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Hope Show 113 – the lowdown

Hope Show 113
1. Pup – reservoir
2. Pup – Dark Days
3. Down By Law – rebel Conformist
4. Bangers – The Pits
5. Maxwells Dead – Home
6. Black Flag – TV Party
7. L.O.T.I.O.N. – Computers Don’t Have a Heartbat
8. Apes Brigade – The Interrogation of the Good
9. Protomartyr – Dope Cloud
10. Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends
11. Martha – Chekhovs Hangnail
12. Bedford Falls – Anodyne
13. The Great St Louis – Mooresy
14. No Monster Club – Late Bloomers
15. Kevin Seconds – Only Drug
16. KatJon Band – Machine Gun and the Ugly Doll
17. Flies on you – Action Stations

I’m loving the new Pup album out now on Side One Dummy. Two stand out songs in particular Dark Days and REsevoir – had to play them both.

Down By Law are old faves of mine. I lost a bit of interest when singer Dave Smalley started propgating American Republican politics, they released an album last year ad are touring Europe towards the Summer

Bangers are a punk rock band from Cornwall

Maxwells Dead are on the wonderful Make That a take records singing about the punk scene in the UK. They feel part of the punk rock community that I too feel happy to be part of. They are my neighbours that I’ve yet to meet

Wanted to take a turn and move things heavy for a few songs, in case you think I was mellowing out so I reach for the trusty Black Flag. US Hardcore at its hardest.

L.O.T.I.O.N are industrial punk from New York City, pretty interesting group of people

Apes Brigade
are an intersting group from Marseille who sing in English

Goober Patrol brought out a great split with 7 Day Conspiracy last year with their ‘tribute’ to their party holding government right now – Tory. Wonder what we will be singing about in Ireland after our general election next week?

Hardly Art has some interesting bands including Protomartyr from Detroit, the more I listen to them the more I like them. They are playing Dublin at the end of March

I missed Sleater Kinney when they played Vicar Street in Dublin last year, I wanted to go but it wasn’t to be, like a lot of things the real world takes priority. Martha are flying a flag that Sleater Kinney were involved in raising. DIY rock inspired by strong independent women, showing that you don’t have to be a woman with a gimmick to be in a band. Martha from newcastle are strong exponents of diy lo-fi intelligent indie pop rock punk.

The Great St Louis and Bedford Falls go hand in hand and when stories get written abut influential tuneful UK didy bands these two will be up there and with Leatherface be seen as great great bands. Funny how they can slip through cracks. Thankfuly we still have Bear Trade and Stay Clean Jolene to keep us excited about it.

No Monster Club from Dublin have a new album on the way, this isn’t on it but I havent got my hands on the record yet, I will and I will play it. I love their swagger.

Kevin Seconds was and still is the voice behind positive US hardcore band 7 seconds. There’s an introspective mood to tongihts show so I’m going with a solo song from the great man.

I saw the KatJon Band play one of their few gigs in Amsterdam a few years ago. Kat, from the ex, joined john langford from the mekons + three johns on stage and played as a two piece. Love this record

It’s been a fairly mellow show tonight with some good tunes being the basis for it. For me it’s the calm before the storm as I get ready to head out on another protest march on the streets of Dublin. We, as a nation, will get a chance to voice our collecitve opinion on the poilitics of austerity and (in)equality and the show tonight reflects a sombre mood. It’s a case of what might be or could have been. but let Flies on You finish us off tonight while we sing along to their anthemic chorus
“Please bring down the forks and spoons,
Please bring down the plates and bowls
Please bring down the dirty clothes
And pleeeeease…… bring down the government”



