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Fugazi, Three Ring Psychosis, Moral Crusade, Not Our World -Dublin 1988

November 29  1988

Fugazi, Three Ring Psychosis, Moral Crusade, N.O.W.


Fugazi agreed that it would be a good idea to travel to Ireland and play a gig. I booked McGonagles. Some recent Sunday afternoons had been spent there, seeing various British bands that the Warzone people from Belfast had brought over to play. Warzone got George Curran and some friends of his to book McGonagles when bands were travelling over. They booked the venue and helped out on the day. Bands that travelled over to play these gigs included Carcass, Joyce McKinney Experience, Bolt Thrower, The Instigators and the wonderfully named (and aptly for many) Dreadful.

Alan, Fergus, Paddy, Richie and I went about getting bands to play with Fugazi and putting posters up in record shops. We plotted the whole things out and tried to get a varied line-up of bands for the evening. We even did up a press release promising “a night of musical mayhem”. When it came to the issue of money Jabs asked how much the venue was to hire and the cost of P.A. and posters. He then said the band wanted a door price of £3 so we did the figures and said if there were 180 people at the gig the band would get £200.

On the night there were a few less but we put some money together and gave the band £200. They were happy and little did I know it but this was the start of something regular.

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Fugazi, Chumbawamba, In Motion – Dublin 1992

fugazi sfx

May 11 1992

Fugazi, Chumbawamba, In Motion



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Fugazi, Slowest Clock, Not Our World – Dublin 1989


November 23 1989

Fugazi, Slowest Clock, Not Our World


Fugazi was the band that really got things going for Hope. This gig, their second visit to Ireland, was packed out. We were totally taken by surprise. For a while it  was looking hairy – Snuff were due to play but had to pull out of the gig due to a death in their family so Slowest Clock, from Dublin stepped in at very short notice.

In a repeat of what happened the first time they came over, Fugazi missed the ferry. I was playing in the first band and when we went on stage Fugazi still hadn’t  shown up. There were no mobile phones then so my Dad drove into the gig to tell us that Fugazi were in Holyhead at 4 pm and were due to get the next ferry. In the event, things worked out fine. Fugazi arrived in plenty of time, during our set, and literally shook McGonagles that night. The PA kept threatening to fall over and we had to station people to just hold the speaker stands up. There was a lot of dancing and many people felt they could get up on stage and jump into the crowd at will – something Fugazi and plenty of others in the audience didn’t want. I was amazed afterwards when we went to count the money with Ian McKaye, singer with Fugazi. There was £1400 left after the venue and PA had been paid. Ian said “how about we take £550 and you use the rest to do other things”.

After receiving his reassurance that it was ok I said fine/thanks a million. We used that money to start a ‘Hope’ fund, money that could be used as a back-up in case things didn’t go accoding to plan. ‘Hope’ then got to put on a load of great bands, give them at least their ferry fare regardless of crowd numbers and release a record. Fugazi assisted in that happening and Dublin owes them a great debt.



Niall – Not Our World

Slowest Clock

Slowest Clock stood in for Snuff on the night

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Hope Show 115 – the lowdown

Hope Show 115 – the lowdown



Hope Show 115
1. Black Bank Folk w/ Damien Dempsey – Aunt Jenny
2. The Clash – White Riot
3. Paranoid Visions – From Dublin With Love
4. Against Me – Pints of guinness makes you strong
5. The Three Johns – The World of the workers is wild
6. Half Man Half Biscuit – National Shite Day
7. The Redskins – Lev Bronstein
8. The Neurotics – Take Strike Action
9. Hard Skin – The Kids Are Innocent
10. The Ex – Walt’s Dizzyland
11. The Evens – All These Governors
12. Fugazi – Merchandise

Starting off tonight with local Dublin folksters who have just released an album celebrating the events of Easter Week in 1916 in Ireland. Damien Dempsey has a song on the record celebrating the joint effort put in by women that somehow has been erased from that fight. The invisible ink is reappearing and thanks to songs like this (and the events themselves) they are getting noticed once more.
As the Rebellion was pretty much a riot why not get the Clash to celebrate it. Actually tonights show whilst coinciding with 100 Easter festivals since the Rising in 1916 is more of a ode to a list of favourite albums that i was asked to compile. I found it almost impossible to limit to double digits never mind fourteen. I tried but in vain. The Clash were top of that list though, no question.
Top Irish band is Paranoid Visions, hands down. Steadily releasing on the button songs reflecting the thoughts of a generation, a generation being ignored. From Dublin with love is from their 1983 demo.

