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Hope Show 107 – The Rundown

Hope show 107

1. Roughneck Riot – Need I remind you
2. Absolutist – Sleepless Tension
3. Ultramantis Black – Oil and Gas
4. Crookshanks – Merit Roll
5. The Ground is lava – Good Talk, Russ
6. Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – I am Hungry
7. Pissed Jeans – Closet Marine
8. Newtown Neurotics – Newtown People
9. Kleenex – Heidis Head
10. Tragical History Tour – Rebel Girl
11. Bis – Sweetshop Avengers
11. Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You
12. Common Rider – Firewall
13. Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid
14. Jawbreaker – I Love you so much it’s Killing Us
15. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Coma Girl
16. The Specials – Doesn’t Make It Alright
17. Hooligan – No Blacks No Dogs No Irish
18. Vic Chesnutt – You Are never Alone

Starting off the first show of the new year with the Roughneck riot from their excellent Out of anger record out now on TNS records. This is the bands third album and sees the sound expanding but losing none of their anger. Up next are Irish hardcore band Absolutist with Sleepless Tension from their . Keeping up the power set are ultramantis black from the full on album on Relapse Records. Ultramantis Black is a pro wrestler that has decided to spread his vegan and environmentalism message through music and has teamed up with Pissed Jeans to produce a full on onslaught,

Changing the mood a little is the more emotional tunes of, the now departed, Crookshanks, from Ohio, USA who pay homage to Harry Potter in their name and the Ground Is Lava who are as positive as ever with the line “The New Year Doesn’t Erase Old Problems, It creates New Ones”

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads from their recent 7″ stay home and Pissed Jeans with Closet Marine take it out to the garage with the Newtown Neurotics bringing back the punk from their recent live album triumph over adversity and Newtown People telling the tale of people living in endless maze of concrete which symbolised new housing estates built in the 70’s + 80’s when the state started to give up on social housing.

Kleenex, from Swededn, are 7 lives away from being cats. They have had 2 incarnations, like so many bands form the 70’s period therer has been a rejuvenation in interest. With Kleenex it was was Kill Rock Stars in the 90’s to accompany their 70’s time with Rough Trade. Kleenex would have been influential in Bikini Kills progress so that gives me reason to play the Tragical History Tour’s versoin of Rebel Girl. The gig in Dublin featuring Bis, Bikini Kill and Team Dresch desevedly goes down as one of the more memorbale diy gigs in our city. I remember the pa heaving in Charlies as the sardines in Charlies were celebrating Bis on the day. Scary but very very fun

Juno is one of my favourite films and I still listen to its soundtrack, Anyone Else But You is the theme tune. I was talking during the week to someone who hated Operation Ivy, it got me thinking about the band as it was the first time I had heard such an opinion, sure there’s people who don’t think much but this was an informed opinion – it made me take out the old records and my thoughts are very musch the same, I’m glad I have the t-shirt. jesse Michaels went on to play in Common Rider whose This Is Unity music album stands the test of time

As do the Trouble Pilgrims with their homage to the Man On Dublins O’Connell Bridge who took pictures of couples as they made their way from one side of the city to the other. Trouble Pilgrims have spawned from the Radiators with a lifetime of music and work in between.

Jawbreaker paid a couple of visits to Dublin in the 90’s and they were some gigs. Memorable songs.

I can’t believe it has been thirteen years since Joe Strummers passing, thirteen sad years. As these years pass and we all move one day older each day it has been a sad week for loss. John Bradbury from the Specials was a particularly sad one and Doesn’t Make It Alright is in his memory. What a first album that Specials album is, nearly up there with the Clash.

Dublin’s Hooligan grew up listening to the Clash and many others. This is from their EP released three years ago

With all the talk of memorials and of people passing and with the Ground Is Lava talking about the New year not erasing old problems I wanted to end on a respectful note for those not with us and those left behind. Vic Chesnutt died 6 years ago to an overdose but the music stays with us and his message of “Keep on keeping on” is one to let everyone be aware of.

“Keep on keeping on”

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Hope Show *82 the lowdown

Hope Show *82 the lowdown

1. dope body – intro
2. Hands Up Who Wants To Die – No Big Deal
3. Slow science – False Start
4. Action Beat + GW Sok – Dig The Hole
5. Luvdump – No Borders
6. Freebase – FAFY
7. Anti Corpos – Despertar
8. Good Throb – Dog Food Dick
9. Protomartyr – Scum, Rise!
10. The Walking Targets – There’s Nothing Like Indecision
11. King Champion Sounds – The Year 500
12. USA Nails – Sonic Moist
13. Baby Ghosts – Ghost Privilege
14. So Cow – The You’re Nice Mysteries
15. Sleaford Mods – Fear Of Anarchy
16. David Rovics – I’m A better Anarchist Than You
17. Officer Down – You Decay
18. The Barr Brothers – Love Ain’t Enough
19. Loaded 45 – Witch Is Dead

Dublin band Hands Up Who Wants To Die released their second album earlier this year. It is a whirlwind of noise and a work to be proud of. No Big Deal is just one of 8 great songs on it.

As mentioned in previous weeks Slow Science have a split 12″ out now on bombed out records with Dauntless Elite. I can’t stop listening to it and wish Slow Science hadn’t called it a day.

Action Beat + GQW Sok teamed up for this 10″ which is Action Beats tenth record. Between them a lot of vinyl has been produced.

The luvdump album came out last year but with a title Age of Austerity it is still as apt as ever. No Borders is a song especially timely with the US decision to grant some sort of remedial asylum relief to up to 50,000 undocumented Irish people in contradiction with the Irish law of direct provision.