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Hope Show *86 – the lowdown

Even though me and Muzz can’t sing we are still doing our own thing

1. TV Smith – Bored Teenagers
2. J Robbins – New York State
3. HDQ – Dismantled
4. Stay Clean Jolene – Easy Target
5. The No Marks – Light of One
6. Tough Stuff – New Glasses
7. Lee HArveys – Be Someone
8. Thrilled SKinny – Its A Good DOss
9. Firehose – Quicksand
10. Uniforms – Keep on Keeping On
11. Maxwells Dead – The Doctor
12. Slice of Life – Love And A Lampost
13. Womens Christmas – Split Lip Service
14. Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends
15. Sissy – So what
16. THe nightingales – Bullet for Gove
17. The traders – Drive East
18. Bear In Heaven – Time Between
19. moutpiece – positive frame of mind
20. tv smith and the Bored Teenagers – New Church

Went to see TV smith play some adverts songs with the Bored Teenagers in Dublin. TV gets plenty of airing on this show and for very good reason. His acoustic sets are legendary but last night with the Bored Teenagers those classic songs shone through

Frankie Stubbs has an amazing voice so it was great to come across this Leatherface cover I was only too happy to share it with you

Of course Frankie shared the songwriting duties with Dickie Hammond who started his time with HDQ who are seeing a bit of a welcome rejuventation these days.

One band I have been raving about is Stay Clean Jolene. I played some songs from their new album over Christmas. It’s a great celebration of what is good about the uk diy scene at the moment and I want to share this as much as I can

The No Marks are also part of that scene and their new record, light of one, is out now on Waterslide

Tough Stuff are from Orange County and play a quirky pop punk. I’m a sucker for that sound, a complete sucker

As I mentioned I went to see TV smith live last night with the Bored Teenagers. Also on the bill were the Lee Harveys, who are building up a nice reputation around the Dublin punk scene. Their Still Angry album has just been released on FOAD who are doing as good a job as ever as pushing Dublin punk rock.

Years back I used to write to a band called Thrilled SKinny, specifically Andy Weizen from the band. I reconnected with Andy over Christmas and it reminded me how close we were to seeing Thrilled Skinny in Dublin, it would have been a good doss

Mike Watt keeps on rolling, in this world of 5 steps of seperation I am usually 1 or 2 away from Mike Watt in the music I listen to. The Minutemen helped shape so many bands, firehouse weren’t too bad either, even got a band named after this song

Just because it’s a new year and out with the old and all that doesn’t mean I’m gonna forget all about Make That a take Records and I will continue trying to get you to pay more heed to their roster. Uniforms are part of a four way split recently released and Maxwells Dead have a record out with them too.

I’m a sucker for nostalgia and Crass records played a big part in my punk rock education so Steve Ignorant’s new record is a particularly good one for me to see. What makes it all the ebetter is that the nostalgia is fed by the voice but Steve is trying something new with SLice of Life and I much prefer it that way, in with the new.

Women’s Christmas released an album around November last year on OOAL records. Hopefully it didn’t get lost in the Christmas rush or left behind in the post Christmas clean up.

Sleater Kinney are coming to Dublin in April. It’s good to see good bands playing, even if they were at their peak 20 years ago. They were an important band for many and role models for Women, paving the way (as Bikini Kill did before them) for women to see that it’s fine for them to play in bands.

I’m sure Sissy would still exist even if Sleater Kinney never did but if you were to dissect their influences and the path that they are travelling on Sleater Kinney would be reference somewhere

One of the gigs of the year for 2014 was the nightingales, upstairs in Whelans. They played to a handful but sometimes they are the best sort of audience. We were all enthralled by the racket and twists and turns each song took.

It’s been a strange week, whilst there has been mass murder in Yemen, war in Syria, killings in Palestine and Afghanistan but one that has received most coverage in the West was the horrific murder spree (aren’t all murders horrific) in Paris. I suppose it is close to home and the history of France and the West isn’t one for discussion in this review. For now I’m playing French punk band The Traders as we all hope for some sanity and no racist repercussions.

