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Hope Show 31 – the lowdown

Hope show 31 – playlist
1. Theatre of Hate – Do you believe in the Westworld
2. Mice – Jess
3. Middle Ones – O.M.C.
4. Allo Darlin – Silver Dollars
5. Fugazi – Break
6. Deathfix – Dali’s House
7. The Shorts – Bring Me the head of Bear Gryllis
8. Pilger – dissatisfied
9. Geoffrey Oicott – Cricket Bat Out of hell
10. Flies On You – Shipmansesque
11. The Fall – Jam Song
12. Torche – Snakes Are Charmed
13. Good Luck – Contact
14. The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
15. Dauntless elite – It Takes A Ship To Sail
16. Southport – Kings
17. Glimmermen – Travellin’ Man
18. The Flatliners – July! August! Reno!
19. Black Flag – TV Party

lowdown on tonight’s show

I will never forget when theatre of hate played in mcgonagles in dublin. I looked on with such jealously when my brothers left my home to go out that night. I pleased with them to take me and to my mam to pretend that i was 5 years older and let me go. It was not to be. Do You believe in the westworld is from a greatest hits/best of album and is a great introduction to kirk and his troops.

Im not sure where this mice album has come from. Thats the probelme with downloads. It is a collection of peoples names, I played Jess but it could have just as easily been dan or diane. All I have is the Mice_album. Maybe you know more.

I saw the Middle Ones play with Allo Darlin’ in London a couple of years ago. I was delighted to see their tape release rececntly and it is a joyous adventure. As are Allo Darlin . Silver Dollars is a great song that sums up my attitude to music. “We do it because we love it”

Fugazi need absolutely no introduction. In the week when Minor Threat t-shirts are now on sale in Urban Outfitters and stories are doing the rounds about Ian McKayes worth being $25million (he didn’t accummulate that by not buying Minor Threat t-shirts did he?), it is worthe remembering the legacy Fugazi havbe left on independent music. A hugely important and positive leegacy

Deathfix feature Brendan Cany from Fugazi. It is his new venture and of course it is on Dischord. Dali’s House is 8 minutes long. Imagine that 1 song – 8 minutes.

Thankfully the shorts bring us back to earth with a short sharp 1 minute 2 second ditty from their new 7″ out now on Suspect Device records, followed swiftly by Pilger, The shorts predecessors

Keeping with the short sharp punk is Geoffrey Oicott (Cricket) Bat Out Of Hell is a clever name for a song so why not play it…… In the next few weeks I will have an interview with Aston from Boss Tuneage so no doubt we will talk about geoffreys perceived humour

Flies On You have a new ep out, re-mixes of songs from their album mainly. They did their first gig last week and by all means it was a success

The Fall played McGonagles a week after Theatre of Hate. Who’d have thought they’d be going 30 years later with a new album

Torche are playing Dublin soon . I’m lookiong forward to it,this album kind of reminds me of Seaweed.

I stumbled across Good Luck’s Without Hesitation album a few weeks ago. I was in All ages Records and it said they were ex-weakerthans. That and being on No IDea was a good introduction. I wish I wasn’t two years too late with this album. It’s class. Buy it

Weakerthans are Canadian and have a charm about them. I saw them in manchester a few years ago and they were delightful. Pop songs sung with a conscience, always a hit.

The Dauntless Elite should get more attention than they do. Their two albums have both got great songs. It Takes a ship to sail is from the graft lp.

I love the new Southport album . It is a great accompaniment on the bike journey to work. when there’s no podcasts to fill my head Southern Sould is there to fill the gap. Kings is one of 11 winners on the album

Glimmermen are releasing their new lp next week. if you’re around support them. I won’t be as I will be punking it out at rebellion but if i was close by I would be there for sure. I am very much looking forward to seeing the flatliners there. I will be screaming shouting and wishing the world was a better place.

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what difference does a fortnight make

So I go away for 2 weeks and purposely avoid news. I had great excitement in store when I sat down after a 2 week drought (no not the weather damn you, but that is all over the print) to absorb what has happened in my absence.

Frozen Blackberries are carrying hepatitis A, one down for the vegans. Mad Cow disease was found in Beaumount hospital, 1-1 unfortuntaley it could have been passed on to anyone operated on with the same utensils, 2-1

Former Taoiseach Sean Lemass accidentally killed his 2 year old brother in 1916, current Minister of State for Jobs owes €2.5 million along with his wife, to Danske Bank. At least they know what it feels like for the thousands of householders unable to pay back their debt. In the meantime the National debt has risen, despite all the Austerity measures (watch that story grow before the budget) and political parties have been having a right old spat over abortion legislation that the people voted by referendum to have enacted over 20 years ago…….

