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Cowboy Killers Irish tour – 1990

Jan 18 1991 Cowboy Killers – NCAD
Jan 19 1991 Cowboy Killers, Shred, Paranoid Visions – Attic
Jan 21 1991 Cowboy Killers, Paranoid Visions – Grattan

Through SKETCH I came into contact with the drummer of Cowboy Killers, Kip Xool. They were based in Wales and really wanted to come over to Ireland. Paddy was in NCAD at the time and he got them a lunchtime gig there. I contacted Trinity College about the possibility of the band playing there also. Senseless Things were already booked in but they added Cowboy Killers to the bill. At this point the word had spread around Dublin that Hope were the people who put Fugazi on and I think both colleges were secretly hoping that they could get Fugazi the next time they played Ireland.

I never said they could; but come to think about it, I don’t remember saying they couldn’t either. Both college gigs came with set guarantee fees, which meant COWBOY KILLERS could cover their ferry fare. We then booked another 2 Dublin gigs. They came over for a weekend and did a Dublin tour. Their Attic gig nearly brought about the downfall of the floor. The place was packed and despite Lenny’s frantic efforts people just wouldn’t stop dancing. The plaster was coming off the ceiling below and the floor was literally shaking.

Those who weren’t dancing were standing on tables and seats. It was crazy. The Grattan on the following Monday evening was only slightly more refined. Very slightly.

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Anhrefn tour 1989


Mar 10 1989 Anhrefn, Not Our World UCD
Mar 11 1989 Anhrefn, Not Our World Grattan
May 19 1989 Anhrefn, Not Our World, Keltic Konviction Old Man Of Arran

Anhrefn was the first band to travel to Ireland on John Robb’s recommendation. They rang me saying they wanted to visit Ireland and play as many gigs as possible. They were a great band to get gigs for. They lived in Caernarfon, near the ferry port in Holyhead, and had their own P.A. Their costs were low, they could come over for the
weekend and play anytime, and people liked them. It made it ideal for getting gigs outside Dublin.
I contacted Morty McCarthy, who had put The Membranes on in Cork, and asked if he could find a venue for Anhrefn, which he did. I also rang up venues in Donegal saying
that I was representing this Welsh speaking band and managed to find two places that were willing to take them. One was a glitzy hotel in Gweedore where they played as part of the weekend’s entertainment. Brendan, Michael, Martin and myself travelled up from Dublin to Donegal. We tried to sneak into the hotel room that Anhrefn were given but were caught by the manager. Anhrefn gave us the keys to their van where we sleptsoundly. Unfortunately for them the battery ran out on the van (must have been all that body heat). They eventually got back to Dublin for this gig. The Old Man Of Arran was an unusual place for a gig but we couldn’t find a place for the  specified night in our regular venues.We found a pub down by the Four Courts that needed a P.A. Anhrefn duly obliged . This night was also memorable for me for another reason. On our way home, walking down the Quays in Dublin we were confronted at knifepoint. We all managed to run to safety and then decided that we’d put no more gigs on in the Old Man of Arran, even though they didn’t want us anyway because of the noise.


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Not Our World, Banished, Angus, House Of Byron Dublin 1989

February 17 1989

Not Our World, Banished, Angus, House Of Byron

At this stage Not Our World were playing regularly in the Earl Grattan, on Capel Street. We were almost turning into the resident band there. We kept being asked to play. There was a group of 20 – 30 people who always came to see us play and maybe some bands asked us on to their bill so they could be guaranteed those 20-30 £1.50s or £2s. We decided that we wouldn’t play in the ‘Grattan’ for more than £2 and one evening threatened to pull out of a gig with The Foremen as they were charging £2.50. We only found out about it on the night and thankfully they brought the price down. If they hadn’t, we certainly wouldn’t have played but people may have come to see us without knowing. We were thinking about our admission price policy.

A lot of bands were charging what they felt they could get away with, looking for as much as was acceptable. Fugazi’s insistence on a door price maximum of £3 helped shape our thinking. It made us be attentive as to why we charged money into gigs. For Not Our World it was a matter of gigs being affordable to all and consequently that was the case for ‘Hope’ gigs too. We decided to book 2 Saturdays in the Grattan and  have 4 bands each night.

The first featured Angus, Dublin’s original Ranting Poet. Poems about Daisy the Cow, The Sun newspaper and Ronald Reagan used to have the crowd in stitches but there was meaning in there too. Angus was always around and, if ever a band didn’t turn up, he was a good man to turn to for an impromptu performance. He was at the gig that night so we asked him to say a few words and added him to the bill.

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Vandals, 3 Ring Pyschosis, Not Our World – Dublin 1988


Aug 8 1988 Vandals, 3 Ring Psychosis, Not Our World Grattan
Aug 8 1988 Vandals, Not Our World Sides

My friend Alan always seemed to know everything about American bands. He got to hear that Fugazi were touring Europe. He told me they featured people from Minor Threat and Rites Of Spring, from the Dischord record label. I immediately wanted to see them but didn’t want to travel to England for the privilege. I rang Southern, the British distributor for Dischord Records, and asked about Fugazi. They gave me a phone number for Jabs, who I rang inquiring about getting Fugazi to play. Jabs lived in England and helped get the band gigs there. He said he’d ask Fugazi about coming over.

In the meantime Jabs mentioned that The Vandals wanted to come to Ireland. We knew of The Vandals from the film ‘Suburbia’. Although it wasn’t a regular film on any of our screens, Alan, of course, had a copy of it. We booked the Grattan at a cost of £40. A person running a club night at Sides asked if The Vandals could play there too, so the band got to do 2 gigs in one night to cover their travel expenses. They got the ferry into the country that day as foot passengers and we took the bus out to Dun Laoire to meet and greet them. We brought them back into the city by public transport. It just never occurred to us to do it any differently. We didn’t have our own cars and always travelled by bus – why should a band who have just experienced a gruelling boat journey be any different!!

It was that innocence that gave ‘Hope’ it’s spark but probably also turned bands away a little bit. The first gig of the night was completely packed and the second one saw more than half the crowd make the trek across the city to Sides. The owners of the club weren’t
prepared for the audience that the gig attracted and they promptly pulled the plug during the gig. The Vandals only got to play one or two songs. No-one got a refund. We just went home. That innocence again

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