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React Benefits – Dublin 1991

May 23 1991 Ogre, Shred, Stone Pony, Tension – Fox + Pheasant
May 30 1991 Grown Ups, Onion Breath, Jam Jar Jail, Pet Lamb – Fox + Pheasant

React was 7 issues old and had grown to 2000 copies per month. It was now being printed by Atko-print, Miriam’s cousin. He had his own printing business. He also  printed some fanzines out of his sister’s garage. Since the second Fugazi gig, there had been a fund that we used whenever there was a surplus or deficit at gigs. All ‘Hope’ gigs were not-for-profit in that any money made could be used for other projects. This could be used to help cover a band’s costs at a gig without being completely dependent on the numbers of people attending. Other projects became “loans” to fanzines to help them print their first issues. They then paid back the money out of fanzine sales if they could. Printing React cost money which ads from the record shops Freebird and Comet didn’t cover.

As React was a tool for publicizing gigs it used some of the ‘Hope’ fund but I felt awkward taking money every month. I was building up a list of interested people that would get REACT and fliers for impending gigs – a mailing list. I asked people to take out a 6-month subscription for £2 and got about 75 replies. That paid for one issue but it also meant that people would get their copies posted; therefore, money needed to be found. As an aside to the regular afternoon Charlie’s events I asked bands that had previously  asked for gigs to play a benefit for REACT.

Two weeknights in the Fox + Pheasant were organised. Bands were willing and some people went. However there was a mix-up  over a drum kit at this first gig and Ger, from Tension, really complained about the whole thing. I suppose this gig and the fact they played to 20 people the previous month didn’t enamour ‘Hope’ to them. A low point.

I don’t remember thanking the bands who did these two benefits. If not I apologise and am grateful they took the time out to play and support REACT for no monetary gain.

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Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH – Dublin 1992

March 19 1992

Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH


I was thrilled when Spermbirds asked to come over. They had been going for a few years and I suppose I always viewed them as a “big” band, in that they wouldn’t need Hope Promotions if they wanted to play Ireland. Robbie Foy was now booking the Attic. He found a new venue called Barnstormers on Capel Street. He bought a P.A., put it in there, and was ready to hire it out to bands. Barnstormers was owned/run by Hells Angels so some noise and people who looked a little bit “different” was fine by them. Looking back Barnstormers was the start of a new era for Hope: Charlie’s was gone for the foreseeable future; and the Attic, the Fox and the Grattan were all unsuitable if 100 people were at the gig or if one person wanted to dance.

Barnstormers could hold 200 people and it was on the ground floor, a concrete floor. People could dance the night away if they wished. Spermbirds was a great introductory gig for Robbie and Barnstormers. We took in £425 at the door, the Spermbirds got £240 and everyone seemed happy. My memories of this are of crowd surfing, a little trouble, and looking over the sea of heads from the back of Barnstormers thinking something is RIGHT here. It was refreshing to see people coming to gigs after the early “disasters” in the year.

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Slunk Irish tour 1992

Jan 20 1992 Slunk, Tension Barnstormers
Jan 21 1992 Slunk Bolton St.
Jan 24 1992 Slunk, Onion Breath, Arnheim Fox + Pheasant

Slunk wrote to me and asked about coming over. They were really persistent and I admired their ethic. They just wanted to play music and see as many places as possible. A record shop in Arklow, Co Wicklow had been taking copies of React and James, the manager of the shop, said he could get a venue to put on gigs there.
He asked if there were any bands interested in travelling to Arklow. I immediately passed the word on to Slunk and they were very keen. Anhrefn were also coming over to do some gigs in Belfast and Cork (they had made their own contacts since their first trip to Ireland) so they played Arklow on the night as well.

The Dew Drop Inn in Kill were unwillingto do more gigs and the person who was doing all the work there was tiring of it. Hence Arklow became the new Kill. About an hour’s drive from Dublin, it was possible to get bands to play in the city on Saturday afternoon and then, circumstances allowing, head down for another gig that  evening. Unfortunately however, Charlie’s lost interest in afternoon gigs and the manager decided to renovate the bar and to stop gigs for a while.

Slunk also got to play in the Anarchy Night Café with Tension. The people running the club were more than willing to allow a travelling band to play on the night. They paid whatever they could afford at the end to the evening. Slunk’s tour was rounded off by a gig in Bolton Street and trips to Cork and Belfast as well as an appearance at the Fox And Pheasant – 6 gigs in 6 days.

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Life But How To Live It, Dirt, Onion Breath, Female Hercules – Dublin 1993


March 6 1993

Life But How To Live It, Dirt, Onion Breath, Female Hercules

Mulligans Bar


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