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Babydigger, Lawnmowers ; Jailcell Recipes, Drive, FUAL – Dublin 1990

Jun 7 1990 Babydigger, Lawnmowers – New Inn
Jun 29 1990 Jailcell Recipes, Drive, FUAL – New Inn

Drive - New Inn

Drive (pich by George Curran)

John Robb passed my name onto fellow Mancunians Babydigger. They sent me a tape I thought was excellent. I couldn’t wait to get them over to play a gig. Around this time, people in Belfast contacted me. Jailcell Recipes were coming to Ireland to play and wanted to visit Dublin. I booked the New Inn for the 2 gigs. Hope’ was put on the posters in the ‘hope’ that people might go along even if they didn’t know the bands, as we were the people who had put on Fugazi. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for either gig. There was a miserable turnout at both. We would have lost a fortune had we been made to pay the full price for the venue. Smiley realised that we were trying and let us off with any shortage we had. We had money left from the Fugazi gig that went to pay off the bands travel expenses but those NEW INN gigs were jinxed.

First D.I. not happening, now this. What else could go wrong? There was still the toilet smashing craze to contend with. It was hard to ‘police’ the toilets for a whole gig, therefore they were prime targets for vandalism. By the end of each gig the ladies were flooded. Someone found it a great laugh. We sure didn’t. Thankfully the toilet smashing craze didn’t last very long. Lost £210 on Jailcell Recipes, Lost £96 on Babydigger

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FUAL, Coitus, Paranoid Visions, Ciunas – Dublin 1991

May 18 1991

FUAL, Coitus, Paranoid Visions, Ciunas


This was the first gig since the farce of no-one turning up to see The Keatons the previous month. Coitus were based in England and featured Skinny, who used to be in
Paranoid Visions. FUAL were from Belfast and were doing an Irish tour.. Both bands asked to play on the same day so they were accommodated together. Paranoid Visions also played this gig and the records show they were given £5 for their efforts. To their credit Paranoid Visions made nothing of this fact.

They did get to play a gig with some friends. I don’t know what is worse: playing a gig and getting nothing for a gig or glaying a gig and being given a fiver.

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Spiny Norman Quartet, Sweet Mary Jane – Dublin 1992


March 21 1992

Spiny Norman Quartet+ Sweet Mary Jane


2 days after getting 140 people to see the Spermbirds, 24 turned up to witness 2 Belfast bands. They were doing an Irish tour and asked to play Dublin. The people in
Spiny Norman Quartet helped out with Warzone Collective in Belfast and in turn were very active in creating a community up there. WARZONE sprang out of the Belfast Youth + Community Group. That group was started by a gathering of like-minded people with an aspiration to find their own centre. They set about trying to obtain  funding and finally got a building. After putting a huge amount of work into it the building played host to a café, venue, rehearsal room and general hive of activity. It has been an inspiration fo many. Since then WARZONE have moved buildings twice and the group are still very active today.


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