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Hope Show 38 – the lowdown

Hope show 38 – the lowdown

1. The Descendents – Silly Girl
2. Black Flag – 6 Pack
3. Shitty Limits – Smarty Guys
4. BL’AST – Your Eyes
5. Schwartzeneggar – The Way Things Are
6. Annabel – You COuld Be Living Better
7. HDQ – IF Only
8. Mueran Humanos – Give A Party
9. Fawn Spots – Spanish Glass
10. No Age – I WOn’t Be Your Generator
11. No Age – Everybodys Down
12. Superchunk – FOH
13. Superchunk – Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
14. Membranes – In The Graveyard
15. Flatliners – Young Professionals
16. American Steel – Love and Logic
17. The Pukes – GLC
18. The UNdertones – Get Over You
19. The Middle Ones – Young Explorer

I love the Descendents . My friend Alan Sherry put me on to them when MIlo went to College. I Don’t Want to Grow Up has great tunes, Silly Girl is one of them

Speaking of Silly People this week saw that marketers dream, Arthurs Day. Thankfully this nation got it into its consciousness that we can speak out against things and Arthurs Day wasn’t quite the national holiday Guiness wanted it to be. I don’t have Too Drunk to Fuck on digital so Six Pack it has to be

I wanted to play Straight Edge by Minor Threat but again couldn’t find the digital version. Instead I played Shitty Limits . Ive been meaning to play these for weeks. Their ‘Beware the limits’ album is criminally ignored – not by me though

BL’AST’s new album is getting a bit of attention, Your EYES is testament to it.

I saw Steve Ignorant do a nice acoustic gig earlier this year and he played this Schwartzeneggar song. “If this is the Way Things Are, it’s the way it’s meant to be” or is it?

Annabel are from OHIO. Their Youth is Youth lp is out now and worth investigating.

HDQ are from Sunderland and have a new record out on Boss Tunegage – In the absence of that record I’ve played If Only from their John Peel session, it was on their Sinking lp also

No doubt you have come across Louder Than War website. It is also a sporadic label and 2 7″s that came out last year on it are Mueran Humanos and Fawn Spots. Good stuff to keep you bopping

No Age are coming to Dublin next week to try and get you to hear their new lp, an object . It’s a great album but then again so was Weirdo Rippers so I’ve played a track from each

Superchunk have a new album out. This kind of stuff gets me excited. I saw them in toronto in 1995 and have been following them with great interest ever since, hoping they will come to Dublin one day. One day eh?

The Membranes played Dublin in the 80’s. Twice. Well they visited twice but played 5 times. Their gigs were a shambolic collection of noise and excitment and great great fun. This is their newest song. it’s nearly as long as some of their sets were in the 80’s but they were such an important band. They really were.

I’ve been talking about the Flatliners over the last few shows. I’ve finally got the new album and haven’t been disappointed. Much more punk rock that Superchunk but just as exciting. it’s been a good week for me for music for sure.

Destroy the Future before it kills us is what American Steel advised. Love and Logic is all we need eh.

All the Pukes need are their Ukeleles, must be nearly 19 on this record.

I can’t believe I’m doing this show over a year and haven’t played The Undertones. The Undertones. Enough Said. Time to change that.

I have played The Middle Ones. They have been doing some interesting gis lately. Young Explorer is from their live tape released this year

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Hope Show 37 – The lowdown

Hope SHow 37 the Lowdown
Pre-All Ireland Football final nerves

1. Brier – Fields of Athenry
2. Luke Kelly – Dublin IN The Rare Oul Times
3. Jinx Lennon – Big Protest Day
4. The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Ghosts of Cable Street
5. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
6. Minor Threat – Salad Days
7. Great Western Squares – Ace Of Spades
8. Chumbawamba – Bankrobber
9. Tommy McCook – Heatwave
10. Operation Ivy – Take Warning
11. Snuff – Do Nothing
12. The Damned – Neat Neat Neat
13. Damien Dempsey – Patience

It’s the night before the all-ireland football final, i have to mention it. Football plays a huge part in my life. On New years Day this year my dad, my 2 sons and I went to see Dublin play in their annual blue stars game. We have been at every one since and tomorrow is the last of the season.

I’m so emotional I could play Aslan. There has been some grerat times along the way but none of them avoided the reality that the system stinks. It didn’t take away the hurt of what is happening but it helped bring a smile to our face.

