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Hope Show 115 – the lowdown

Hope Show 115 – the lowdown



Hope Show 115
1. Black Bank Folk w/ Damien Dempsey – Aunt Jenny
2. The Clash – White Riot
3. Paranoid Visions – From Dublin With Love
4. Against Me – Pints of guinness makes you strong
5. The Three Johns – The World of the workers is wild
6. Half Man Half Biscuit – National Shite Day
7. The Redskins – Lev Bronstein
8. The Neurotics – Take Strike Action
9. Hard Skin – The Kids Are Innocent
10. The Ex – Walt’s Dizzyland
11. The Evens – All These Governors
12. Fugazi – Merchandise

Starting off tonight with local Dublin folksters who have just released an album celebrating the events of Easter Week in 1916 in Ireland. Damien Dempsey has a song on the record celebrating the joint effort put in by women that somehow has been erased from that fight. The invisible ink is reappearing and thanks to songs like this (and the events themselves) they are getting noticed once more.
As the Rebellion was pretty much a riot why not get the Clash to celebrate it. Actually tonights show whilst coinciding with 100 Easter festivals since the Rising in 1916 is more of a ode to a list of favourite albums that i was asked to compile. I found it almost impossible to limit to double digits never mind fourteen. I tried but in vain. The Clash were top of that list though, no question.
Top Irish band is Paranoid Visions, hands down. Steadily releasing on the button songs reflecting the thoughts of a generation, a generation being ignored. From Dublin with love is from their 1983 demo.

Against Me made my list – their Reinventn’ axl rose album really is a class record. When I first heard it I was ready to follow their revolution but really you need to make your own. ‘Pints of Guinness makes you strong’ is not really encouraging you to drink guinness, sure it’s not even vegetarian.

One thing that has really struck me this week is how quick people are to dismiss a group of workers on strike if it means inconveniencing them. Our Luas (tram) drivers are on strike for better pay and conditions. The latest offer recommended by mediators was dismissed 99% by the workers. That shows a committed and united workforce. So they won’t go to work on Easter Sunday, they will stay home, eat easter eggs and not get paid. Many people will wish to get into the city to see the Easter Parade, celebrating the work of James Connolly and other Volunteers who gave up their life to create a republic. Some of these people would have travelled by luas and now they can’t. Is that reason not to support workers in their struggle?

The Redskins would have always supported strike action, as would have the Newtown Neurotics. These bands, along with the three Johns and Billy Bragg gave me a musical introduction into trade unions. I then moved on to Woody Guthries and other
traditional songs but these bands took the music I listened to and said, workers whould be in unions and picket lines should always be respected.

Hard Skin were near to my list of albums, didn’t quite get there but i thought you’d like to hear the kids are innocent.

The Ex did make it and could have been in there a few times. A more recent, if 2001 can be classed as recent, release made the list. Dizzy Spells is 12 classics mixed into an overall great. Walts Dizzyland is top of my mix when dj’ing too.

The recorded output of Dischord records could have made up my top 10, it certainly is one of the seminal labels. I’ve taken 2 with an Ian McKaye mix but there’s a lot more that could have been in here.

I’ve left it short as I need to start walking to town 🙂


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Hope Show 109 – the lowdown

Hope Show 109 – the lowdown

1. Youth Of Today – No More
2. Quicksand – Delusional
3. Custody – Stitches are all we have
4. The No Marks – Coming Around
5. World Be Free – Breakout or Busted
6. Allo’ Darlin’ – Silver Dollars
7. June Brides – Every Conversation
8. June Brides – A January Moon
9. No Ditching- If you hate cats you die
10. Vanilla Pod – Restore Factory Settings
11. Freebase – P.N.D.
12. Sacrilege – Star Wars
13. Fit Of Anger – The Oppressed
14. Down To Nothing – Life On The James
15. The Walking Targets- Here’s to the thoughts we hold
16. Maxwells dead – Would you go out with me
17. Down and Out’s – Iron
18. All – Until I say so

Tonight’s show feature People from record labels who have contributed to the latest Hope fanzine. The same question was asked of over 70 contributors, “What was your favorite gig?” and answers were as wide, varied and mixed up as you’d expect. It was all done in good spirits as the zine is a benefit for pikpa lesvos refugee centre. You can buy the fanzine here Buy Now Button

We start off tonight’s show with some US Hardcore music from Youth Of Today, just wanted to make sure you were awake. Youth of Today were on Revelation Records who were leading the way in the 90’s pushing the New York Hardcore scene. Some of the bands members have been in many other bands including Quicksand.

