Spiny Norman Quartet, Sweet Mary Jane – Dublin 1992


March 21 1992

Spiny Norman Quartet+ Sweet Mary Jane


2 days after getting 140 people to see the Spermbirds, 24 turned up to witness 2 Belfast bands. They were doing an Irish tour and asked to play Dublin. The people in
Spiny Norman Quartet helped out with Warzone Collective in Belfast and in turn were very active in creating a community up there. WARZONE sprang out of the Belfast Youth + Community Group. That group was started by a gathering of like-minded people with an aspiration to find their own centre. They set about trying to obtain  funding and finally got a building. After putting a huge amount of work into it the building played host to a café, venue, rehearsal room and general hive of activity. It has been an inspiration fo many. Since then WARZONE have moved buildings twice and the group are still very active today.


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