There’s a new 4 band split record out on UK hardcore label Dry Heave records. For those who remember their skateboards and thrash music. This is powerful tuneage

Anti Corpos are from the Brazil and in an effort to show it’s not all Olympics and World Cup I have been enjoying their attack on all things corporate.

Good throb don’t care about anything and for that I love them.

Protomartyr’s album was released on hardly art earlier in the year. it is post punk for the Gang of Four generation.

I am going to endeavour to make as much time for Scotish punk as I can. The Walking targets are a melodic punk band from Edinburgh, one of many from a burgeoning Scotis scene

You don’t need to hear me championing King Champion Sounds any more. However I will, and will continue to do so until you listen

I’ve been championing USA NAILS a bit recently too. Their Sonic Moist album is a real grower, and it started off in a good space for me.

baby Ghost are from UTAH, they have just released their Ghost Walk lp. The cassette release has sold out but you can still download it.

So Cow are a three piece Irish band with some great quirky tunes so I thought I’d lighten the mood before going witht he anarchic antics of Sleaford Mods Their chubbed up album is now out and they have a date in Dublin in a couple of weeks. Smack right in the middle of my work Christmas party.

I thought I’d take a bit of an anarchy theme due to the discourse in Ireland over the previous weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people have been out protesting about impending water charges and various reports are talking about a sinister fringe infiltrating the protest. Imagine anyone coming to their own decision about a tax???? David Rovics is always good for some social satire, hopefully he won’t be over infiltrating the masses on December 10

Of course it all started when there was a local protest in Tallaght and after the Tanaiste had left the local yoots waded in and a brick (1 brick) was thrown in the direction of the police. Riot Irish style… The following day a woman was thrown against a bollard by three police officers. This has lead to one Senator talking about Ireland being in a state of Lawless utopia. Pure anarchy eh. Officer down would have something to say about all this.

And then we finish with a small glimpse into how bad the Barr Brothers are Loaded 45 finish us off on a high.

Thanks for listening

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Hope Show *80 – the lowdown

Hope Show *80 the lowdown

1. The Bomb – Integrity
2. Stay Clean Jolene – Miles Apart
3. Dauntless Elite – We Are Baamzorft
4. Slow Science – Lifetime Guarantee
5. Castro – One Thing Leads To Another
6. King Champion Sounds – Ghetto of Eden
7. The Middle Ones – Monsters
8. Kevin Seconds – Don’t Let Me Lose ya
9. The Levellers with Billy Bragg – Hope Street
10. HDQ – When Worlds Collide
11. The No Marks – Light of One
12. Bis – Popstar Kill
13. Loaded 45 – 5 Seconds
14. Landlord – Bottle From The Bay
15. Frown – Under Hot Sun
16. Buzzkill – Mr Furious
17. Big Ray – ten Feet Tall
18. Latterman – doom, doom!, doomd

Tonight I just love music. Some great records have come out in recent months and I want to celebrate them. I also want to remind you of some classics that have gone ignored so it’s a mix with an emphasis on 2014.

Every track tonight has been picked because it makes me smile. Pefect for a week that started with my attendance at a funeral, my third one this month!! Nearly been at as many funerals as protests over the past 6 weeks, which is a bad sign.

Through it all I have come across some great sounds. I have The Bomb a few years but I re-aqquainted myself with them. Stay Clean Jolene’s praises have been sung from a height many times on this show and will continue, expecially with the announcement of a new album before 2015 rears ts head. Fellow guitar advocates the Dauntless Elite have released a split 12″ with Slow Science and I braved the nearly prohitive costs of overseas post to purchase my copy. I’m glad I did.

This week I bought the new album by Norwegian band Castro . Hope put on a Life, But How To Live It gig back in the day and Castro have some members who have memories of those days (as In she sang in the band)..

King Champion Sounds have their new 10″ out on Louder Than War and it is a regular on my record deck these days. Travelling bass sound with perfectly timed brass intervention alongside GW SOks vocals.

I’ve played the middle ones a couple of times since seeing them enthrall a crowd in London just over a year ago. Ironically my wife and daughter had accidentally stumbled across them in Glasgow prior to that and have been raving about their sweet jangle.

I always have time for singers in punk rock bands doing solo sets. I’ve played Chuck and Jeff in recent shows and have played 7 Seconds many times. I discovered this week that their frontman Kevin Seconds brought out a record so needed to get my hands on it.

The levellers are touring their new ‘film’ which is an interesting way to bring your band around. Their Dublin show is in St Patricks Cathedral early next year but they’ve just recorded a song with Billy Bragg that I thoght i’d share with you.

HDQ have a new 7″ out now on Boss Tuneage . I’ve played some of their older stuff so you deserve to hear when they release new material. I’ve dipped in and out of the no marks too so got their new album this week Light of One is from this record.

Bis entertained us in Dublin with Bikini Kill in a memorable gig one Saturday afternoon in Charlies Bar. You may not have been there but take it from me it was good

I played Uniforms last week. They have a split out now with loaded 45 so I’ve raided their vaults for a song from their 2012 making friends not memories album.

I love what is happening in Dundee at the moment with make that a take records. They are resposible for fanzines, records, a documentary and an annual fest . My heart will be ther at the end of the month while my body is in Dublin. Landlord and frown are both from that scene

The Buzzkill are the yorkshire variation, punk rock and roll

Big Ray are always worth a listen. Best part of this song is all the bands namedropping it entails. And if Volcano Suns are in there, all the better. Makes them sound like a bands band

I’m finishing tonight with Latterman , their gig in Dublin goes down in memory for me and them and Against Me were two classics brought to our notice by Basta, anyone remember them????


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