Against Me made my list – their Reinventn’ axl rose album really is a class record. When I first heard it I was ready to follow their revolution but really you need to make your own. ‘Pints of Guinness makes you strong’ is not really encouraging you to drink guinness, sure it’s not even vegetarian.

One thing that has really struck me this week is how quick people are to dismiss a group of workers on strike if it means inconveniencing them. Our Luas (tram) drivers are on strike for better pay and conditions. The latest offer recommended by mediators was dismissed 99% by the workers. That shows a committed and united workforce. So they won’t go to work on Easter Sunday, they will stay home, eat easter eggs and not get paid. Many people will wish to get into the city to see the Easter Parade, celebrating the work of James Connolly and other Volunteers who gave up their life to create a republic. Some of these people would have travelled by luas and now they can’t. Is that reason not to support workers in their struggle?

The Redskins would have always supported strike action, as would have the Newtown Neurotics. These bands, along with the three Johns and Billy Bragg gave me a musical introduction into trade unions. I then moved on to Woody Guthries and other
traditional songs but these bands took the music I listened to and said, workers whould be in unions and picket lines should always be respected.

Hard Skin were near to my list of albums, didn’t quite get there but i thought you’d like to hear the kids are innocent.

The Ex did make it and could have been in there a few times. A more recent, if 2001 can be classed as recent, release made the list. Dizzy Spells is 12 classics mixed into an overall great. Walts Dizzyland is top of my mix when dj’ing too.

The recorded output of Dischord records could have made up my top 10, it certainly is one of the seminal labels. I’ve taken 2 with an Ian McKaye mix but there’s a lot more that could have been in here.

I’ve left it short as I need to start walking to town 🙂


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Label of the week – Dischord Records


Label of the Week
Dischord Records


SO what can you say about Dischordrecords? A label that has sold over 5 million items. A label that has influenced so many musicians and bands. A labelthat has brought out consistently good releases since the Teen Idles Minor Disturbance 7″.

As one of the founders of the label, Ian McKaye states

“After nearly a year of playing together, the Teen Idles decided to break up. It was late summer 1980 and the only thing left to sort out was what to do with the money in the band fund. All of the money we had earned from our 35 concerts went into a cigar box in my room, and we had managed to save over $600. Instead of splitting it up, the band decided to release a record.

It was clear from the beginning that no label would be interested in putting out a Teen Idles record, particularly since we were no longer a band, so we decided to do it ourselves. We turned to our friend Skip Groff, who ran a record shop called Yesterday and Today. He had put out a number of small releases on his own label, Limp Records, and was able to explain the basic mechanics of putting out a record. We came up with a name for our label, started designing the cover, and sent off the tapes to a pressing plant. Finally, in December 1980, the Teen Idles’ “Minor Disturbance” E.P. (an eight-song 7″) was released. This was Dischord Records #1.”

It all sounds so simple, start a band, release a record, play a gig -do it yourself. And you know what? It is.



My introduction to the label was the flex your head compilation, which documented the DC hardcore scene at the time. Through this I got to listen to and read about bands like SOA, Untouchables, Youth Brigade and Deadline. The power and the spirit from that record still influences me today.

The label is still releasing records and it’s not just represses and hidden gems like Youth Brigades first demo.

It has put out Soccer Team’s second lp and is involved in Red Hares new record Lexicon Mist which includes a Lungfish cover.

I could write forever about the label but this is here to remind you of its existence.


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My Favourite Gig – Brendan Canty

This is the second in a weekly series all taken from Hope 2. The fanzine sees a collection of 70 contributors from the punk rock world.  All asked the same question

My Favourite Gig by Brendan Canty, Deathfix, Fugazi, Rites of Spring, One Last Wish etc

The Mummies + Thee Headcoats

Calgary, early 90’s


Guy and I ducked out after a Fugazi gig one night in the early nineties in Calgary, and went over to see Thee Headcoats play. The Mummies were opening up, but we had no idea who they were at the time. We were just both big Billy Childish fans.

The place was small and I think a biker bar. There were certainly mostly bikers there. Definitely not the place to be by the looks of it. Yet, as we all know, life usually runs in the converse of expectations.