Custody brought out a 7″ on Brassneck Records last year. Brassneck is based in Cardiff and have been releasing records since 2010. The latest release is a split between No Marks and the Spoilers and is out in a week or so.

World Be Free are on Revelation Records, and are pretty much a super group of the new york hardcore scene from the early 90’s

I saw Allo’ Darlin in London a few years ago and was numb with shivers rushing through my body when they played this song. So much of the positive things about being in a band came through that night and the music is just pur pop majestic. Out on slumberland records.

A band that finished their illustrous career on slumberland is the June Brides, I had to play two songs panning that career. My introduction was Every Conversation from the NME c86 era, and they continued with style right throughout.

No Ditching are part of an expanding Durham, Newcastle, scene of diy pop. They have an ep available from Drunken Sailor now

Dry heave records is an interesting label. Set up to remind people of great music from times gone by when thrasher magazine was read by many in the punkk scene with check shirts and baseball caps. Vanilla Pod are a bit of a surprise for the label as their songs, whilst still retaining the speed, are more tuneful. Freebase get ready to thrash out, for sure. This is from their 4 way split

Freddy Alva has a very interesting story. Read the previous link to find out. His Wardance label captured some great new york bands, much like Revelation. Sacrilege are one of these, Fit of anger are on his New Breed Tape Compilation.

Down to nothing ahve that classic Revelation sound

I’ve mentioned make that a take records many times on this show and keep playing the Scotish label bands. I love the title Here’s to the thoughts we hold from the walking targets and how true that is.

Years ago there was a pop punk band, crocodile god, on Skimmer Records. their music lives on for many and there’s a tribute compilation to them. Down and Outs are a punk band from Liverpool and their take of Iron is on this.

Finally All were listed as the favourite gig for Scott from Brassneck Records and I love tenuous links and a reason to play All.


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Hope Show *86 – the lowdown

Even though me and Muzz can’t sing we are still doing our own thing

1. TV Smith – Bored Teenagers
2. J Robbins – New York State
3. HDQ – Dismantled
4. Stay Clean Jolene – Easy Target
5. The No Marks – Light of One
6. Tough Stuff – New Glasses
7. Lee HArveys – Be Someone
8. Thrilled SKinny – Its A Good DOss
9. Firehose – Quicksand
10. Uniforms – Keep on Keeping On
11. Maxwells Dead – The Doctor
12. Slice of Life – Love And A Lampost
13. Womens Christmas – Split Lip Service
14. Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends
15. Sissy – So what
16. THe nightingales – Bullet for Gove
17. The traders – Drive East
18. Bear In Heaven – Time Between
19. moutpiece – positive frame of mind
20. tv smith and the Bored Teenagers – New Church

Went to see TV smith play some adverts songs with the Bored Teenagers in Dublin. TV gets plenty of airing on this show and for very good reason. His acoustic sets are legendary but last night with the Bored Teenagers those classic songs shone through

Frankie Stubbs has an amazing voice so it was great to come across this Leatherface cover I was only too happy to share it with you

Of course Frankie shared the songwriting duties with Dickie Hammond who started his time with HDQ who are seeing a bit of a welcome rejuventation these days.

