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Rebellion top 5’s pt 1

Top 5 moments from Rebellion 2012

The anti-fascist sing songs from Los Fastidios, the Filaments and Hard Skin – whilst it may have been less prevalent than in recent years there is still a small number of people who believe themselves to be superior due to the colour of their skin. This year there was some great sing along moments and three stand outs are from bands who actively proclaim themselves as anti-fascist. It is with great irony that I stood amongst 1500 people proclaiming at the top of my straight edge voice the hard skin anthem “We’ve still got beer”

Neville Staples looking after his daughter. One thing about punk is the anti-hero sentiment prevalent in many songs. Both SLF and Neville Staples proclaimed from the stage “Everyone is Someone” and how true that is. everyone is someones son or daughter and for many attending rebellion they also have duties as parents. Whilst it was heartening to see a large number of kids in attendance with their guardians it was great to see Neville looking out for his daughter in the crowd as near 2,000 people were skanking along to doesn’t make it alright. She was up the front having a great time – her first punk gig. Meanwhile Neville was slightly uneasy but not letting it get to his performance

Literary Stage – it was great to hear the history of punk being spoke by people who were there in 77. Slaughter and the Dogs gave a great insight into Manchester of the day, Viv Albertine spoke educationally about London, John King spoke of the influence of punk rock his writings and Pete from the Lurkers spoke of their travels.
This really ought to be filmed and made available for all as John Robb asked just the right questions to tease out the stories from the history makers.

The MOB were haunting in the Pavillion. It was a superb venue for them, maybe 400 capacity and their harrowing sound was perfect for it. An amazing intense set that belied their years and who could believe that album was over 20 years ago

The Acoustic Stage is a gem – many classics are unearthed every year. This time around it was my introduction to Ginger Wildheart. I was simply amazed to see so many people singing along and having a great time, knowing every song, anticipating every move.

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Still rebellion – day 2

After the late end to last night rejoicing the wonder of the buzzcocks I had to pace myself a bit better today. I also had to get to Bloomfield road to score my ticket for evertons trip to Blackpool on Sunday.

I got back in time to see John robb talking to Tom hingley. Tom was the lead singer of inspiral carpets and has many a good story. He also plays a great acoustic set. Of course he talked so much today he missed his slot and pog who were on next and Perkie after that couldn’t be expected to miss theirs so Tom couldn’t play. I found comfort in the fact that he is back in Dublin in September so will see him then.

I remember HDQ playing in mcgonagles in the 80’s and was completely blown away by their stage presence. Much like the instigators from that same era the band moved and jumped around stage like it was an Olympic gymnastic event. The years have taken their toll but it was nice to see that brand of energy once more. Andy T was a different type of energy, he ranted over punk tunes but always had a message. It was exciting to see him and the mob. Unfortunately I missed out on Hagar the womb but the mob made up for it. Full of menace and vigour. I closed my eyes and had the gatefold 7″s in my hand whilst singing along. “No doves fly here” was poignant. Hopefully the tribe increased yesterday.

Paranoid visions and acoustic is similar to peanut butter and jam. Whenever I ask for that on my bagel I tend to receive strange glances however it’s great. You should try it just like the visions have embraced the acoustic. Well not all them. It was so noticeable that deko was not there spitting out the venom. 30 years of the visions and this must have been a first. No deko on stage! He saw a bit of them and then headed off to see Chelsea. Their set was refreshing, after 30 years that is great to hear.

There is a certain attitude that goes with some people in bands. My best phrase for it is the rock star attitude. It is one that my punk is the opposite of. People in bands could quite easily be in the crowd watching. Anyone can be in a band, everyone should try it. It mightn’t work for us all but you can have fun trying. That’s what makes punk relevant to me. You could be the vocalist, the fanzine writer, the promoter, the guitarist, sound engineer or the paid up punter. None are more important than the others. So when I see bands troop on stage after someone tunes their guitars and places their water in the correct place I get worried. I’ve seen a few bands like that today and that’s not my punk rock. I don’t feel part of their community. However when I see Lost Fastidios and 7 Seconds I am with them. Together we can take on the world. Together we can do anything. Tonight we sing along and it is glorious. Highlights for sure. Citizen fish not far behind there too. These are my rebellion, with tv smith playing along and John robb narrating.

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