Jinx Lennon has some great protest songs, he has been kicking against the pricks for a number of years now.

I played the roughneck riot 2 weeks ago and said they remind me of the men they couldn’t hang. Well I’ve finally got one of their songs in digitla format. Punk it up and you’ve got the roughneck riot (well not really but they are two great intellignet bands). Wonder if they would get caught up with a football game??

I wouldn’t say the Beastie Boys would, but I’m happy damnit. Sabotage makes me even happier. So do Minor Threat, indulge me will you.

Great Western Square is a lovely place in Phibsoboro’ Dublin, maybe that place will be hopping tomorrow night. For now I will play a song from the band of the same name. Their cover of Motorheads Minor Threat

I can’t play Joe Strummer or the Clash every show so I’ve gone a step away, a small one in Chumbawambas cover of the classic bankrobber.

I was at a game earlier today and man it was warm. End of September and all anyone wanted to do was get water into them when the game brokedown. Will it be that warm in Croke Park?

Take Warning say Operation Ivey, but who shall heed that?

Do Nothing say Snuff, but who and why

The Damned are Neat Neat Neat but is there a reason

And finally Damo, he’s Northsides favourite son. It was either him or Aslan!!!!!!

Up the Dubs

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Starter for 10


Starter_for_ten poster

First off the soundtrack was very evocative and captured the highly charged and equally fun times in college in the 80s. Three of the band featured played at Trinity either right before, or while I was there; The Smiths, The Cure and the Psychedelic Furs. It was also great to hear a bit of Paul Weller too.

The basic idea of the film was pretty simple; smart boy from less privileged background goes to University. Just as the Undertones sang “He loves University Challenge” and the fun ensues. It doesn’t sound like much, yet the film is really well written and a lot of the characters reminded me of people I met/avoided when I was in college.

One of the reasons I enjoyed it so much…I laughed out loud quite a bit…was that the acting was so good. You probably couldn’t afford to assemble a cast like this in 2013:

Catherine Tate as the mum? Priceless!

James Corden as the ‘I love heavy metal’ pal.

Benedict Cumberbatch as the over-zealous, pompous quiz fanatic.

There was even a chap from Holby City in it…not that I watch soap-operas!

The lead actor James McEvoy was also excellent in the Last King of Scotland, and apparently was in an X-Men film.

Rebecca Hall has done lots of big films since, while the other main actress is the daughter of Trevor Eve (Shoestring! And Waking the Dead!)

It had that great witty banter that Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead had. And I can’t think of a film that made me laugh as much since those two. Well worth a watch as the cold autumn nights draw in.

And yes there really was a guy EXACTLY like the ‘man just back from India’ in Trinity while I was there.

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Hope Show 36 – the lowdown

Hope Show 36 – the lowdown on tonights show

1. God Is An Astronaut – Reverse World
2. Family PLanning – Sauce Famine
3. The Live Of Millionaires – Stepping Out
4. Saturday Captains – Lost Cargo
5. Sebadoh – Imminent Emergency
6. Mike Watt and J Mascis – What We Do IS Secret
7. Hoovers and sledghehammers – George Michaels Gentlemans Club
8. The Filaments – Western Double Standards
9. Broadcaster – Anything You Never Heard
10. Against Me – Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists
11. Hot Water Music – Wrong and righteous
12. Leatherface – wax lyrical
13. Flatliners – Gullible
14. Jacuzzi Boys – Dust
15. Goldblade – We’re All IN It Together
16. Bob Tilton – She sings but once

While I don’t necessarily admire bands just because they have released a lot of records when it is an Irish band that have a different album for each day of the week and they have done it independently then I am impressed. God Is An Astronaut are from Glen Of THe Downs in Wicklow and Origins is their new lp, Reverse World is a good indcation of the way it ebbs and flows

Family Planning are a three piece from Dublin and whilst its hard to do an internet search for them they have a new record out and Sauce Famine comes from that.

I’m starting out with an Irish Vibe tonight. I played the Lives Of Millionaires last week and have come back for more.

Saturday Captains have an album out for nearly a year now, featuring people from old stalwarts of the Dublin music scene that Luggage and Revelino. The album is a strong collection that you should try and hunt down.