One band I have been raving about is Stay Clean Jolene. I played some songs from their new album over Christmas. It’s a great celebration of what is good about the uk diy scene at the moment and I want to share this as much as I can

The No Marks are also part of that scene and their new record, light of one, is out now on Waterslide

Tough Stuff are from Orange County and play a quirky pop punk. I’m a sucker for that sound, a complete sucker

As I mentioned I went to see TV smith live last night with the Bored Teenagers. Also on the bill were the Lee Harveys, who are building up a nice reputation around the Dublin punk scene. Their Still Angry album has just been released on FOAD who are doing as good a job as ever as pushing Dublin punk rock.

Years back I used to write to a band called Thrilled SKinny, specifically Andy Weizen from the band. I reconnected with Andy over Christmas and it reminded me how close we were to seeing Thrilled Skinny in Dublin, it would have been a good doss

Mike Watt keeps on rolling, in this world of 5 steps of seperation I am usually 1 or 2 away from Mike Watt in the music I listen to. The Minutemen helped shape so many bands, firehouse weren’t too bad either, even got a band named after this song

Just because it’s a new year and out with the old and all that doesn’t mean I’m gonna forget all about Make That a take Records and I will continue trying to get you to pay more heed to their roster. Uniforms are part of a four way split recently released and Maxwells Dead have a record out with them too.

I’m a sucker for nostalgia and Crass records played a big part in my punk rock education so Steve Ignorant’s new record is a particularly good one for me to see. What makes it all the ebetter is that the nostalgia is fed by the voice but Steve is trying something new with SLice of Life and I much prefer it that way, in with the new.

Women’s Christmas released an album around November last year on OOAL records. Hopefully it didn’t get lost in the Christmas rush or left behind in the post Christmas clean up.

Sleater Kinney are coming to Dublin in April. It’s good to see good bands playing, even if they were at their peak 20 years ago. They were an important band for many and role models for Women, paving the way (as Bikini Kill did before them) for women to see that it’s fine for them to play in bands.

I’m sure Sissy would still exist even if Sleater Kinney never did but if you were to dissect their influences and the path that they are travelling on Sleater Kinney would be reference somewhere

One of the gigs of the year for 2014 was the nightingales, upstairs in Whelans. They played to a handful but sometimes they are the best sort of audience. We were all enthralled by the racket and twists and turns each song took.

It’s been a strange week, whilst there has been mass murder in Yemen, war in Syria, killings in Palestine and Afghanistan but one that has received most coverage in the West was the horrific murder spree (aren’t all murders horrific) in Paris. I suppose it is close to home and the history of France and the West isn’t one for discussion in this review. For now I’m playing French punk band The Traders as we all hope for some sanity and no racist repercussions.

Bear In Heaven’s new album Time is Over One Day Old is a lovely electronic escape, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all do that every now and again. This is my weekly escape, hope you can enjoy it

Hope moutpiece and TV Smith helps you too


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Hope Show 81 – the lowdown

Hope Show *81 the lowdown

1. Dope Body – Intro
2. Fugazi – Merchandise
3. Fugazi – In Defence of Humans
4. Cigarette Crossfire – Face Of My Enemy
5. USA Nails – Distilled Town
6. Womens Christmas – Bubble On A Shelf
7. Wooderson – Mint Condition
8. John Q Microwave – 9e 18th July 2014
9. Duncan Reid and the Big Heads – Joe
10. The Great Leap Forward – My Grandfathers Cluck
11. Jawbreaker – Sluttering (May 4th)
12. Ted Leo – Me and mia
13. Castro- Detective
14. Randy – Cheater
15. Paranoid Visions – Rising Tide
16. Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
17. Dawson – Face of W Biryani

Tonights show is all about the Fugazi demo. Released this week 26 years after its recording, I don’t normally champion these types of releases but this is well worth championing. Fugazi aren’t the reason I am doing this but they played a huge role in the development of theunderground scene in Dublin. They were not on their own saying “You are not what you own” but they led the way for a while.

Finland has a pretty good hardcore scene, I’m sure Fugazi passed through it in the early 90’s. Manifesto Jukebox were that countries flag bearers for a number of years and now Cigarette Crossfire are carrying that well worn flag.

USA Nails played in Dublin recently with Hands Up Who Wants to die. To my shame I didn’t get to the gig but circumstances in life means I can’t get to everything I would like to see. Both bands are great so I’ve no doubt it was a cracker.

