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Another Epic Record

Epic Problem


Boss Tuneage




I have raved about Epic Problem many times in the past and hope to be able to do in the future. They mark this 2015 with a compilation of releases from the previous 4 years. 17 songs from varioius ep’s since 2011

All tracks have that gruff vocal over fast guitar riff. All belters, coming at you fast paced and joyful. Right from the off we have the blistering guitar of Petrol Blue with Jake McCullogh proclaiming that “it’s a long way down” but then Blindside would have to move even those busking statues on many busy town streets. If they didn’t move during Blindside then Lines would have them jumping up and “whoaaaaaaaa-ing” as musch as any 7 seconds fan.

How can you say this is a classic in a way that doesn’t feature those words. Short, sharp, snappy anthems that are top top class.


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Luvdump – Age of Austerity

Age of austerity (Pumpkin Records)


As someone born in 68 and introduced to music by punk rock I grew up with the protest song. That could have been the clash, the jam, crass or new model army bands seemed to have something to say about the state we lived in.

Of course that has continued but in a much more private way. Two things the recession has thought us is that
1) we were right to argue for a better way and
2) the art of protest is not dead.

Slowly bands are starting to sing about it once more and luvdump are shining the red and black light. Conflict like they pull no punches. Culture shock like they blend ska with these harsh words. Propoghandhi like they scream and about and plea for us to join them

Keep protesting and believe in making things different. Otherwise we’ve lost


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