“Sebadoh is an American indie rock band”. What a completely underwhelming way to describe such an iconic band in the American Underground buyt if you search on the internet for this band this is what is given to you. Don’t take it as gospel kids. They’ve a new album out and I for one am looking forward to hunting it down

Lou Barlow was also (or maybe still is) with J Mascis – oh yeah called Dinaosaur Jnr. There is a great Germs tribute album out with a collaboration between J and Mike Watt which I thought might fit in here

Hoovers And Sledgehammers are from Ireland, I came across them on thumped Interesting stuff, if a bit long at times – to think you could get 6 germs songs into this one track

Filaments have a great record out on Household Name called What’s Next. I love it’s searing horns and skanked up riffs. Western Double Standards is an apt song for what is going on IN Syria. The West view the Syrian regime as evil and is ready to go to war (to a limited extent). What about the companies that supplied the weapons

Anyway broadcaster are a cool band from Rhode Island in the states. They have some neat songs, Anything You Never heard being one

I first cam across Broadcaster from No Idea records which were the original home for Against Me. That first Against Me record is such a winner, have you heard it yet? Turn those Clapping Hands in Angry Balled Fists? Sure what else can you do?

Hot Water Music are synonomous with No Idea Records. They released this cool split cd with Leatherface so here’s a song from each band. Tell me you love Leatherface. Please.

I’ve sent away for the new Flatliners lp but it hasn’t arrived yet. In the meantime make do with Gullible from their Destroy to Create offering

One album I did get recently was Jacuzzi Boys, electric rock’n’roll they call it, I believe. It’s good though, give it a chance.

Goldblade I have played and spoken about a lot this year. When you’re compiling those best of lists in a couple of months don’t forget this record. We’re All IN It Together indeed.

I stared off the show with God is an astronaut and they made me think of Bob TIlton. Post rock at its inception for me, the UK had some great exponents of this style so I don’t want you to fogrget about Bob


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Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys
Hardly Arts

I work in Computers. That means people think I do nothing all day long while I while away my time figuring out how to prevent virus’s getting on to people’s pc’s, or how to accuraterly prevent the 90% of emails that are spam from getting through, or why PC’s crawl for people when they all try to watch their favourite You tube videos.

One interresting aspect of the job (surely it is an action packed 8 hours daily filled with excitment you say?) is the fact that most days something new crops up. No I don’t know why that obscure font is showing on your word document and prints out as gobbledegook. Today my first was seeing a band release their third album as a self-titled. Usually that is the area for ground breaking debuts, not so with Jacuzzi Boys. Although it may as well be their debut as they’re new to me.

So what do they sound like? How does electric rock’n’roll sound to you? 11 songs of varying tempos but all getting back to that electro sound with a catchy riff in there somewhere. There’s always something to sing along to. Does anyone remember Bongwater? There’s bits in here that brings me back to those records. It’s the slightly eccentric electronic almost psychadelic feel in parts. Most of the way through this you will spend nodding your head along,just like me in work when asked to do something. They get a riff, something catchy and easy to remember – build it up with some keyboards and guitar and catchy lyrics as an accompaniment. It’s all harmless but enjoyable nonetheless.

If you like your job this is akin to a normal day – average with nothing spectacular. If you hate your job this will add to your day so give it a chance.

Song By Song – the lazy way

Be My Prism – electric rock’n’roll
Black Gloves – catchy sing along
Double Vision – gentle electro riff
Dust – dreamy electra
Rubble – heavier electronic sing along
Over The Zoom – mid paced
Guillotine – slight bongwater sound
Heavy Horse – bit more rock based
Hotline – direct
Domino Moon – short and sweet
Ultraglide – Psychadelic


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What Richard Did


This was not the film I was expecting.

I recall hearing vague pieces of information about it that make me curious.

I knew that it might have something to do with a book called Bad Day At Blackrock, which I have not read. A book I suspect had something to do with a real life incident that happened while I was not living in Ireland.

So it was all a bit vague and cryptic.

It is directed by Len Abrahamson and I have not seen any of his other films (Garage, Adam and Paul) although I am very excited about his up-and-coming film Frank. Anyone who remembers the fantastic oddity who died recently, Frank Sidebottom may be just as excited. I saw Frank Sidebottom live a few years ago and he was eccentrically funny and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. He came over to Dublin with the mighty Hope Collective back in the day. How many Hope acts have had a film made about them?

I have a pretty low tolerance for films that I don’t find interesting. And for the first ten or fifteen minutes I was on the edge of my seat. The edge of getting from that seat and finding something else to do with my time. Yet I felt something was building and it was enough to sustain my interest.