Another gig I missed recently was the launch of Womens Christmas album. I hadn’t heard the band previously but Out On A Limb is a great label. Another stellar Irish release, read about them here

Sheffield post punk band Wooderson came to me recommended by Bombed Out Records whose releases I have been playing quite a bit lately

John q microwave is a strange name for a singer, maybe he emits radioactive waves in the songs. He featured on a double dot dash compilation the label based in reading. It’s an eclectic label with bands from all genres, not too unlike Out on a Limb I suppose.

I’m enjoying the post punk pop new wave sound of Duncan Redi and the Big Heads new Difficult Second album. It’s quirky enough not to be dragged into just another pop release and not too quirky that the tunes keep you hooked.

It was the anniversary of John Peels death recently and amongst the myriad of tributes and gigs was a one by the the great leap forward . I usually find a couple of gigs weekly that I would like to travel over to the UK for and this set was one of them.

And then I started reminiscing, Jawbreaker ; ted leo ; Randy ; Paranoid Visions sham 69 and dawson

But interspersed in their is current offering from some Life Bit How To Live It members, Castro from Norway, Their new album is out now on Boss Tuneage.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this and hopefully you’ve got something from the music


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Hope Show 79 – the lowdown

hope show 79 the lowdown

1. Damien Dempsey – Sing All Your Cares away
2. Jeff Rosenstock – Nausea
3. Tv Smith – London Hum
4. Martha – Sycamore
5. Protomartyr – Pagans
6. Uniforms – Father’s Day
7. Happy Accidents – Small Talk
8. HDQ – Down But not Out
9. Chewing On Tinfoil – An Emigrants Wake
10. Last Ex – Hotel Blues
11. Family Planning – Sauce Famine
12. Run THe Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part 1
13. Women’s Christmas – Pissing In The Trees
14. Action Beat – Heap of Clay
15. Bo Ningen – Slider
16. Duncan Redmonds – Don’t Leave The Planet without me
17. Operation Ivy – Knowledge
18. Fifteen – FBI
19. Chewing On Tinfoil – Just like Me

It’s been an exciting week. After 100,000 people marched through the streets of Dublin last month in opposition to the Govt bringing in water charges after 6 years of the politics of austerity this has been a topic in the canteeens, workplaces, cafes and pubs around the country. Social media is rife with people talking about this being the protest of the streets. Ordinary communities through the whole of Ireland are uniting in opposition to what they feel as not only an unjust tax but a step to privatisation. This could well be the straw that breaks the peoples backs. There is some amount of anger out there and it is starting to show.

All over Ireland there was smalller demonstration today, from Letterkenny to Bandon and all counties in between people took to the streets to say enough is enough. Over 150,0000 people took to the streets today. Nearly 300,000 legs – a lot of legs.

Some tinkering is being planned and the establishment are hoping this will be enough to split the resistance. next large protest is December 10 in Dublin when people will march to the Dail, our parliament. What happens in between should be interesting.

Damien Dempsey sang at a rally outside Dublins GPO, the symbolic home to the Easter Rising of 1916. “Where our where is our James Connolly” Damo sang, We don’t know but the feeling is he would not be leading Irelands largest union in its current format.

jeff Rosenstock was in Bomb the Music Industry and if he was in Ireland I have no doubt Jeff would have been leading the sing along today, as would Tv Smith. TV Smith’s new album is out now and he has been serenading us for well over 30 years now, trying to bring us on that path to a better future

Martha are more recent additions in the attempt to get us to live our life a better way, a way where community is key be that in punk rock, diy or where we live.

Protomartyr are from Detroit but could easily be from the North of England back in the late 70’s, getting ready to support the miners.

Uniforms are from, what is fast becoming, the punk rock heartland of Dundee and Make that a take records. Check out the great scene and the upcoming book yer own fest that I wish I was going along to.

Happy Accidents is the band name of choice for quite a few punk type bands. This one are the Southampton version, They’ve a new album of pop punk out now.