Unions have been quietly creeping over the line for Haddington Road agreement in the face of legislation to cut their pay and implement longer hours. Surely this is the most anti-worker act since trade unions have entered into the negotiating world. Oh hang on, ireland is yet to enact legislation guaranteeing a worker access to a trade union. The referendum to abolish the Seanad is being held in October, hopefully there will be a date on its abolition so either way the people can decide. The Senators and TDs have all gone on Summer holidays from Leinster House. They held their end of term parties in various establishments around the area. Thankfully no newspapers had front page pictures from 2 in the morning which would have been the case for Junior cert students. There was some stories over antics in the Dail after some drinking (but not excessive mind you) during the debate on Abortion legislation. Strange that people can so openly drink on the job as they decide the laws of the country.

There may be a new political party, maybe 2 one on the right and one for equilibrium on the left. Really nothing has changed austerity is still the buzz word.

The sun gets mentioned everywhere, people just can’t handle it shining, it even made the editorial of the Irish Times.

Thankfully peace talks continue in Colombia and may resume between Israel and palestine. Overall a quiet period eh? I just dont want to mention Anglo Irish Bank and the billions of euro in its entrails.


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Hope Show 28 – the lowdown


1. Deathfix – Playboy
2. Wugazi – Killa Hill
3. Sage Francis – Jah Didn’t Kill Johnny
4. A Death In The Family – SOmethings Out of Tune
5. Pilger – Disatisfied
6. Against ME – Slurring the Rhythms
7. Shorebirds – Upside Down
8. Bedford Fall – Whos Coat is that Jacket?
9. Dillinger Four – Fired Side Chat
10. Buzzcocks – Promises
11. Andy Moor – Alex
12. Heathers – Whats Your Damage
13. Billy Bragg – There Is Power iN A Union
14. Shadowy Men On Shadowy Planet – (Relax) You will think You are a chicken
15. Atom ANd His Package – Thresholds to Adult Living
16. restarts – Frustration
17. Paranoid Visions – Poles Apart
18. Holy Rollers – Ride My Sky
19. Seein’ Red – I hate You
20. The Redneck Manifesto – Smile More
21. Hard Skin – That’s Bollocks Mate

I will be honest I am only listening to Deathfix because they are on Dischord and feature Brendan Canty on drums. I am glad I’ve come across them as their new self tiled album is a joy to listen to, not my usual punk rock fix and more in line with Medications than Rites of Spring but joyful in these not so joyful times. Wugazi is what the kids call a mash up. Wu Tang Clan and Fugazi – Killa Hill is some such mash up

I first heard of Sage Francis when my friend John introduced him to me by advising me to go and see him in Whelans. Hip hop and vegetarian and a fan of Johnny Cash, what’s not to like? Johnny cash dying was a bit like a Death In The Family. I never knew him, didn’t listen to him that much but like Joe Strummer he seemed on our side. I could be wrong, I hope I’m not. Somethings Out of Tune is from their This Microscopic War album which is worth 45 minutes of your long life.

Pilger are from Southampton and 2 of them are in the Shorts. I got the Shorts 7″ during the week but couldn’t get it digital in time for the show so I’ve gone with a dedication to them with disatisfied by Pilger.

I will never forget the first time I saw Against Me live. It was such an uplifting experience. We roared together and were ready to take on the world. Thankfully I didn’t jump on their train as it crashed along the way (with their New Wave album, I would suggest) but As the Eternal Cowboy is and always will be a classic album and a sign of how we can change the world.

Shorebirds have people who used to be in Latterman and Jawbreaker. That’s a recommendation in itself. The album It’s Gonna Get Ugly is worth a show in itself so for tonight I went with Upside Down. It’s on the excellent Yo-Yo records. Bedford Falls have a slight Jawbreaker Feel but more
replacements to be honest. They’ve 2 albums and this is from their Savings And Loan album on Boss Tuneage . I hope to be interviewing Aston who runs this label in a couple of weeks.
Dillinger Four are always worth a listen – anthemic punk rock. Situationist Comedy is one of their best albums and fired-Side Chat doesn’t disappoint.

I attended ICTU BDC this week in Belfast and was reminded of this Buzzcocks song. Promises is dedicated to the trade union movement.