Bear In Heaven’s new album Time is Over One Day Old is a lovely electronic escape, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all do that every now and again. This is my weekly escape, hope you can enjoy it

Hope moutpiece and TV Smith helps you too


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Hope Show *78 the lowdown


I can tell you these weeks keep on flying in and inbetween each show it seems like there’s a new funeral for me to go to. Ironic too that this show coincides wioth the 10 year anniversary of John Peels death. For so many people over 40 and interested in music John Peel gave us an education. His was the show to listen to if you wanted to find out new music. He was our bandcamp, our you tube or even our myspace. Dodgy radio frequencies and hazy reception made it harder for Irish people but we sure persisted.

I was gonna go witha straight tribute, al Peel sessions and bands championed by the BBC DJ but then felt that’s not what it’s about. Why not champion music that doesn’t get played too much elsewhere. And that’s where tonights songs came from.

A fortnight ago I had never heard of Blitzkrieg Bop other than it being a Ramones song and the obvious War reference on the word Blitzkrieg. Then I received an email from habinerecords telling me all about them and their new album championing their sound from 77. The Boys are another band from 77 who released 3 albums as their participation in the orginal punk rock wave. They have a fourth album out now and are bringing their cockeny punky attitude still to bear. Duncan Reid was in the Boys and he is still releasing music too. Similar in sound to his original band it is pop punk pre green day style of course. Glimmermen are from Dublin and their
album from last year still deserves to be heard a lot more

I got three amazing records this week all with a common denominator, GW SOK. The former EX frontman is as prolific as ever. He is a member of King Champion Sounds whose new record, Songs for the Golden Hour, is out now on Louder than war records. If I had the power to create a supergroup and was drawing up a shortlist bands like the Ex, Nomeansno and Dog Faced Hermans would be high up that list. great to know that Andy and Wilf from Dog Faced Hermans and Nomeansno re still playing as two pin din . Even better to know they got GW Sok to sing with them on the new double 7″. The Sleaford Mods are coming to town. They don’t care if you go or not or if you like them. They are brash and snotty and could care less what I write. they do have some great songs though and if you’re around Dublin on December 5 I recommend you going along. Parquet Courts have a snip of Sleaford Mods brashness but don’t sound like they come from the streets (not the band but the concrete slabs you walk on). They are from Brooklyn and have released three albums, my guess is their upringing might be slightly different to the Sleaford Mods but their sound is still post punkingly good.

The Down and Outs are from Liverpool and have released 4 great albums over the past ten years or so, Pocket Money punks is from their Friday Nights Monday mornings album out on Dead and gone records. Every time I listen to Bear Trade I have a wry smile on my face. it’s not funny it’s just that I enjoy listening to them so much. bear Trade are my Undertones in a John Peel sense. two albums in and they can still do no wrong. Bomb the music Industry are, unfortunately, no more they released 7 great albums and you can get them all on their site, free… lay It On The Line are a four piece from the UK . They have tons of side projects and are extremely prolific.

Red Hare released their album last year on Dischord and it was a return to the old days for Swiz veteran Jason Farrell. Still singing hearfelt songs nearly 30 years after starting and still just wantiong to play music for music’s sake. Rites of spring are fellow DC scene people. It’s kind of where so much of that dc sound emanatres from. Yeah, it’s been hijacked as emo but Rites Of Spring were such a good band. ANother lost band are the Crucifucks. It could be one of my desert island discs you know.

repetitor are new to me ut I’m sure glad I’ve come across them. Serbian noise merchants. Antagonizers ATl are street punk from Atlanta, not the same streets as sleaford mods mind you but one of crews rather than gangs. Comrades say they are New Yorks only punk band. Of course they’re not but they have some good angry tunes.