HDQ have been going on and off for decades. Dickie Hammond, the guitarist, hadn’t been well recently but news of his demise have been well of the mark and it is heartening to hear they are embarking on some gigs in the near future.

Chewing on Tinfoil up next but I only caught 35 seconds, a little sampler if you will

A quick change in pace as Constellation records in Montreal are always home to interesting releases. Last Ex are no different, amazing how a label consistently find goods bands.

Back to Ireland with Family Planning from Dublin and Womens Christmas from Limerick but sandwiched between them are us hip hop outfit Run the jewels.

Action Beat are a multinational, English based with a Dutch singer, not just any old singer mind you, GW SOK who is prolific with his recording output at the moment. THis is one of three new records he features on.

Bo Ningen’s new album is called three (as in III) but the connection between them and the ex-ex front man ends there. Although mayeb we could find one, after all anyone in the music business is only really two degrees of sepration away.

Take Duncan Redmonds, drummer in Snuff. So many bands have come from that era that Duncan’s presence is never too far away. This track features Dickie Hammond from aforementioned HDQ (and Leatherface, and Angelic Upstarts) amongst others.

No doubt Snuff and Operation Ivy shared some sort of space and fifteen spawned from Op Ivy, see there’s a game in this connections business.

I finish off with my second attempt at Chewing On Tinfoil. Just Like Me, there were over 150,000 people on the streets today.

Think about that


That’s a lot of human hearts. Double that for legs.

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Hope Show 74 – the lowdown

Hope Show 74 The Lowdown

It’s new record time, for the most part tonight. Inca Babies have new album on the way, Blacktop Speedway is from that.

Hands Up WHo Wants to Die have a record out now and bring that bass fuelled sound onto it. I played two songs from their brothers in arms, adebisi shank, last week.

King Champion Sounds made it to my top 10 of 2013 and their new record is coming out next month on Louder than war records.

Down and outs didn’t make my top 10 but their Lifeline album from last year is a pretty solid record. Yesterdays Heroes speaks a topic close to my heart. Old school heroes

Obliterations bring a refreshing old school hardcore feel into proceedings. their new record is coing out on Southern Lord, a label that’s prolifically becoming very prolific.

System of Hate are from Barnsley, not too far from Liverpools Down and puts but a few thousand miles from obliterations. Ashes of divinity is from their new record.

Molarbear are from up the road (figuratively speaking of course) in Belfast. This is a new track from them.

Cold Blue Mountain are from Chico. I love their website blurb “Listen to us. Cowards”. They scream, their have beards and they’ve an album out on October 7

Question The Mark are from South Wales and released their Smoke Signals ep in 2012. But you missed it then!!

Their mates are Bear Trade who are amazing. I keep telling you that though, someday you will listen. This album came out in May this year, you’ve gotta hear it. Coward!

More mates together are Epic Problem who I’ve also trying to get you to listen to. Maybe now you will, read my review of them here

Former Cell Mates are one of the leading lights for the previous three bands. A great English Sound and an acoustic track to calm it all down

Keeping it acoustic is Andrew Judah from Montreal, he has a new album out, it’s nice. This is from that

Howler is a self proclaimed indie band from Minneapolis, home of Arcwelder. Wonder if they know each other? Anyway they’ve a new single on Rough Trade.

Another band bringing out a new record coming out is Flies on you , this is a taster of what to expect. Have to say I don’t know who Katie Hopkins is though.

I didn’t know who Purple were until I came across their new single target out now on Play It again Sam records. It’s a pretty cool song too.

One very cool band were the great leap Forward, arising from the hot ashes of the amazing Big Flame, Great leap forward were ignorant of the music biz but put out two great 12″s This was on one of them

Gangs are from Dublin and it is good to see reekus records continuing to bring out good music. Some nice mod inspired sounds here.