And I am very glad I did. I don’t want to give much away about this film. I found it exceptional and I don’t think I have ever seen a better Irish film. It made me think, it made me reflect, it made me wonder. The acting was superb. In particular the main character and his dad were exceptional.

Another aspect about What Richard Did that drew me in deeply was the music. It was a perfect reflection of the film. It drew me in without making me feel manipulated. It evoked and sustained the mood. It’s funny how seldom we hear about Irish film soundtracks. Can anyone think of great Irish film soundtracks? 

The music was composed by Stephen Rennicks, he appears to have done the music for all of the Len Abrahamson films…so it is time for me to watch those films and listen to more of his music.

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Hope Show 35 – The Lowdown

Tonights show, the lowdown

1. THe Blades – Last Man IN Europe
2. Bangers – Blind Hindsight
3. NoFX – US Aholes
4. The Great St Louis – DOnt ASk
5. The Jam – Down IN the Tube Station
7. Fury – Resurrection
8. Rudimentary Peni – The Rain
9. HDQ – Sometimes
10. Jawbreaker – Friendly Fire
11. Hunx and His Punx – Rat Bag
12. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – red Top Bullshit
13. The Ruts – Something That I Said
14. Neurotics – Take Strike Action
15. TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers – Bored Teenagers
16. TV Smith – Not IN My Name
17. Ghost Mice – England
18. Captain Chaos – Up The Punks
19. The Flatliners – Bad News
20. Vic Chestnutt – You are never Alone

My friend Ramor is partial to some mod music, he reminded me last week I have neglected this genre on the show. I thought playing Southport would have him enough soul in recent weeks but that hasn’t been the case. I read during the week that the Blades may be reforming. I suppose they all got together at the Phil Chevron gig and decided to do it while they can, and good on them too.I love the last man in europe. That soaring riff, infectious chorus and slight Pretty Vacant guitar intro. brilliant

Bangers came to my notice courtesy of No Idea records and fit in with the theme of singalongs, as do NOFX. Maybe not mod but still sharp eh Ramor

The great St Louis have those soaring songs too, intelligent songs I call them

And to finish off this set I had to dig out the Jam, some great songs, still sounding great

I played Bl’ast last week and loved every second of it. The remixed new record is a blast, go get it. Jade Tree records re-released some stuff by Fury a couple of years ago. This is resurrection from it

Rudimentary Peni are not hardcore in a musical sense but from a way of running your band they are hardcore, Speaking of bands reforming (which I was at the start, keep up) HDQ have been doing gigs on and off and have a new record coming out. This is from Soulfinder on Boss Tuneage . When HDQ played Dublin in the 80’s we were amazed that a band from the UK could sound like a band form the US, and boy could they jump

I end my hardcore set with Jawbreaker from the US. Tuneful in a way BL’ast never were but they always packed a friendly fire to their sound.

Hunx and his Punx blast out obnoxious punk and i’m liking the new record more each day. Whether they live in a rat bag or not doesn’t matter, it’s a reflection on the world.

Red Top Bullshit may not be an obnoxious song and Revenge Of the Psychotronic man are not poster boys for gay punk rock but it fits in here somehow as The Ruts bounce us in to Something That I Said. I wrote about the ruts in my first fanzine in 1984 – I’m still listening to them just as much. Another band from just a bit later that I still return to are the Newtown Neurotics . I had the pleasure of seeing them a couple of times in recent years and that is why I would urge the Blades to reform while they can. If the songs are good they stand the test of time and if you’re doing it for the right reasons (music rather than money) then go for it. I picked this neurotics song as there has been so much talk around the centenary of the lockout from those in power n a country that still hasn’t legislated for Collective Bargaining

This may not be No Time to be 21, or it certainly wasn’t when Tim wrote this song in 77. Boss Tuneage released this record of the Bored Teenagers performing the first Adverts album with TV Smith on vocals. If you’ve none of Tims records, I’m asking you person to person, right now to get one. Not In My Name was written about the war on Iraq, it’s as relevant as ever now in these ever so dangerous times of nation building.

Ghost Mice and Plan-it-x records are great. Ghost Mice are so interesting. They brought out a cd about their European tour and have a song about each country. It’s a personal zine set to music. Youeven get bonus pictures on the cd and a load of songs from their tour. One extra song is “Up The Punks” “Punk rock music save my life” – brilliant “That’s why I sing and ask you the sing with me – Up the punks, up the punks”.

