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Protomartyr – Under Color of Official Right

Under Colour of Official Right
Hardly Art


This is the second album from Protomartyr. 14 songs that emanate a post punk riff based sound. There’s touches of the Fall, Wire and maybe even Television but with a garagey background. Amongst it all is the baritone voice of Joe Casey. it doesn’t quite have the sneer of Mark E Smith or the dourness of Ian Curtis but Caseys voice has that almost monotone aspect. It provides the low in the mix accompaniment to the post punk guitar riffs. The 14 tracks all told take up 35 minutes there or thereabouts so you’re getting short sharp missives. At times the intstruments go off on a different journey to the voice in the songs, feeling like they are the speeding car as the pedestrian vocals walks along but they both reach their destination together. Although with tracks like Son of Dis or Scum, Rise! they motor together nicely. There are tunes at times, namely I stare at floors as Casey almost breaks his sneer to accompany the chords

Protomartyr wouldn’t have been out of place in Futurama festival of the late 70’s and early 80’s in Leeds. They could be from a northern english industrial town but instead it is the industrial heartland of Detroit that gave them their upbringing. It’s not going to be a record that brings smiles to your face but when that rain is falling this will sum up one of those days.

Track By Track
Maidenhead – indie jangle
Ain’t So Simple – maybe Joy Division post punk with a simple guitar riff and drum beat
Want Remover – heaview garage feel but still the baritone voice
Trust Me Billy – wire feel based on guitar riff,
Pagans – heavier song blasts off while vocals low in the mix playing catch up. The song is like the speeding car as the pedestrian walks along but they both reach their destination together
What the Wall Said – SLower trundling along, Fall vibe
Tarpeian ROck – spoken word
Bad Advice – stop start
Son of Dis – faster music whilst the voice almost breaks into a sweat, more sung than other songs
Scum, Rise! – garagey feel, more song like structure
I Stare At Floors – more chords than riffs
Come and See – a touch of elctro in parts, maybe Futurama fare
Violent – great vocal interaction
I’ll Take that Applause – reminds me of Wolfhounds


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Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys
Hardly Arts

I work in Computers. That means people think I do nothing all day long while I while away my time figuring out how to prevent virus’s getting on to people’s pc’s, or how to accuraterly prevent the 90% of emails that are spam from getting through, or why PC’s crawl for people when they all try to watch their favourite You tube videos.

One interresting aspect of the job (surely it is an action packed 8 hours daily filled with excitment you say?) is the fact that most days something new crops up. No I don’t know why that obscure font is showing on your word document and prints out as gobbledegook. Today my first was seeing a band release their third album as a self-titled. Usually that is the area for ground breaking debuts, not so with Jacuzzi Boys. Although it may as well be their debut as they’re new to me.

So what do they sound like? How does electric rock’n’roll sound to you? 11 songs of varying tempos but all getting back to that electro sound with a catchy riff in there somewhere. There’s always something to sing along to. Does anyone remember Bongwater? There’s bits in here that brings me back to those records. It’s the slightly eccentric electronic almost psychadelic feel in parts. Most of the way through this you will spend nodding your head along,just like me in work when asked to do something. They get a riff, something catchy and easy to remember – build it up with some keyboards and guitar and catchy lyrics as an accompaniment. It’s all harmless but enjoyable nonetheless.

If you like your job this is akin to a normal day – average with nothing spectacular. If you hate your job this will add to your day so give it a chance.

Song By Song – the lazy way

Be My Prism – electric rock’n’roll
Black Gloves – catchy sing along
Double Vision – gentle electro riff
Dust – dreamy electra
Rubble – heavier electronic sing along
Over The Zoom – mid paced
Guillotine – slight bongwater sound
Heavy Horse – bit more rock based
Hotline – direct
Domino Moon – short and sweet
Ultraglide – Psychadelic


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Hunx and His Punx – Street Punk

Hunx And His Punx
Street Punk
Hardly Art


Seth Bogart started Hunx and His Punx in 2008 and this is their third albm. Hunx is Seth’s alter ego and the Punx are two women playing obnoxious US hardcore with an almost riot grrl feel.

The first time I had coffee I spat it out and said why would people drink this garbage. There’s so many other hot drinks out there in the world. Street Punk reminded me of that time. Initially I found it awful. I wanted so much more. its basic u.s. nearly 80’s hardcore feel had me very interested. But the obnoxiousness? Does the world need another obnoxious record? Listening to songs about Bad Skin, Blondes, being a pussy is about as interesting to me as watching a soap opera on tv. However some of the music is compelling.

So I’m in a quandary here. I don’t know what to say or think. Hunx is Seth Bogart’s alter ego. Seth is making a statement, trying to be obnoxious in a world that causes him hardship as a gay man. Shannon Shaw and Erin Emslie are his punx and they want to scream, they wanna be in your face and they are sneering all through. There’s two great songs, You think You’re tough and I’m coming Back rocks with sing along songs. There’s other parts that remind me of LA punk in a great time for LA punk if only they wanted to sing about something different!

Maybe they’re of a different era but the world they find obnoxious still exists and maybe that’s the real shame.


Lazy way
Bad SKin – obnoxious
Everyone’s a Pussy – and why?
You Think Yoy’re tough – great track, bikini kill playing the germs?
Born Blonde Hair Die – Song about a Hair Dye?
I’m COming Back – Punk rock us style
Mud IN Your Eyes – I wanna keep playing this
Street Punk – Communist eyes and Liberal Guys sung to perfection
Don’t Call Me Fabulous – rasps at ya
Rat Bag – from the gutter
Egg Radi on Mojo – Early Beastie Boys Cover, fast and direct
KIll Elaine – Riot grrl with that loud raw punk sound
It’s Not Easy – It’s not easy being me, bluesy, rocky and filler?

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