’s great to see the parish punk coming out with some regularity. This is issue 4 and clodagh’s writing style shines through. It’s like she’s sitting in her kitchen in rural ireland having a chat with each and every reader. And so we read about the sort of things that interest her. Things like GM food, direct provision, border controls, mental health and punk rock. Hard to believe it us just one sheet as there’s so much packed in.


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Blackpool Rox II – Issue 10

Blackpool Rox II

Issue 10

The original Blackpool Rox was a mix of the bizarre, wild and infectious. Each page was lieterally crammed with in formation and art, you would need to viedw the page in all directions just to take it all in.  Like a good painting you could find something new every time you read it.  Of course though it was all about pushing new music of the day, of the era.  Death to Trad Rock was its rallying cry.

It died off after a few years and Blackpool Rox II sprang from its grave.  Andy Higgins of Just Say No To Government Music fame took over the mantle and he has pushed the Seaside Town and all it has to offer ever since.  It’s not just about Blackpool and the bands that avoid eating the rock that the area is so famous for.  Andy interviews some of the best UK bands at the moment.  Epic Problem, Stay Clean Jolene are in here.  There’s bits on local people doing things on a national scale- Journalist Steve Rowland, Video editor John Bentham and publisher Pete Walsh.  Of course Blackpool is home to Rebellion Festival so Johnny Wah Wah who curates the new band stage and Jenni Russell Smith who along with her husband Darren are the brains behind the festival.  Original Rox editor, John Robb, has a piece and then there’s the bit abou Andy running for election in the UK on an Oyston Out ticket (Owen Oyston being Blackpool Football Club’s Chair – who has overseen the clubs recent rise and fall on a shoestring budget but still a very profitable experience, for him).

Great Read


Blackpool Rox Towers, c/o 16 Windmill Close, Blackpool, FY3 OEB, UK


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Bald Cactus zine *31

Bald Cactus *31

bald cactus
2 issues ahead of Lights go out in numerical terms and on the go sine 1988. I remember writing to Andy as he started the zine back then. I always waited with baited breath to read about Hunt Saboteurs trips or to read about some uk hardcore band and what they had to say on their Britain of the day.

The recycled paper from Bob print was a staple of zines back then and Bald Cactus not only flew the flag but would have held it in the Olympic procession of fanzine producers.

I am delighted it is still going. Still A5, still uncompromising even if the music is covered is slightly more mellow. Good interviews with HDQ, Epic Problem, Jaded Eyes and Police Bastard. A poignant one from 1991 with Cringer is also included.

I love Bald Cactus, Andy is having a chat with the reader as he writes it and you get a good insight into his lifestyle without it being a per-zine. In his own words, “music should equal passion/empowerment/excitment/inspiration…otherwise what is the point” Indeed.

stg£1 plus post from baldcactus@gmail. com email andy and ask about postage costs


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Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine

Lights Go Out / Gadgie Split zine


Split zines are not a new phenomena but in its 28 previous issues Lights Go Out had alwqays been on its own. That changed for the 29th episode and Gadgie was the partner of choice. Not only would both editors settle for a split effort they would theme it. The topic of choice? “Star Wars”. And that’s where I fall down. I have seen all those Star Wars movies (I have three kids and they like watching films) but I have to admit they mean little to me. The novelty opf a theme will work well if you like the topic, however if you are like me the questions about Darth Vadar and Jabah the hut leave me cold.

On the lights go out side we get interviews with Officer Down, idle class, nerfherder, fistikuffs, angry lennox, guerilla monsoon and fights and fires. We also get to read some columns and a bizarre piece on punk wars which Jello Biafra just about beats Debbie Harry to. If I had an inclination towards Star Wars I’d love it, as things stand I want to find out more about the bands and that means Mr T has done his job as editor.

