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Suspect Device *56

Suspect Device *56


Wow  56 issues of a self published magazine, or fanzine to me and you.

I’ve written a few different zines since my first, Whose Life Is It Anyway back in 1984 when Suspect device was just starting.  Here they are 30 years on and still as keen and enthusiastic as ever.  The best thing about fanzines is there is nearly always a new band on the receiving end of lavish praise that makes you want to go and check them out.  After Suspect Device I have a whole list for my next internet search.  Good interviews with Las Otras, Replica, The Pukes, Dogtown Rebels, The No Marks and a piece on Hard Skins American tour.

That, along with the music reviews would have been enough for me but the best is yet to come.  Tony and Gaz asked a few people the same questions, When did you get into punk rock, what was its appeal, when did it become more than just going to gigs and buying records, what are your highlights, how has punk changed your life, has it influenced you and what motivates you to stay involved.  All make great reading and I would love to read more.  Maybe they can make it a permanent fixture.  That I would love to see.  This movement has had such a profound effect on so many people, their stories are always good to hear.




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Vanilla Pod – Seeing Out The Sunshine

Vanilla Pod
Seeing Out the Sunshine
TNS / Dry Heave

In 1995 Vanilla Pod started pushing their brand of hardcore on to the masses. That included a trip to ireland as they tried to woo audiences with that fast US influenced sound, harking back to New York. They seemed to pop up on so many line-ups which goes to detail how involved the band were collectively in the dit music scene in the UK in the 90’s. 5 albums later over different time spans and we ow have a new offering. Whilst the real world has played a part in each individuals life it has meant less time for touring and sleeping on floors however time has been found for Seeing Out The Sunshine and we are lucky it has.

The hardcore influence is there as strong as ever. No need to tinker too much around the edges, plenty of power and passion. 7 tuneful blasts of hardcore. Here’s to the next 20 years

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Cavillers – New Puritan ep

I’ve been enjoying this a lot lately

4 emotionally tinged songs with meaningful words on organised religion, homelessness, colonisation and nuclear apocalypse. I’m reminded of Down By Law and Quicksand in parts. I hear the Durham two piece have more recordings in store.

Here’s hoping


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Wound – Deep Cuts In All The Wrong Places

Deep Cuts in all the Wrong Places


Chester hardcore band have produced 5 songs in 7 minutes, not to be confused with the Dublin noise band with the extra s at the end. Actually some internet research has shown up a long list of bands around the word Wound.

It commences with the track about Austerity. The slash and burn Government policy means this has no words. You can make your own up for this instrumental. My version is simply “we can’t take no more”.

My kids recently went on a journey to a bog as part of an educational school trip. The ost educational thing they learned was to bring a spare set of clothes as they sunk deeper and deeper in to the grime under neth the surface. Wound are a bit like that. D Beat and fast guitars before the shock and awe of a voice deep from the depths of this bog. It can’t get much lower can it? Musically it’s heavy as the clothes caked in mud as they exclaim that “This world is not for sale”. And rightly so.


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