We shouldn’t loose the faith however and Andy Moor from the EX and Dog Faced
Hermans brings me back. This is from his Marker album which his solely Andy and his guitar. Two people who play guitar and sing are Heathers from Dublin. They seem to be everywhere in Ireland since their song was used in a Bord Failte ad but What’s Your Damage is a reminder of how good that debut album Here, Not There really was.

Billy Bragg reminds me again no to loose the faith and tells us all there is power in a union. I went to Canada years ago and discovered Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet. Surf Music they call it. Has me surfing in my chair. Atom and His Package has that surfy breezy feel with songs that mean something without you even knowing it. Restarts are always singing about something – frustration sums up my week. Holy Rollers were amazing when they played Barnstormers in Dublin in the early 90’s. I was going through some of my vinyl yesterday and they kept appearing. This is Ride My sky from their self-titled album.
Seein Red are the second band of the show from the Netherlands and I hate you is dedicated to FEMPI legislation which means all public servants in Ireland must know work longer days from July 1.

The Redneck Manifesto remind me to Smile More and you can’t but smile listening to them or Hard Skin who are ending off tonights show. Thanks for listening and all that. Keep on Keeping On

niall hope

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ICTU BDC Day 3 July 2013

Day 3

Day 3 ICTU conference July 2013

“History will look back on this being a defining conference for the trade union movement” David Begg told us at the end of this session. A session that saw a further 14 motions pass almost unanimously, including 2 emergency ones. I don’t think that is the history defining moment the General Secretary of congress meant. Nope, it is the motion that allows ICTU to look at the way the trade union movement is organised. This could see a streamlining in the number of unions in this country but it still needs us to address the issues facing working (and increasing numbers of unemployed) people.

Derek Keenan from ICTU youth committee explained that the “demographic time mob is exploding as young people are not becoming members. Sections of youth identify more with Michael o’Leary than 1913. The era of Social Partnership has allowed our movement to become self serving. the movement needs to show a radical way. It is imperative that we become relevant to young workers.”

Today we heard that the extent of casualisation in the workforce is unsettling. It’s not just in areas like retail. Where people may get a minimum wage but don’t work enough hours to earn a living wage. The teaching profession sees “employers lying for loopholes to avoid contracts” so the TUI told us. Teachers are working on zero hours contracts, they are experiencing bullying in the workplace and it suddenly seems a different profession. IBOA general secretary Larry Broderick spoke eloquently on the banking profession. It seems that the banks are out for three things, Larry told us.
1/ Screw customers
2/ screw staff
3/ screw the country.
Recent calls for a banking enquiry ring hollow for the IBOA as they have Ben calling for it for years.

There were more calls for us to “Apportion blame for what has happened to those responsible. Develop the toolkit through NERI.” Eoin Ronayne from CPSU told us. “If Govt aren’t listening then we need to look at how we are doing business.

David Evans, president of TUC in Wales, paired a similar story, only the Welsh assembly aren’t looking to privatise services. “People are struggling and day to day communities see this crisis worsen.

And then we came to what could have been the elephant in the room. FEMPI or Financial Emergency Measures Provision Act . Jimmy kelly from unite explained “govt agrees here is a war going on and this is an opportunity to unite the organisation” Eoin Ronayne exclaimed “this is nota public sector issue. It is incumbent on the movement to see the repeal of this legislation. What is next?” Dave Hughes from INMO was similar speaking about precedent. “Every negotiation will have this threat”. And so it continued, speaker after speaker bemoaning the fact that govt legislated and this needs to be repealed. “This is akin to blackmail” said Pat King of ASTI. Even unions who voted yes to croke park 2 were in agreement. PSEU’s Tom Geraghty was windering why this was needed as unions will be in Haddington Road, however “the sort of change we will be seeking is through sheer hard work of trade union leadership”

The issue of Private v Public Sector arose and words were used to deal with it. One only hopes that “best strategy is the be united under one agreement” or when an injury to a “shop worker is akin to an injury to a nurse is akin to an injury to a building worker is akin to a teacher” will really be the case when we get back to the reality of dealing with our employers.

Conference continued in the vein of suggesting a united trade union movement in the future. Many questions were raised, a lot of discussion around how to get people involved. The best answer is to try and involve them. Engage with the membership and they will feel you are relevant, be involved in communities, let people see that this organisation representing 800,000 people (and their families) is a real social movement. We can become the media, start with blogs and twitter and social media. Work into union mags, work towards a newspaper, create your own tv.

As NIPSA put it so much better than me “There is still an echo of Jim Larkin in our movement and still some fight. We are facing a significant fight. We have to change direction and not accept any more attacks”


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