The Gadgie side is harder for me. A story of his growing obsession into the Lucas film is fine and dandy but I want the music and the politics. Thanksfully we have a few pages music related. Marv Gadgie gives some insight into recent releaseres (also known as reviews). stg£1 for 36 A5 pages

for more info on postage etc


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Positive Creed *23


These keep coming thick and fast. For anyone to do more than 2 zines in 12 calendar months is a huge achievement. Positive creed is regular as you can be when you are doing it all yourself. Basic enough Interviews with the vibrators, cockney rejects and Chokin’ Susan are supplemented by more wordy efforts from cub sports (know them? me neither) and a very interesting one with ex doorman and martial arts instructor Geoff Thompson. Geoff has written a book about his world and rob views him interesting enough to include in his zine which is good enough for me.

Some opinion pieces and a page on why to boycott tescos along with reviews is proper reason for you to read this. If you want of course.

£2 inc p+p to Ireland
Po Box 777, Exeter, Ex1 9tu, England.

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Wanna buy a zine?

That was an eventful week. It’s hard as a father of three kids to dive headfirst into the world of DIY punk rock as the kids still need to go school, football training and do all those things kids do. Harder still when DIY becomes the theme for much needed home improvements. Harder still when the man needs to be satisfied (and by that I mean working for the man).

Anyway the zine came out last week and after spending a huge amount of time putting it together I had to ensure it got out there. Contributors had to get their copy, shops and distros had to be stocked and people needed to know of its existence.

And so Social media was hit. facebook, twitter and he forums I know of were all hit. Envelopes were purchased and 30 complimentary copies were sent off. I then had to hit the shops of my hometown to see if they still stock zines. The idea of doing a fanzine is to communicate with people and I purposely had it in print as I wanted interaction NOT just at the click of a button. I want people to go into shops that are struggling, I want some effort to go into either reading or purchasing this. We live ina disposable society and it has many many positives but it’s nice to step away from it every now and then. And so I wnt to the shops I felt were worthwhile in Dublin. Starting with record shops, freebird, Elastic Witch were stocked. Tower are moving so I’m letting them settle with that. I was amazed by Spindizzy’s reaction – “not enough room, sorry”. It’s 26 A4 pages!, can’t take up that much space. I then hit the bookshops. COnnolly Books took them no problem but Books Upstairs were hesitant. I know it mightn’t mean much but if my zine is in your shop I can tell people to go there. Anyway it’s not there. Winding Stair and Gutter Books will get a visit this week.

Outside Dublin I’m a bit lost so I went for the old reliables. Plugd in Cork and WingNut in Galway. Cork has also got Cork Community Print Shop so some went there too. Punker Bunker in Brighton has been flying the flag for independent releases for years so I sent some to Buz. All Ages have yet to respond. Distros are getting thinner on the ground but they still exist, Suspect Device in SOuthampton and Me Distro in Sligo are the first ones. More will be added.

As I said the idea is to put them into shops and distros that deserve support. I will then let you know and encourage you to go to these places.

And then there was gigs. As I mentioned earlier I can’t go out every evening even if I wanted to and priorities in my world revolve around my family but I got out twice. Menshevik in the Academy. they were great but it copperfastened my belief in the diy scene. Merch stall taking huge commission and no way could you walk around with a bag of zines in your hand. On the opposite to this was Goldblade, The Outcasts, Paranoid Visions and Checkpoint where the stall was there but ironically the interest wasn’t. I should have walked around asking people to buy the zine, but I couldn’t. How times have changed? I was never fully comfortable with approaching people and asking for money in return for photocopied paper but I used to do it. I can’t now. Must try harder.

Then there’s the Hope show on Radioactive International. It’s on weekly so I did a special with all bands in the zine.

Getting there.

Hope zine can be purchased on paypal €4 to niall@thumped.com more info

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Hope Zine

Hope *1 is a collection of people from the punk rock movement giving their thoughts on what Punk rock means to them.

Buy fanzine for 2 Euro + 1 Euro P+P

Contributors include John Robb, Steven Malley, Anto Loserdom, Doug Aikman, Sean Forbes, Peter Jones, Carol Hodge, Karren Ablaze, Jon Langford and many more. 28 A4 pages.

Payment is by Paypal via link below . Please click on the picture for more info. – should you not have this please mail niall@thumped.com for more info


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