Pardon Us are from Liverpool and feature some one from Down and Outs as far as I know (or should that be AFAIK?). Anyway I’ve just noticed that these, Bear trade, Down and Outs all played in Liverpool with Stay Clean Jolene last month. What a night that must have been


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Hope Show 53 – the lowdown

Hope Show 53 – Mostly New to me with some classics

1. Bear trade – Wake
2. Menshevik – Draw The Line
3. Crane – Burning Hole
4. Bobot Adrenaline – Viktor’s Misery
5. Crash Of Rhinos – The Reason I took so long
6. Emm Gryner – Nowhere
7. The UnGnomes – Georgie The Pumpkin
8. Topbunk – Branigan
9. Stay Clean Jolene – Old Songs
10. Sink – Anarush
11. Out of Trust – Occupy The World
12. The Flatliners – I AM Abandoned
13. Goldblade – Do You Believe In The Power of Rock’n’roll
14. Wringer – Closed Book
15. Holy Rollers – Worlds Apart
16. The Pukes – Will I Learn?
17. Personnel – Consumer Electronics
17. Bill Blood – Evil Eye
18. So Cow – Last Train to Pyongang
19. Papermoons – Matchbook
20. The Ex – Listen to the Painters

The lowdown – you can google them yourselves

Bear Trade are new to me, pretty exciting
Menshvik were new to me last month, I saw them on Wednesday and they were ragin’ full on, exciting new 7″ OUT NOW
Crane are old to me but never OLD in that sense
Bobot Adrenaline are on GC records and I got a compilation recently, it’s cool
Crash of Rhinos have a new record out, you might like it
Emm Gryner has a great voice. She released an album of covers by Irish bands, kind of novel and interesting. Here’s her take on Therapy?
The Ungnomes play punk rock from Chicago, I like their youthful carefree attitude
Topbunk is where I wished I used to sleep, I was on the bottom
Stay Clean Jolene have a great single out, I love it you should too.
You would love K-Line too, if you listened to them more, great album on Boss Tuneage, featuring Ed Wenn from Big Ray who I will be playing over the next few weeks. You have been informed.
Out of Trust are from Claifornia This is from their Healthy loud and hponest album, good sing along punk hardcore
The sort of sound the flatliners have down to a tee
2 reasons for playing Goldblade, 1 they played a great set last night in DUblin adn 2 I love them
Wringer’s bullfighter album is out now so I’m sharing them with you
Holy Rollers were amazing in Dublin in 1991, wonder what they are doing now
It’s always good the hear the Pukes Uke-Punk, from their 7″ last year. Just heard they will be playing rebellion in August, glad I got a ticket as a Chrismtas present now
Personnel have a new single out, one of their Personnel was in the excellent Shitty Limits, great recommendation.
I bought the Bill Blood album last July and misplaced it til this week. Cool Irish record from Redneck Manifesto’s Niall Byrne (who’s other previous band Flexihead played with Holy Rollers at that aforementioned Dublin gig)
So Cow are based in Galway and wriote cool songs
Papermoons are touring UK soon with football etc, that’d be a nice double bill
The Ex have a new sngle out and will be touring the UK in April of and I’m going to see them in Birmingham. YESSSSSSSS, new single should have arrived by the nest show

Stay Punk

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Hope Show 38 – the lowdown

Hope show 38 – the lowdown

1. The Descendents – Silly Girl
2. Black Flag – 6 Pack
3. Shitty Limits – Smarty Guys
4. BL’AST – Your Eyes
5. Schwartzeneggar – The Way Things Are
6. Annabel – You COuld Be Living Better
7. HDQ – IF Only
8. Mueran Humanos – Give A Party
9. Fawn Spots – Spanish Glass
10. No Age – I WOn’t Be Your Generator
11. No Age – Everybodys Down
12. Superchunk – FOH
13. Superchunk – Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
14. Membranes – In The Graveyard
15. Flatliners – Young Professionals
16. American Steel – Love and Logic
17. The Pukes – GLC
18. The UNdertones – Get Over You
19. The Middle Ones – Young Explorer

I love the Descendents . My friend Alan Sherry put me on to them when MIlo went to College. I Don’t Want to Grow Up has great tunes, Silly Girl is one of them

