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Play of the Day – Kimberley Steaks

Kimberley Steaks – To Live and Die in West Scotland.

I reviewed this a while back but in case you didn’t check them out at the time here’s the album, West Scots influenced by San Fran punks


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Kimberley Steaks – Live And Die in West Scotland

Kimberley Steaks
Live and die in West Scotland
Make That A Take Records

The latest collection from Dundee punkers Kimberley Steaks. Very much early East Bay Sound. It couild be Green Day, maybe Crimpshrine, maybe Fuel or Jawbreaker but most definitely their Scotish cousins. 12 songs dealing with loss and despair and a sense of hopelesness that you’d hope they hang out with LaChance to keep some positivity going.

Short punchy songs from the city that Voted yes to Scotland’s independance. The peoples republic of Dundee eh?

Check it out


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