When the Mummies hit the stage they hit with such force and commitment that everyone’s mind was playing catch up with what they were seeing. 4 totally disgusting looking fully costumed in filthy rag mummies were beating their instruments to death and whipping through killer garage tracks one after another. Everyone in the room got into it in one way or another. After a while one of the drunk biker women went to the bathroom and wrapped herself in toilet paper mummy-style and came out and stood in front of the stage giving the band two birds. This made them even more jacked up.

As the singer rocked his Farfisa back and forth hanging from the water pipe above the stage, the organ gave way and he came crashing down with his arm breaking between his body and the keyboard. He kept playing.

After the set Thee Headcoats couldn’t really do much. I’ve seen them and loved them, but that night they dissolved into a mess and eventually broke up on stage when the drummer took the only working microphone and used it as a drumstick. Billy Childish quit and walked out of the club. It seemed like a reasonable response. We were all wiped.

Brendan’s latest recorded output was Deathfix and his lates band is Super Silver Haze


Brendan Canty

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Hope *2

It’s been a little while in the making but Hope *2 is finally out. I asked a number of people one question, What was your favourite gig? I have to say I was pretty overwhelmed with the response and people were very willing to give up their time whenever possible..I received over 70 contributions from peers. People from bands like Fugazi, Chumbawamba, Youth of Today, Bear Trade, Paranoid Visions, The Winter Passing, Soulside and The Van Pelt.  People from record labels like Make that a take, Revelation, Slumberland. People from fanzines like Bald Cactus, Fear and loathing and Loserdowm. Photographers like Glen E Friedman, Shawn Scallen and Ricky Adam.  Authors like Philip O Connor and Michael Stewart Foley. There’s tons in the 54 pages

Buy Now Button

€5 including postage to anywhere  It is a benefit for Pikpa Refugee Centre, Lesvos   Pay by paypal, hereFrontCover

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Hope Show 81 – the lowdown

Hope Show *81 the lowdown

1. Dope Body – Intro
2. Fugazi – Merchandise
3. Fugazi – In Defence of Humans
4. Cigarette Crossfire – Face Of My Enemy
5. USA Nails – Distilled Town
6. Womens Christmas – Bubble On A Shelf
7. Wooderson – Mint Condition
8. John Q Microwave – 9e 18th July 2014
9. Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – Joe
10. The Great Leap Forward – My Grandfathers Cluck
11. Jawbreaker – Sluttering (May 4th)
12. Ted Leo – Me and mia
13. Castro- Detective
14. Randy – Cheater
15. Paranoid Visions – Rising Tide
16. Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
17. Dawson – Face of W Biryani

Tonights show is all about the Fugazi demo. Released this week 26 years after its recording, I don’t normally champion these types of releases but this is well worth championing. Fugazi aren’t the reason I am doing this but they played a huge role in the development of theunderground scene in Dublin. They were not on their own saying “You are not what you own” but they led the way for a while.

Finland has a pretty good hardcore scene, I’m sure Fugazi passed through it in the early 90’s. Manifesto Jukebox were that countries flag bearers for a number of years and now Cigarette Crossfire are carrying that well worn flag.

USA Nails played in Dublin recently with Hands Up Who Wants to die. To my shame I didn’t get to the gig but circumstances in life means I can’t get to everything I would like to see. Both bands are great so I’ve no doubt it was a cracker.

Another gig I missed recently was the launch of Womens Christmas album. I hadn’t heard the band previously but Out On A Limb is a great label. Another stellar Irish release, read about them here

Sheffield post punk band Wooderson came to me recommended by Bombed Out Records whose releases I have been playing quite a bit lately

John q microwave is a strange name for a singer, maybe he emits radioactive waves in the songs. He featured on a double dot dash compilation the label based in reading. It’s an eclectic label with bands from all genres, not too unlike Out on a Limb I suppose.

I’m enjoying the post punk pop new wave sound of Duncan Redi and the Big Heads new Difficult Second album. It’s quirky enough not to be dragged into just another pop release and not too quirky that the tunes keep you hooked.

It was the anniversary of John Peels death recently and amongst the myriad of tributes and gigs was a one by the the great leap forward . I usually find a couple of gigs weekly that I would like to travel over to the UK for and this set was one of them.

