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A thought for the year

Since when

Since when

Has financial cost usurped human dignity?
Has the market dictates what we do for our people?
Is it ok to ignore human suffering?
Has our walk through life blinded us to the streets?
So let’s
Communication is vital to our sense of belonging
If you see a business you like
Buy something from it
If you see a business you don’t
Remember that it’s ok not to feel ok
It’s ok to be worried
It’s ok to wish for change
If you want to see change
Seek that change
Be that change
Dream of a world where those who inhabit it seek to make it a better place for all
Where compassion overcomes profit
Having a dog gives one a great opportunity to get out in your local community. In my land of suburbia I imagine more people know my dog Strummer than they know of his namesake. My guess is more know him than me. Which is fine I travel incognito with my headphones for company many evenings as Strummer reacquaints himself with many garden pillars and trees. The smell of the city to him is a wondrous adventure. Over the past 6 weeks as he stopped every 10 yards I looked around in amazement at the homes and lights that enveloped them. My concern for global warming slightly waned as this led light wonderland brought a smile to my face. Christmas brings out that good feeling.
Of course there are many who don’t share that as the challenge of Christmas worries them it is a time when charity comes to the fore and people have a bit more time for others. I love it, I stick on it’s a wonderful life and smile. But now as the trees get shredded and the decorations are put away to gather dust for the next 11 months sadness does set in. A new year brings new challenges as we continue to try to make sense of our surroundings. It gives us a chance to take stock.
We have a chance to see what type of society we want to see. The Type of business we want to see stay open are the ones we should shop in. The life we want to see for our kids or our friends kids is the in we can lead. We have it in our grasp, it’s what I need so I can see those decorations come down.
Happy 2017

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