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Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH – Dublin 1992

March 19 1992

Spermbirds, Onion Breath, SMH


I was thrilled when Spermbirds asked to come over. They had been going for a few years and I suppose I always viewed them as a “big” band, in that they wouldn’t need Hope Promotions if they wanted to play Ireland. Robbie Foy was now booking the Attic. He found a new venue called Barnstormers on Capel Street. He bought a P.A., put it in there, and was ready to hire it out to bands. Barnstormers was owned/run by Hells Angels so some noise and people who looked a little bit “different” was fine by them. Looking back Barnstormers was the start of a new era for Hope: Charlie’s was gone for the foreseeable future; and the Attic, the Fox and the Grattan were all unsuitable if 100 people were at the gig or if one person wanted to dance.

Barnstormers could hold 200 people and it was on the ground floor, a concrete floor. People could dance the night away if they wished. Spermbirds was a great introductory gig for Robbie and Barnstormers. We took in £425 at the door, the Spermbirds got £240 and everyone seemed happy. My memories of this are of crowd surfing, a little trouble, and looking over the sea of heads from the back of Barnstormers thinking something is RIGHT here. It was refreshing to see people coming to gigs after the early “disasters” in the year.

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Nessun Dorma, Zygote, SMH Dublin 1992


March 8 1992

Nessun Dorma, Zygote, SMH

The Grattan (moved from The Attic)

The Nessun Dorma gig the following month had just as poor a turnout. Both bands had travelled over in a bus, not the fancy tour bus kind that many bands travel in but a bit like a school bus (they’re the journeys the retired buses go on in Ireland).Like Andrew with Decadence Within, Emmet from Cork organised for Nessun Dorma to come over to Ireland and asked us to accomodate them in Dublin. Charlie’s was now closed to afternoon gigs so we had to try and find a venue open to allowing “underage  people” in to a gig.

The Attic weren’t too keen as, even though the floor had been reinforced, they didn’t want to go through the “hassle” of doing it again. Peter Quigley had been looking after the booking of the Grattan and the Fox since Not Our World started playing and he agreed to try an afternoon gig if it was a Sunday. Saturday is a traditionally busy shopping day and bars were uncomfortable compromising local businesses by allowing loud rock music and encouraging large congregations outside their establishments while their neighbours tried to get shoppers in. This suited Nessun Dorma so we tried for the Grattan.

Sundays in Ireland generally have a lethargic feel to them. For many it’s a lazy day. When very few people showed up for the gig we were very disappointed. This gig in the Grattan must have been the hardest gig all 3 bands have ever played and no doubt the 2 touring bands were very eager to get back into their bus for a rest. The bus was amazing. It was a  renovated old bus that the band could use for living in if need be. The atmosphere inside the Grattan was almost churchlike, very sombre. The crowd was poor and most people there were not happy to stay.

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