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Hope Show 114 – the lowdown

Hope Show 114 – the lowdown

Hope Show 114
1. The Catenary Wires – Intravenous
2. The Middle Ones – Young Explorer
3. Bis – Minimum Wage
4. Hooligan – No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs
5. Leatherface – Broken
6. The tickturds – Revolution
7. Wonk Unit – Wood Pigeon
8. Slaves – Sockets
9. Fights and Fires – You Don’t Always reap what you sow
10. Jeff Rosenstock – Eastern Coast
11. Bomb the music industry – Campaign for a better next weekend
12. No Monster Club – Arms across America
13. Black Mountain – Florian Saucer Attack
14. Mike and the Melvins – Limited Teeth
15. Joanna Gruesome – Lemonade Grrl
16. The Pukes – Jet Boy Jet Girl
17. Sissy – Sail and Rail
18. Southport – The Plasterers Song
19. Hard Left – Imagination
20. Don Dilego – Drive Like Pirates

Starting off tonights show with a niod to C86 indie pop and the sweet sounds of Sarah Records. Amelia Fletcher has had an illustrous career singing in pop bands, bands like Talulah Gosh, Heavenly and Marine Research. The Catenary Wires is her latest project, dreamy vocals and guitar

The Middle Ones have also got that sound, delicate pop vocals with a joyous energy. No need for drum and bass just an explosion of excitement

BIS came to Dublin soon after Heavenly in the 1990’s Their gig with Bikini Kill was one of those seminal moments in Dublin’s Underground history. They’ve a new album out and it harks back to that times.

Hooligan are form Dublin and their No Blacks, no dogs, no irish speaks of a time when Irish people were discriminated after leaving this country for a (better) future. it reminds me of the treatment many immigrants are getting now, people whose homes have been bombed, they have no home to leave or go back to. These people need our support and comfort, not our words of anger

Leatherface are just brilliant, can’t say fairer than that.

THe tickturds are from Colchester, they have a new cd out, chaotic to the max, this is from their 2014 release, Tickturdius Maximus.

Everywhere I look these days Wonk Unit are being mentioned, or maybe just appearing. Their latest cd, Nervous Racehorse, is on the excellent TNS records so I will forgive some of their unfunny jokes.

Wonk UNit are touring with Slaves in the UK, For every diy publication mentioning wonk unit there is some established music organ looking to praise Slaves, hard to believe they are a two piece, such is the power of their sound

Fights and Fires are a hardcore band from the UK, some great angry power songs

Jeff Rosenstock is a DIY music scene stalwart. He is coming to Dublin at the end of the month for what should be a great show. He has featured on many releases including this and Bomb the music industry. It is on Easter Sunday if you can drag yourself away from Easter Eggs

No Monster Club have a new record out, I have yet to get my hands on a physical copy but hope to have that rectified soon. Arms Across America is from their People are wierd album.

Known by many as stoner rock Black Mountain are from Vancouver, they have just released their fourth album. I don’t know what stoner rock means but I like this song

16 years ago Mike and the Melvins were supposed to release an albhum. The melivins got distracted as did godHead Silo’s bass player, Mike Kunka. Was it worth the wait? is anything worth waiting that long for?

The pUKEs ukelele punk is a perfect antidote from the rock testosterone that preceded it. Sometimes 20 members onstage at their chaotic gigs, mental but great fun

Sissy from Dublin sing about a subject that has taken a back seat since the recent general election but no doubt will gain traction, the 8th amendment of irelands constitution as the song takes Enya’s sail away on a different journey for a frightened girl leaving Ireland to the vast island of the UK for a medical procedure that is illegal in their home country

When Southport brought out their Southern Soul album I was blown away. it is such a good record but ignored by many. I travelled over to Bolton to see them and Stay Clean Jolene in a memorable gig. i wanted to say that new album you’ve just released is one of your best. Please keep playing. Spread the word. I tried, they listened but life has got in the way since. It is still a great album

Hard left are regulars on this show, singalong punk rock with a strong message

I decided to finish off todays show with a feel good song. Don Dilego plays alternative country but with a postive spirit. Just what we need in these challenging times

Be the change you want


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My Favourite Gig – Mike Schulman

This is the first in a weekly series all taken from Hope 2. The fanzine sees a collection of 70 contributors from the punk rock world.  All asked the same question

My Favourite Gig by Mike Schulman, Slumberland Records (also in Hard Left)

The Jesus & Mary Chain

Washington, DC in October 1985


“I’d have to say my favourite gig was seeing The Jesus & Mary Chain in Washington, DC in October 1985. I had been picking up the singles as they came out and had an import of the LP, as it hadn’t come out in the US yet. Those singles made a huge impression on me, to say the least. I was at university at the time and even cut classes for 3 or 4 days to just sit home and listen to “You Trip Me Up” on repeat when it came out. I had been a fan of punk, post-punk and pop music and by that point was also into no wave and noisier stuff ranging from Fire Engines to The Birthday Party. But I’d never heard anything quite those singles to blend it all into one, and I couldn’t get enough.


The sound was amazing, but the look was too – there were no American bands even remotely that cool.  So when they came to DC I was ready. I had been playing the singles a lot of my best mate Rob and he was a fan too. We got to the venue when the doors opened and staked out a spot stage front and centre. it seemed to take forever for the band to come on and I had little patience for the openers. I only remember one of them: noise band Peach of Immortality, who blew my left ear out that night. It’s never been the same. Finally the Mary Chain came on and it was everything I had hoped for. Not even all that loud, but driving and chaotic. They looked incredible – all black leather trousers, turtlenecks, leather jackets. I’d never seen anything like them. They were slightly older than me but infinitely cooler. The songs all sounded terrific, the Spector/VU/racket amalgam we all know so well now. The set was short and to the point, and I don’t remember any interaction with the crowd at all.


I went home that night changed somehow. As much as I had loved punk and it’s “have a go” ethic, I had never heard any music that I thought that I could make. And this was it. My mate Rob and I started a band the next day, which eventually grew into one of the original bands on my Slumberland label, which I still run to this day. I’ve been in a bunch of bands since, and it’s no exaggeration to say that I wouldn’t have done any of it without that one gig.”


Mike is also in Political Punk Mod band Hard Left, a hard mod band from members of Lunchbox, Fire Party, Boyracer and Black Tambourine. Hard Left wear their politics on their sleeves. Hard Left hearken back to the early days of punk to tell stories about NOW and to motivate the listeners. Hard Left is about action — lift every voice and chant, join arms and resist.

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