And so we finish ths show of new music from around with a trip to Alberta, Canada for Viet Cong Indie-rock, post punk or whatever, the choice is yours

Thanks for listening

1. Blitzkrieg bop – you’re like a ufo
2. the Boys – New Car
3. Duncan Reid – Kelly’s GOne Insane
4. Glimmermen – This town
5. King Champion Sounds – SM Revelation
6. Two Pin Din & GW Sok – Listen TO The Painters
7. Sleaford Mods – Tweet tweet tweet
8. Parquet Courts – Black and White
9. Down And Outs – Pocket Money Punks
10. Bear Trade – Anathema
11. Bomb The Music Industry – Dude, Get With the program
12. Lay It On The Line – Petticoat Lane
13. Red Hare – Fuck Your Career
14. Rites Of Spring – Drink Deep
15. The Crucifucks – Legal Genocide
16. Repetitor – Lica
17. Antagonizers ATL – The Crew
18. Comrades – Walmart Liberation Front
19. Viet Cong – Continental Shelf –
See more at: http://radioactiveinternational.org/hope-show-78rpm/#sthash.xWJ0GRvg.dpuf

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Hope Show 76 – the lowdown

Here’s the lowdown on tonights show

1. Newtown Neurotics – Does Anyone Know Where The March Is
2. TV Smith – I Delete
3. The No Marks – About Tomorrow
4. Blood Robots – the valley
5. Comrades – Tompkins Lullaby
6. Excel – Insecurity
7. Epic Problem – Sink
8. Company L – Policing The Police
9. Hands Up Who Wants To Die – Now Beacon, Now Sea
10. Ill Kategorija – Na Ulci
11. Repetitor – Steta
12. Boys – Turn The TV Off
13. Sissy – Sail and Rail
14. Sleaford Mods – Jobseeker
15. Saturdays Kids – Black Pocket
16. Onsind – Mildred
17. Stay Clean Jolene – Miles Apart –


I always think of the Newtown Neurotics when it’s time to march in Dublin. I have spent a lot of time on marches with very few people waiting to get to the end as people get on with their, usually, Saturday afternoon shopping. Last Saturday was different in Dublin. Over 100,000 people took to the streets to say NO MORE. Of course it will be hard to gt those in power to listen but the packed busses, trains and luas on the way to the city centre should send a message. This was no ordinary protest. No banners of political partiers leading the way.

TV SMith has a new album out. His first record was out way before the Neurotics released that classic song ans TV is still belting them out.

The No Marks are a four piece punk band from the UK. They have a great new album out

Blood Robots dont sound like the sum of the bands their members have been in. UK crusty hardcore favourites like Ebola or health Hazard had their foundations in Blood Robot. Finally gettng to see the light of day is this album collection of their recordings

Comrades are from New York playing music like they mean it. I have just come across them and need tho share their story

Another new record from an old band out is Excel. originally brought together after listening to a lot of 70’s punk in Venice California in 1983 they released three albums. SOuthern Lord have added them to their increasing roster of early 80’s hardcore bands and are passing them on to the world now

I love Epic Problem , I wasn’t trying to do a mash up with Company L but it seemed like that for a while,. if a song screams angry words that you can sing aliong to with freshness and abandon then you;’ve got me. That’s what Epic problem have

Company L have Mike Scott on vocals. mike does his own stuff but is also in Done Lying Down. Company L were briefly on the UK hardcore scene in 2009

Hands Up Who Wants To Die are from Dublin and have a new record out, they were trying to interrupt Company L and were successful for a while. technical problems were all the rage on the show tonight.

Moving from Dublin to Ljubljana with noise core outfit Ill Kategorija and then on to Serbia for Repetitor. it’s not just the west that can blast our powerful songs

The Boys can bang out a good tune, Duncan Kid Reid who I’ve played in recent shows was in them

Back to Dublin with Sissy who play irreverent in your face confrontational songs. They are angry and have every reason to be.