The Flatliners have a new album out this week . I haven’t got it yet so you have to make do with a song from their last excellent record.

No doubt you’ve been singing along to everything through the show so I am finishing on a note to let you all know that when you come down from all this dancing, You are still not alone, never feel that way or let it envelope your life. Live this life as best you can and stay true

Thanks for listening


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Mike Scott (The Waterboys) new song about Arthur’s Day





One of the highlights of working with the band the Pleasure Cell occurred when Mike Scott from the Waterboys came to the Underground and joined the band onstage.

It was an act of incredible generosity on his part. Here was a little Dublin band doing their thing in the swampy, sweaty basement on Dame Street that was the Underground. Scott was loved and revered by many Irish music fans. The Whole of the Moon is still a song I enjoy immensely, and at that time it was fresh from the pop charts.

Anyhow up jumped Mike Scott and brought a surge of excitement and a burst of electricity to the Pleasure Cell that night. Anyone who saw and enjoyed the band will know they were pretty powerful in their own right. With the addition of Scott as they played his song Be My Enemy, they were even more wonderful.

That was then; this is now.

This morning on the Mike Scott and the Waterboys web site I discovered this little gem of a song. It is sure to anger and irritate lots of people; yet it reopens the debate about why alcohol companies love music and music fans so much. It makes me think of Neil Young and his song opposing commercial sponsorship of rock and roll: This Note’s For You.

I am going to print some of  (what I think are) the lyrics. This probably breaks so copyright law, so feel free to email me if you want them removed.

I am also including a link to the song, because that’s the type of person I am.

  • “We’ll puke in our hands and piss where we stand on Arthur’s Day.
  • We’ll reinforce the stereotype on Arthur’s Day.
  • That Paddy is a guttersnipe on Arthur’s Day.
  • A bestial dog, just up from the bog, no manners in his head.
  • ‘Cos drink is all that matters on Arthur’s Day.
  • We’ll raise a glass, fall on our ass, and never give a damn
  • Or have a bother, that we’re all just fodder for an advertising scam

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Good Vibrations – the movie

Film Review: Good Vibrations


Niall Hope recommended this film to me. Some of the really cool people I get to work with on the Popular Music course also raved about it. Then I witnessed an excellent discussion about Northern Irish punk, and the film at the Rebellion Festival, so the time was right.
I loved it.
One of the significant points made during the discussion was by Greg from the Outcasts. He said, and I paraphrase: ‘every scene needs a charismatic character.’ And Terri Hooley was that character.
Hooley comes across in the film as a loveable pacifist in a warzone. His dad was a rather stern socialist and Hooley’s huge cultural achievement – opening a record shop in Belfast and launching his similarly named Good Vibrations label – seems driven by love not money.
His wife was a really sympathetic character in the film. And a good reminder of how many of the icons of the music industry are supported, funded or sustained by the women in their lives.
I loved so much of the music on Good Vibrations as I was growing up. It simultaneously made Belfast seem closer and further away. The bands tended to be better than their contemporaries in the South, and naturally the Belfast of the headlines made most of us bury our heads in the sand.
Lots of the Good Vibes’ bands have aged very well. I still love hearing Rudi, The Outcasts, The Undertones and even a bit of the Static Routines. The very first band I ever saw onstage were on Good Vibes – The Tearjerkers who opened for Dexy’s Midnight Runners in the Mansion House in 1980. They made a great impression.
Another point made by Greg from the Outcasts: the Northern bands felt it was their responsibility to be very tuneful. And that is evident in the work they left behind (and still perform with energy, enthusiasm and fun).
Yet ultimately the film was a bout the slightly madcap Terri, who was so excited by the young punks that he wanted to support them. He did this not just by selling their records, but by funding their recordings, promoting them and knocking on doors on their behalf.
Another band from the South he championed were Zebra. I interviewed a super cool chap from the band, Brian, a while ago for my book. He told me how John Peel came over to Dublin for the Dark Space gig in the Project…and when they got off the stage, Peel and Hooley congratulated them. And Hooley offered them a record deal. And that’s how Ireland’s first reggae band released a single
In a sense Hooley is a pivotal figure on the Irish DIY music movement. Spurning money…loving music.

A highly recommended film.

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