And then I started reminiscing, Jawbreaker ; ted leo ; Randy ; Paranoid Visions sham 69 and dawson

But interspersed in their is current offering from some Life Bit How To Live It members, Castro from Norway, Their new album is out now on Boss Tuneage.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this and hopefully you’ve got something from the music


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FUGAZI First Demo Streaming now



Fugazi’s First Demo release is now streaming in its entirety ahead of the official release date on 18th November via Dischord Records.

In early January 1988 and after only ten shows, Fugazi decided to go into Inner Ear Studio to see what their music sounded like on tape. The sessions only lasted a couple of days, but tour dates and indecision about the tape would delay the final mix for another two months. Though the band was at first pleased with the results, it soon became clear that this tape would remain a demo as new songs were being written and the older songs were evolving and changing shape while the band was out on tour. It was decided that the session would be passed out free as cassette copies, with the band actively encouraging people to share the recording. In the spring, Fugazi went out on its first U.S. tour and a few weeks after returning from the road they went back to Inner Ear to record what would become their debut Dischord release, the self-titled 7-song 12″ EP.

The only song from the demo session that was formally released was “In Defense of Humans”, which appeared on the State of the Union compilation in 1989. Now, some 26 years later, Dischord is releasing the entire first demo including the one song (“Turn Off Your Guns”) that wasn’t included on the original cassette.

This release also coincides with the completion of the initial round of uploads to the Fugazi Live Series website. Launched in 2011, the site lists and details all of Fugazi’s 1000+ performances and makes available close to 900 concert recordings that were documented by the band and by the public, as well as countless flyers, ticket stubs, posters, and photographs. After two years of work, all of the recordings in the band’s archive are finally posted.

1) Waiting Room
2) Merchandise
3) Furniture
4) Song #1
5) The Word
6) Bad Mouth
7) Break-In
8) Turn Off Your Guns
9) And the Same
10) In Defense of Humans
11) Joe #1


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Bands that changed a life Pt 2 – FUGAZI

Fugazi Dublin 1990 (pic by George Curran)

I’ve been thinking about this piece for a long time. How can I find the exact words to stress just how important FUGAZI were. Important in that they lead the way for my diy generation. I was involved in putting gigs in Dublin for a number of years. I played in a band and when it cam time to play gigs felt mthere was no point in sitting around waiting for things to happen. Be your own scene, create your own journey. We did this for a couple of years and when it came time to start complaingin abuit prices of gigs and why bands weren’t travelling over to Ireland the obvious step was to try and make it happen. This I did, with some friends. We got wind of a band touring Europe called FUGAZI. It was their first tour and and all we knew was that they had been in some pretty good bands previously.

IN todays instant world of knowledge the midst of time can get lost. We wanted to hear Fugazi so we had to source some US dollars, write a letter, post it off and wait. This was our fountain for music – tapes letters and meeting our friends face to face. We heard the three tracl demo and the next step was to start making phone calls to get this band over. After many calls and avenues the band finally heard about it and went for it. For this gig I decided to call this thing Hope Promotions. I asked Paddy who did the poster to put it on ut it didn’t even make there but it was the first official Hope gig. Our world then changed.
Fugazi led the way in that they were involved in every aspect of their art. Like a sculptor creating a piece who sources their own materials to put it on display FUGAZI needed to know where their gigs were on, ensure there was no age restrictions, ensure the door price and even who else was playing on the night. I used to write a fanzine and would always ask bands about the process of playing Dublin, most answers cam back that they have no control over where they play, they are just informed. FUGAZI were different, they had control and they pulled the strings. They returned to Ireland the following year and played to 550 people. When we were counting the money after the gig I took out the expenses for the venue and the associated costs and was ready to hand the band all the remaining money (which is the way it had been done for a couple of years – with smaller amounts of course) and ian McKaye took a portion out and handed back over IR£500 and said now go make things happen. This was monumental for us in Dublin. We could then accept bands over to play, knowing we could cover their ferry fare. I can’t stress how vital this was to our scene in Dublin. Irish punk history has been kind to Hope Promotions (and Hope Collective subsequently) but this display of sleflessness from one band from Washington DC played an immense part in it all.
And then there was their music. It was a blend of RUTS, riffs, rhythm, punk, funk, hardcore. SO hard to pin down and hopefully you are already familiar with their sound. If not I sincerely ask you to get to http://www.dischord.com and check them out. The band played over 1000 shows and these are all listed on http://www.dischord.com/fugazi_live_series The band are attempting to put as many of these gigs on the site available for download for $5 each or a price you deem fair.

Can’t say fairer than that


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