Sleaford Mods may not be as much angry as apatethic but their irreverance is gaining ground. Look forward to seeing them in Dublin in December

Saturdays Kids have a new record out on Bombed Out Records and have decided to celebrate its release by splitting up. Bad timing on the labels behalf so more reason to support it

ONSIND are new to me but through the wonders of bandcamp I have been introuduce to their lo-fi garage punk warblings and am glad of it

I finish tonights show befallen by technical problems but that’s the hazard of live radio. Stay Clean Jolene brought out the 7″ of the year last year and will have anew album out by 2015. Can’t wait for it. delighted to have a glimpse into it here. Count yourself privileged


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Hope Show 36 – the lowdown

Hope Show 36 – the lowdown on tonights show

1. God Is An Astronaut – Reverse World
2. Family PLanning – Sauce Famine
3. The Live Of Millionaires – Stepping Out
4. Saturday Captains – Lost Cargo
5. Sebadoh – Imminent Emergency
6. Mike Watt and J Mascis – What We Do IS Secret
7. Hoovers and sledghehammers – George Michaels Gentlemans Club
8. The Filaments – Western Double Standards
9. Broadcaster – Anything You Never Heard
10. Against Me – Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists
11. Hot Water Music – Wrong and righteous
12. Leatherface – wax lyrical
13. Flatliners – Gullible
14. Jacuzzi Boys – Dust
15. Goldblade – We’re All IN It Together
16. Bob Tilton – She sings but once

While I don’t necessarily admire bands just because they have released a lot of records when it is an Irish band that have a different album for each day of the week and they have done it independently then I am impressed. God Is An Astronaut are from Glen Of THe Downs in Wicklow and Origins is their new lp, Reverse World is a good indcation of the way it ebbs and flows

Family Planning are a three piece from Dublin and whilst its hard to do an internet search for them they have a new record out and Sauce Famine comes from that.

I’m starting out with an Irish Vibe tonight. I played the Lives Of Millionaires last week and have come back for more.

Saturday Captains have an album out for nearly a year now, featuring people from old stalwarts of the Dublin music scene that Luggage and Revelino. The album is a strong collection that you should try and hunt down.

“Sebadoh is an American indie rock band”. What a completely underwhelming way to describe such an iconic band in the American Underground buyt if you search on the internet for this band this is what is given to you. Don’t take it as gospel kids. They’ve a new album out and I for one am looking forward to hunting it down

Lou Barlow was also (or maybe still is) with J Mascis – oh yeah called Dinaosaur Jnr. There is a great Germs tribute album out with a collaboration between J and Mike Watt which I thought might fit in here

Hoovers And Sledgehammers are from Ireland, I came across them on thumped Interesting stuff, if a bit long at times – to think you could get 6 germs songs into this one track

Filaments have a great record out on Household Name called What’s Next. I love it’s searing horns and skanked up riffs. Western Double Standards is an apt song for what is going on IN Syria. The West view the Syrian regime as evil and is ready to go to war (to a limited extent). What about the companies that supplied the weapons

Anyway broadcaster are a cool band from Rhode Island in the states. They have some neat songs, Anything You Never heard being one

I first cam across Broadcaster from No Idea records which were the original home for Against Me. That first Against Me record is such a winner, have you heard it yet? Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists? Sure what else can you do?

Hot Water Music are synonomous with No Idea Records. They released this cool split cd with Leatherface so here’s a song from each band. Tell me you love Leatherface. Please.

I’ve sent away for the new Flatliners lp but it hasn’t arrived yet. In the meantime make do with Gullible from their Destroy to Create offering

One album I did get recently was Jacuzzi Boys, electric rock’n’roll they call it, I believe. It’s good though, give it a chance.

Goldblade I have played and spoken about a lot this year. When you’re compiling those best of lists in a couple of months don’t forget this record. We’re All IN It Together indeed.

