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Headcleaner Irish tour 1993

Feb 24 1993 Headcleaner, Holemasters Barnstormers
Feb 28 1993 Headcleaner, Slunk, Flexihead Barnstormers

Headcleaner used many of the contacts they had made to organise an Irish tour. I loved their enthusiasm. They were willing to travel anywhere for a gig. They became regular visitors to the country and struck up many friendships. They may not be a big-name band or hugely popular but they were able to visit many parts of Europe on free holidays and have a great time doing so. Not as many bands looked to come over this year.

We were happy with that as my health was starting to improve and Miriam, Pat, Joe and I were trying to find a premises. We had an idea that it would be good to have our own place for gigs and tried to figure out the best way  of making it happen. Finance came into the equation so we decided to start a coop and look at ways of getting funding. We expanded the idea into a café and saw that you could readily obtain grants to run a business.

Everything was flowing except the main ingredient: a suitable premises. Because we were getting funding everything had to be above board. Therefore any prospective place had to meet all the necessary health regulations (or have the ability to meet them). We spent a lot of time putting together business plans, setting up a co-operative and putting together the relevant paperwork for grants. Many afternoons were spent over coffee discussing the price of potatoes.

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This Weeks News Jan 22



Punk for Shan

The punk rock community is good for many things and many of these involve helping others when they are down. As the organisers of Punk for Shan say “Folks this is a fundraiser gig for a young girl suffering from a rare form of cancer. She needs our financial support pronto! If ya can spare some of your hard earned cash it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.”

Playing on the night are Blood or Whiskey, the Lee Harveys, Blackpitts, Orrka, The
Craic, – Doors Open 8pm Admission only €10


Also happening this week  are the latest Right 2 Water demonstrations around the country.  If you’re in Ireland on Saturday afternoon, there’s one near you


Gigs this week

Jan 22 – Punk for Shan – Blood or Whiskey, the Lee Harveys, Blackpitts, Orrka, The
Craic, Fibbers

Jan 23 – Right 2 Water Demonstrations, Nationwide

Jan 23 – Stronghold + Hollow Truth + No biggie, Tentehooks, Newmarket Square

Jan 24 – Luke Winslow King, Whelans

Jan 28 – Paddy Hanna, Whelans

Jan 29 – Discharge + Kluster Fux + Hollow Cost, Voodoo Lounge

Jan 29 – The Lowest Form+ The Number Ones + Disguise, Tenterhooks

Jan 29 – Polish hip-hop JWP PC + Unitum (Cork), Bulbens & Zibster, Gruby & Krissu, SWS (Studio Własnym Sumptem) oraz Dj’e Funk’ B, Laura P, Ivan

Jan 30 – Sleaford Mods.Invisible Britain- Dublin Screening – IFI

Jan 30 – The Dead Goats + Nuclear Holocust = more, Fibber Magees

Jan 30 – Lanterns On The Lake, Workmans Club

February 5-7 – Quarter Block Party is a three day music and arts festival in Cork City

Feb 6 – Kluster Fux + SFU, Suckin’ Diesel + The Divils, Kluster Fux album launch, On
The Rox

Feb 7 – An evening with Greg Dulli (Afghan Wihigs), Whelans

Feb 9 – Rozi Plain, Workmans Club

Feb 12 – Frank Turner + Sleeping Souls, The Academy

Feb 12 – Cian Nugent + The Cosmos, Grand Social

Feb 12 – Pleasure Beach, Workmans Club

Feb 13 – Richie Ramone, Vodoo Lounge

Feb 14 – Suicidal Tendencies, The Academy

Feb 14 – August Wells, The Workmans Club

Feb 17 – Kataklysm+ eptic Flesh + Aborted,Voodoo Lounge

Feb 19 – Jungbluth + Bacchus, Tenterhooks

Feb 20 – Verse Chorus Verse, The Workmans Club

March 3 – Lee Scratch Perry, The Academy

March 5 – The Cult, Vicar Street

March 5 – The Vincent(s) – Workmans Club

March 10 – The Wonder Stuff, the Academy

March 11 – The Lee Harveys + Blackpitts – Make Music Not Way, The Thomas House

March 18 – The Marianees, Workmans Club

March 22 – Battles, Button factory

March 13 – Cradle of Filth, The Academy

March 31 – Protomartyr, The Workmans Club

April 2 – Peter Hok and the Light perform New Order’s Low-Life and Brotherhood, with
opening Joy Division Set, The Academy

April 2 – The Meatboides, The Workmans Club

April 8 – Tobi Kar, The Workmans Club

April 23 – Red Alert + Takers and Users, the Kluster fux + Suckin’ Diesel, On The Rox

April 27 – The Gories + Number Ones + Sissy, Grand Social

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