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Quicksand Irish tour 1991

Feb 24 1991 Quicksand Bolton St
Feb 24 1991 Quicksand, Sloth Charlie’s
Feb 25 1991 Quicksand, Skin Horses, Afflicted Grattan

Quicksand - Bolton St 2

Quicksand – Bolton St (pic by George Curran)


Christy Colcord in England was a contact for many American bands who wanted to tour Europe. She heard about what we were doing through a friend of hers in Belfast and
rang to ask if QUICKSAND could come over. They had released one 7″ on Revelation Records and featured people who used to be in New York bands Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today. No matter what bands they had been in before, we would still have put on the gig – if they were willing to travel, we were happy to give them a place to stay.

However, after hearing the music of Quicksand we were very happy to have accommodated them. By now Bolton Street college were offering to do gigs and Fran in Kildare asked about putting bands on Saturday evening. A band could feasibly play Charlie’s in the afternoon and drive the short distance to Kildare for a gig that night. It meant a lot more work for the band but it also gave them a greater chance to cover their costs of travelling over to Ireland. Julia and others in Belfast got the Belfast Gig Collective going so bands could travel up there on a Sunday for a gig.

There was a Thursday – Tuesday special offer on the car ferry so it proved cost effective to come over to Ireland on a Thursday night/Friday morning to play Friday lunch, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Evening, Sunday evening and finally  Monday again (usually in Dublin). Quicksand availed of this offer. 120 people were at the Charlie’s gig – the venue wasn’t packed but many, many more say they were here.

Quicksand - Bolton St 1

Quicksand (pic by George Curran)



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Comrades – We Got This

We Got This

Fast and full on punk rock. Blistering and angry with dual vocals and angry lyrics. Is there a correlation between anger and not caring? Comrades want to confront, they want to curse and spit and defecate if they feel like it. Or so their lyrics say.

“This town I call my home
Home is where the hate begins
At the bottom of your clean soul
Lies a little bit of sin”

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what they are getting at here. It’s snarled at you and it sounds like comrades are proud to sing and live in the gutter. New York is perfectly suited to be their home. They couldn’t do it in ireland. Paranoid visions are positively pleasant in comparison.

There’s 9 songs of such vitriol and it does start to wear a bit thin but then their power brings you back in however “don’t shop, shop lift” is one mantra for changing the world. The second half has the angry lyrics but with acoustic backing

Overall the empty anger is a bit disappointing but there’s something that makes me want to sing along when they say “I hope I get what I deserve” we all do really


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