I stared off the show with God is an astronaut and they made me think of Bob TIlton. Post rock at its inception for me, the UK had some great exponents of this style so I don’t want you to fogrget about Bob


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Hope Show 35 – The Lowdown

Tonights show, the lowdown

1. THe Blades – Last Man IN Europe
2. Bangers – Blind Hindsight
3. NoFX – US Aholes
4. The Great St Louis – DOnt ASk
5. The Jam – Down IN the Tube Station
7. Fury – Resurrection
8. Rudimentary Peni – The Rain
9. HDQ – Sometimes
10. Jawbreaker – Friendly Fire
11. Hunx and His Punx – Rat Bag
12. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – red Top Bullshit
13. The Ruts – Something That I Said
14. Neurotics – Take Strike Action
15. TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers – Bored Teenagers
16. TV Smith – Not IN My Name
17. Ghost Mice – England
18. Captain Chaos – Up The Punks
19. The Flatliners – Bad News
20. Vic Chestnutt – You are never Alone

My friend Ramor is partial to some mod music, he reminded me last week I have neglected this genre on the show. I thought playing Southport would have him enough soul in recent weeks but that hasn’t been the case. I read during the week that the Blades may be reforming. I suppose they all got together at the Phil Chevron gig and decided to do it while they can, and good on them too.I love the last man in europe. That soaring riff, infectious chorus and slight Pretty Vacant guitar intro. brilliant

Bangers came to my notice courtesy of No Idea records and fit in with the theme of singalongs, as do NOFX. Maybe not mod but still sharp eh Ramor

The great St Louis have those soaring songs too, intelligent songs I call them

And to finish off this set I had to dig out the Jam, some great songs, still sounding great

I played Bl’ast last week and loved every second of it. The remixed new record is a blast, go get it. Jade Tree records re-released some stuff by Fury a couple of years ago. This is resurrection from it

Rudimentary Peni are not hardcore in a musical sense but from a way of running your band they are hardcore, Speaking of bands reforming (which I was at the start, keep up) HDQ have been doing gigs on and off and have a new record coming out. This is from Soulfinder on Boss Tuneage . When HDQ played Dublin in the 80’s we were amazed that a band from the UK could sound like a band form the US, and boy could they jump

I end my hardcore set with Jawbreaker from the US. Tuneful in a way BL’ast never were but they always packed a friendly fire to their sound.

Hunx and his Punx blast out obnoxious punk and i’m liking the new record more each day. Whether they live in a rat bag or not doesn’t matter, it’s a reflection on the world.

Red Top Bullshit may not be an obnoxious song and Revenge Of the Psychotronic man are not poster boys for gay punk rock but it fits in here somehow as The Ruts bounce us in to Something That I Said. I wrote about the ruts in my first fanzine in 1984 – I’m still listening to them just as much. Another band from just a bit later that I still return to are the Newtown Neurotics . I had the pleasure of seeing them a couple of times in recent years and that is why I would urge the Blades to reform while they can. If the songs are good they stand the test of time and if you’re doing it for the right reasons (music rather than money) then go for it. I picked this neurotics song as there has been so much talk around the centenary of the lockout from those in power n a country that still hasn’t legislated for Collective Bargaining

This may not be No Time to be 21, or it certainly wasn’t when Tim wrote this song in 77. Boss Tuneage released this record of the Bored Teenagers performing the first Adverts album with TV Smith on vocals. If you’ve none of Tims records, I’m asking you person to person, right now to get one. Not In My Name was written about the war on Iraq, it’s as relevant as ever now in these ever so dangerous times of nation building.

Ghost Mice and Plan-it-x records are great. Ghost Mice are so interesting. They brought out a cd about their European tour and have a song about each country. It’s a personal zine set to music. Youeven get bonus pictures on the cd and a load of songs from their tour. One extra song is “Up The Punks” “Punk rock music save my life” – brilliant “That’s why I sing and ask you the sing with me – Up the punks, up the punks”.

The Flatliners have a new album out this week . I haven’t got it yet so you have to make do with a song from their last excellent record.

No doubt you’ve been singing along to everything through the show so I am finishing on a note to let you all know that when you come down from all this dancing, You are still not alone, never feel that way or let it envelope your life. Live this life as best you can and stay true

Thanks for listening


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