Speaking of Silly People this week saw that marketers dream, Arthurs Day. Thankfully this nation got it into its consciousness that we can speak out against things and Arthurs Day wasn’t quite the national holiday Guiness wanted it to be. I don’t have Too Drunk to Fuck on digital so Six Pack it has to be

I wanted to play Straight Edge by Minor Threat but again couldn’t find the digital version. Instead I played Shitty Limits . Ive been meaning to play these for weeks. Their ‘Beware the limits’ album is criminally ignored – not by me though

BL’AST’s new album is getting a bit of attention, Your EYES is testament to it.

I saw Steve Ignorant do a nice acoustic gig earlier this year and he played this Schwartzeneggar song. “If this is the Way Things Are, it’s the way it’s meant to be” or is it?

Annabel are from OHIO. Their Youth is Youth lp is out now and worth investigating.

HDQ are from Sunderland and have a new record out on Boss Tunegage – In the absence of that record I’ve played If Only from their John Peel session, it was on their Sinking lp also

No doubt you have come across Louder Than War website. It is also a sporadic label and 2 7″s that came out last year on it are Mueran Humanos and Fawn Spots. Good stuff to keep you bopping

No Age are coming to Dublin next week to try and get you to hear their new lp, an object . It’s a great album but then again so was Weirdo Rippers so I’ve played a track from each

Superchunk have a new album out. This kind of stuff gets me excited. I saw them in toronto in 1995 and have been following them with great interest ever since, hoping they will come to Dublin one day. One day eh?

The Membranes played Dublin in the 80’s. Twice. Well they visited twice but played 5 times. Their gigs were a shambolic collection of noise and excitment and great great fun. This is their newest song. it’s nearly as long as some of their sets were in the 80’s but they were such an important band. They really were.

I’ve been talking about the Flatliners over the last few shows. I’ve finally got the new album and haven’t been disappointed. Much more punk rock that Superchunk but just as exciting. it’s been a good week for me for music for sure.

Destroy the Future before it kills us is what American Steel advised. Love and Logic is all we need eh.

All the Pukes need are their Ukeleles, must be nearly 19 on this record.

I can’t believe I’m doing this show over a year and haven’t played The Undertones. The Undertones. Enough Said. Time to change that.

I have played The Middle Ones. They have been doing some interesting gis lately. Young Explorer is from their live tape released this year

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Hope Show 37 – The lowdown

Hope SHow 37 the Lowdown
Pre-All Ireland Football final nerves

1. Brier – Fields of Athenry
2. Luke Kelly – Dublin IN The Rare Oul Times
3. Jinx Lennon – Big Protest Day
4. The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Ghosts of Cable Street
5. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
6. Minor Threat – Salad Days
7. Great Western Squares – Ace Of Spades
8. Chumbawamba – Bankrobber
9. Tommy McCook – Heatwave
10. Operation Ivy – Take Warning
11. Snuff – Do Nothing
12. The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
13. Damien Dempsey – Patience

It’s the night before the all-ireland football final, i have to mention it. Football plays a huge part in my life. On New years Day this year my dad, my 2 sons and I went to see Dublin play in their annual blue stars game. We have been at every one since and tomorrow is the last of the season.

I’m so emotional I could play Aslan. There has been some grerat times along the way but none of them avoided the reality that the system stinks. It didn’t take away the hurt of what is happening but it helped bring a smile to our face.

Jinx Lennon has some great protest songs, he has been kicking against the pricks for a number of years now.

I played the roughneck riot 2 weeks ago and said they remind me of the men they couldn’t hang. Well I’ve finally got one of their songs in digitla format. Punk it up and you’ve got the roughneck riot (well not really but they are two great intellignet bands). Wonder if they would get caught up with a football game??

I wouldn’t say the Beastie Boys would, but I’m happy damnit. Sabotage makes me even happier. So do Minor Threat, indulge me will you.

Great Western Square is a lovely place in Phibsoboro’ Dublin, maybe that place will be hopping tomorrow night. For now I will play a song from the band of the same name. Their cover of Motorheads Minor Threat

I can’t play Joe Strummer or the Clash every show so I’ve gone a step away, a small one in Chumbawambas cover of the classic bankrobber.

I was at a game earlier today and man it was warm. End of September and all anyone wanted to do was get water into them when the game brokedown. Will it be that warm in Croke Park?

Take Warning say Operation Ivey, but who shall heed that?

Do Nothing say Snuff, but who and why

The Damned are Neat Neat Neat but is there a reason

And finally Damo, he’s Northsides favourite son. It was either him or Aslan!!!!!!

Up the Dubs

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Hope Show 36 – the lowdown

Hope Show 36 – the lowdown on tonights show

1. God Is An Astronaut – Reverse World
2. Family PLanning – Sauce Famine
3. The Live Of Millionaires – Stepping Out
4. Saturday Captains – Lost Cargo
5. Sebadoh – Imminent Emergency
6. Mike Watt and J Mascis – What We Do IS Secret
7. Hoovers and sledghehammers – George Michaels Gentlemans Club
8. The Filaments – Western Double Standards
9. Broadcaster – Anything You Never Heard
10. Against Me – Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists
11. Hot Water Music – Wrong and righteous
12. Leatherface – wax lyrical
13. Flatliners – Gullible
14. Jacuzzi Boys – Dust
15. Goldblade – We’re All IN It Together
16. Bob Tilton – She sings but once

While I don’t necessarily admire bands just because they have released a lot of records when it is an Irish band that have a different album for each day of the week and they have done it independently then I am impressed. God Is An Astronaut are from Glen Of THe Downs in Wicklow and Origins is their new lp, Reverse World is a good indcation of the way it ebbs and flows

Family Planning are a three piece from Dublin and whilst its hard to do an internet search for them they have a new record out and Sauce Famine comes from that.

I’m starting out with an Irish Vibe tonight. I played the Lives Of Millionaires last week and have come back for more.

Saturday Captains have an album out for nearly a year now, featuring people from old stalwarts of the Dublin music scene that Luggage and Revelino. The album is a strong collection that you should try and hunt down.

“Sebadoh is an American indie rock band”. What a completely underwhelming way to describe such an iconic band in the American Underground buyt if you search on the internet for this band this is what is given to you. Don’t take it as gospel kids. They’ve a new album out and I for one am looking forward to hunting it down

Lou Barlow was also (or maybe still is) with J Mascis – oh yeah called Dinaosaur Jnr. There is a great Germs tribute album out with a collaboration between J and Mike Watt which I thought might fit in here

Hoovers And Sledgehammers are from Ireland, I came across them on thumped Interesting stuff, if a bit long at times – to think you could get 6 germs songs into this one track

Filaments have a great record out on Household Name called What’s Next. I love it’s searing horns and skanked up riffs. Western Double Standards is an apt song for what is going on IN Syria. The West view the Syrian regime as evil and is ready to go to war (to a limited extent). What about the companies that supplied the weapons

Anyway broadcaster are a cool band from Rhode Island in the states. They have some neat songs, Anything You Never heard being one

I first cam across Broadcaster from No Idea records which were the original home for Against Me. That first Against Me record is such a winner, have you heard it yet? Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists? Sure what else can you do?

Hot Water Music are synonomous with No Idea Records. They released this cool split cd with Leatherface so here’s a song from each band. Tell me you love Leatherface. Please.

I’ve sent away for the new Flatliners lp but it hasn’t arrived yet. In the meantime make do with Gullible from their Destroy to Create offering

One album I did get recently was Jacuzzi Boys, electric rock’n’roll they call it, I believe. It’s good though, give it a chance.

Goldblade I have played and spoken about a lot this year. When you’re compiling those best of lists in a couple of months don’t forget this record. We’re All IN It Together indeed.

I stared off the show with God is an astronaut and they made me think of Bob TIlton. Post rock at its inception for me, the UK had some great exponents of this style so I don’t want you to fogrget about Bob


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